Health Testing

All our dogs are purebred German Shepherds with pedigree papers. We are members of Dogs SA and the German Shepherd Club of SA(GSDCSA). 

Hip and Elbow Scoring

As we are a member of the GSDCSA we must abide by their rules around hip and elbow xrays. Each animal that we use in our breeding program will have obtained the A and Z Certifcate. This is issued to a dog who scores 8 or less on each hip with a total of no more than 3 points on any section and Grade 1 or clear Elbows

Breed Survey

The GSDCSA encourages all dogs to be breed surveyed before they are bred with. We breed survey all our dogs unless for unforseen circumstances they cannot. A breed survey involves assessing conformation and character, this is done by watching the dog in movement and in show stand as well as going through a crowd and gun test. 

Health Check 

All our puppies receive a health check at 7 weeks old from our vet, you will receive this in their folder


All our puppies receive their first vaccination (7 weeks old) before they go to their new home and our dogs are always up to date with vaccinations before they have a mating


All puppies will have been wormed at 4,6 and 8 weeks old. Our older dogs are heartwormed and all wormer treated. 


Our puppies are not flea or mite treated before they go unless we feel it is needed, same as our adults

DNA Profiling

We are curently DNA profiling all our dogs, this is done to confirm the parentage of each puppy we sell. So when you get your pedigree paper it is to ensure that the dogs listed are the ones actually used. 

DNA genetic testing

There is genetic testing that can we done on each dog to determine if they are affected, a carrier or clear of certain diseases/traits, examples of this is the long hair gene, DM etc We are working our way through all of our dogs and hope to have this completed soon. 

We do not have control if the male that we use for breeding not owned by us has been DNA profiled or tested for genetic diseases but we will ensure that if any female that we breed with is affected in an area will only go to a male who is clear. We will also never put two carriers together of a disease as they can then produce affected. As results come through they will be listed under each dogs profile. 


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