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ABN 52 983 668 217

(Public charitable foundation created 24th August 1992 - endorsed by ATO)


Due to the increasing incidence of canine hereditary diseases the Victorian Canine Association Inc. (formerly the Kennel Control Council of Victoria), decided to establish a totally independent body whose sole purpose is to investigate and fund canine research through proper authorities.  Accordingly, the Canine Research Foundation was created as a public charitable trust on 24th August 1992.  Consequently donations to the Foundation are fully tax deductible.

In 2002 the ANKC decided to use the Canine Research Foundation as the vehicle to receive levies and allocate research grants.  As a result levies have been received from the Victorian Canine Association Inc, Royal NSW Canine Council Ltd., Canine Association of Western Australia Inc., South Australian Canine Association Inc., ACT Canine Association, Tasmania Canine Association Inc., Northern Australia Canine Association Inc., and the Canine Control Council (Q).  The ANKC has been informed of those which have not conformed to the 2002 directive.  The Canine Research Foundation is economically dependent upon the continued financial support of the members of the Stated-based dog associations

The actual research projects undertaken by the Foundation will be approved annually by the Trustees.

Breed Clubs and Breed Councils are invited to suggest research topics for consideration, and each year the CRF calls for applications for grants for research to be conducted by Australian universities. Applications for grants pass through three review stages:

1. A highly qualified and experienced technical review panel, assessing scientific merit, novelty, potential benefits to canine health and probability of success, with a priority ranking.

2. Review by the Member Bodies’ representatives on the ANKC Canine Health Committee, with the benefit of the review panel findings, for their specific input on relevance and priorities.

3. Review by the CRF Trustees to;

(a) ensure that applications fit within the Foundation's Trust Deed;

(b) collate the findings of the above two review stages and determine overall priorities;

(c) award research grants as appropriate within the financial constraints of the CRF.

Since commencement the CRF has funded a over 90 grants for a total funding exceeding $1,000,000. This is a sizeable and very significant contribution to improvement of canine health, nationally and internationally. There are five new grants for research commencing in 2015, and continuing funding for two grants awarded in 2014.

The large majority of completed projects have achieved successful outcomes, with results of research disseminated through Australian and international veterinary journals and conferences, with due credit given to CRF for funding

The CRF is a Trust governed by our Trust Deed and must comply with the ACNC (https://www.acnc.gov.au/)






Contact Details

Secretary: L Brodie Liaison Officer: J West
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Email : [email protected] or [email protected]