Making a bequest

Leaving a bequest for The Canine Research Foundation is a very considerate way of continuing to supporting our work.

Making a bequest is very easy to arrange. If you have already made a will, and wish to add a bequest, your solicitor can simply add a codicil. It is very important, when you are ready to write or change your will that you do so with your legal adviser to ensure your wishes are recorded in a legally binding fashion. Below is the correct legal wording to use, depending on your wishes. Your solicitor can also contact us for further information.

Wording to use to make a bequest to support:

“I give to The Canine Research Foundation, ABN 52 983 668 217,

a)(all of my residuary estate) OR
b)( ____ percentage of my residuary estate) OR
c) (the sum of $______) OR
d)([list asset or assets])

to be applied for the purposes of the said charity. If in the intervening period, it becomes a separate legal entity, then the bequest will be forwarded to that entity.

I declare that the receipt of a Trustee of the Foundation or other authorised officer will be a sufficient discharge to my executors who will not be bound to see the application of this gift.”

Thank you for considering making this very special gift to support us.


Contact Details

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