Family Portraits

This is a collection of Photo's I have taken over the years of my kids with other family members and friends

Mojo, Billie, Darcy, Keisha, Arlee, Molly, China and Kujo

Mojo and Billie Litter at 2 weeks old

Kujo, Khira, China & Zeke

Kujo, Khira, China & Zeke

Effie with two of her daughters out of Kujo - Heidi and Trixi

Zeke and his sons, Patch and Angus

The Kids - Khira, China, Heidi, Kujo and Zeke

Kujo's 10th Birthday - Effie, Trixi, Zeke, Kujo, China, Heidi and Khira


Christmas 2010 - Kujo, China, Khira, Effie, Heidi, Trixi, Zeke and Fergus


Kujo and China's birthday party - Zeke, China, Kujo, Rippa and Khira

Thor and Tyra at 3 months

My husand and I with the kids

from Left -

Gr. Ch. Dinamyte Shakhira, Sup Ch. Dinamyte Chace The Ace E.T., Ch. Dinamyte Dirty Deeds, Grand Ch. Dinamyte Shez Da Bomb, Ch. Amstarfx Heidi Ho E.T., Sup. Ch. Dinamyte Big Bang

Xena and Dozer visiting Melbourne

Me with Thor and Xena

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