Here are some Poodle and Dog related websites we think might be interesting for you to check out. Just copy the website name into your url line.

this one gives info about what Poodles can do, what you can do with your Poodles, Poodle health, etc 

this is the website for the American Orthopedic Foundation for Animals where you will find an enormous amount of info about health issues, health testing, etc

info about health testing dogs in Australia, especially DNA testing for eye health

info about health testing dogs in Australia including lists of DNA tests available by breed

The Australian Veterinary Association's page about physical eye testing. You can organise these tests through DogsNSW (see site details below). Ask your vet about hip scoring too.

Find out more about the tradition Extended Hip View hip screening process from Veterinary Imaging Associates

Find out more about the newer Pennhip process for screening hip health. Also see the Hip Screeing page on the DogsNSW website (below). Some vets do Pennhip. You will need to research this.

this one tells you what's going on in the largest Poodle show world on the planet. Find out about the Poodle Club of America National shows.

here you can learn more about the UK scene

info about Poodle activities in NSW Australia, including Poodle specialty shows, fun days etc plus some general info about Poodles 

the Poodle scene in Victoria, Australia 

a very useful site about all breeds, with useful breeder listings.

this organisation runs dog shows and pure bred dog registration in NSW and represents pure bred dog breeders in negotiations with Governments. You will find a lot of general info about dogs at this site including how to organise ACES physical eye tests. 

the Australian National Kennel Council - the parent body of State registration and show organisations in Australia. You can find all the Breed Standards (blueprints for what each breed should be like) at this site. Also lists of judges, national policies, etc

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