2024 Grant Application Forms

The CRF is a Public Charitable Trust to support research conducted at Australian universities from funds generated via the levy on puppy registrations, fund raising functions, tax-deductible donations and bequests from the public. The purpose of the Foundation is provide funding for research directed at improving canine health.  

Canine health
 refers to research into disease and disease related processes, and/or the prevention of injury and/or disease. 

The disease / disease related processes should be a:

  • common problem observed in veterinary practice and / or
  • serious problem in a particular breed
  • Applicable to other breeds if appropriate

The research project should be specific to a canine health issue and demonstrate the potential impact of the health of dogs.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the suitability of a project for funding.

The CRF was founded by the VCA in 1992 and >100 research grants have been awarded for projects through to those commencing in 2023.  As of 2019 only Dogs Victoria is contributing to the CRF fund. 

All administration are now handled by the CRF Trustees who kindly volunteer their time. 


CRF Grant Application form - CLICK HERE

Applications due: June 30, 2023 at 8.00pm  


CRF Grant Guidelines - CLICK HERE



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