Jude was recommended to me from many friends, I contacted her and she was not only polite and professional but understood the complex needs I required from my next dog. I needed not only my dog to be intelligent so I could train her to be an assistance dog but I also needed a dog I could take to school to help young students with disabilities. Jude showed me her prospects with deserved pride as they were all excellent candidates. She knew the dogs personalities and after meeting with me helped guide me to the right choice. Sheeba came home and, as Jude had completed crate training, she was settled and happy in her new home. She never made a mess always going out to the toilet and got on well with my other dogs. Within 2 weeks she was able to sit, heal, stay, drop, come, toilet on command and shake hands. Not only is she the perfect choice for me, but , those who see her amazing training accomplishments in such a short time see she is perfect for the students. I can not recommend Jude and Spiritrock Labradors enough- if I could give 6 stars out of 5 I would.

Joanna Dockerty




Hi Jude,


I am writing to you to express my most sincere gratitude. You indeed were correct in your selection and advise about Bolt being a great candidate for the type of training I wanted to undertake for potential ‘Assistance’ Dog training for PTSD. So far he has exceeded my expectations. He has learnt all the basic obedience commands, is house trained, walks on lead beautifully, toilets on command ‘get busy’ and enjoys ‘working’. His base temperament is solid and extremely stable. He takes new environments in his stride and with calm confidence. Remarkable for such a young pup. He has very sound confirmation and such a beautiful nature with the whole family. He has definitely bonded with me, but is still responsive (when given the command from me) to follow instructions of others with such an unwavering trust and respect. I put this down to not only the Nature, but also the Nurture he received from the very start. Foundations are everything. So thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard-work, love and care that you put into your breeding program and foundations for all your pups. You certainly hit GOLD with Bolt and we treasure every moment in his company. We have had so many comments and compliments and are only too happy to recommend SpiritRock Labradors to anyone seeking the very best.


Thanks again,

Claire Turner





Hi Jude, It’s been so long between chats. I hope all is well. April’s fools day and Bonnie turned 1. She is a lovely yellow bitch with so much hunting ability. She has great retrieving drive whilst being so very steady at shot. She has manners beyond her years. She listens intently and loves to please. She is a joy to be with and the envy of many. Today is our beautiful Gemma’s 4th Bday. She is the most perfect Labrador I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Photos never do her justice. Codey and Passion are so very prominent in her. I am now thinking of spaying both my girls. I know a great breeder if and when I need a great Labrador ( yes ,that’s you!) Thanks again for two beautiful girls. Kind Regards Simon









Hi Jude,


Just wanted to pass on our thanks for our wonderful boy Reuben.  We knew he was the one for us the second we set eyes on him.  Reuben has the most gentle, accepting way about him with people and other dogs.  His beautiful nature enables  him to just adapt so well to any change in circumstances.  A few people have said how well-bred he is, and we have to agree.  I hoped when I looked up your website and read the testimonials that our pup would be similar.  He is everything we hoped for and  more.  Many thanks.


The Sylvesters



Hi Jude,


We would like to pass on our thanks to you for allowing us the pleasure of having “Rusty the Star” join our family. He is an absolute delight and has quickly stolen our hearts ... such a joy!


Rusty has settled in to a very calm routine, and enjoys his time with our daughter’s Australian Terrier, Oscar.


When we were researching for a Yellow Lab I was impressed with the testimonials on you web site. One sometimes wonders just how accurate they are, but the calm nature of Rusty and his ability to learn new things quickly has been a reinforcement of these traits as described by other owners.


At 19 weeks, he is 19.9 kgs and is extremely fit and active, but certainly has no vice, except for the puppy nipping, which is to be expected.

There has been no chewing of furniture and his sleeping routine is now to a point where he sleeps through at night.


Our vet commented when we took him for his 12-week injections: “You are on a winner here”. We could not agree more.

We wish you continued success with “SpiritRock “. From time to time, we will let you know of Rusty’s progress.


Thanks once again for the privilege of having one of your beautiful pups.












Hey Jude :)

Just wanted to pass on a huge thank you for our Labrador we got from you about a year ago!

Arnold is doing great and brings us tremendous joy every single day! You've got a real gift if no-one else has mentioned it. I haven't come across another dog with such happiness and joy to give!

Was just browsing your site and couldn't wipe the smile off my face!



I doubt there is a more loved puppy in the world. His favourite
activity is a cuddle (and a play in the park) & he spends many waking (?)
hours with his head - or most of his body - snuggled on somebody.
He is beautifully behaved and always has been - never a problem chewer on
furniture or clothing (he likes to gently munch on a hand once in a while,
but will stop if asked). He's not a barker and has an amazingly gentle
temperament. He's VERY handsome - pretty much everyone at the puppy park is
in love with him. There are MANY Labs and retrievers there and even their
owners generally regard him as the best looking dog around (proud Dad here).



Hi Jude,

I would like to thankyou or getting my most beautiful dog for me. Blackie is the most beautiful natured boy. He loves everybody (human & dog) and doesn't understand when other don't love him back. Blackie has gladdened my heart and brightened my days. i can't imagine my life without him.

Thanks again for my fantastic fur buddy and companion.



Could you please tell me when you expect
to have another litter of the black Labs. That way I can keep an eye on the
internet site. I look forward to hearing from you again. I can not express
how happy Blackie is and how super friendly with both people and other dogs.
I complement you on breeding some exceptional dogs. Blackie is the absolute
love of my life.
Thanks again


Hi Jude just letting you know our puppy, now called Maisy is settling in well. We are all in love with her, she has a beautiful personality.






Hi Jude just thought I'd let you know Benji is going great! I actually think my partner loves him more than I do now lol, he's so well behaved, still doesn't bark.

He also went to the vet yesterday and had more vaccinations and they weighed him at 8.8kg, and sais he was nice and healthy. Ann-Maree




Hi Jude,

I would like to thankyou for getting my most beautiful dog for me. Blackie is the most beautiful natured boy.

he loves everybody (human and dog) and doesn't understand when others don't love him back.

Blackie has gladdened my heart and brightened my days. i can't imagine my life without him.

Thanks again for my fantastic fur buddy and companion. Anne


Hi Jude,

We thought you might like a picture of Toby and the girls.  All is going well, he has settled in extremely well and the girls have got use to having this little guy taking over their stuff.  But, happy joy joy, this new guy gets three meals a day.  That means we get something every time he gets feed.  Bonnie is not too sure about him taking over her day bed.  He really likes this new thing and we find him outside more and more.
He really is a great little pup and has not been any trouble at all.  We are extremely happy with this new addition to our little family.  He gets to meet the two grandchildren next weekend, that should be a lot of fun.  Maddy is counting the sleeps until she can meet him.  Looking forward to getting him out and about, he really is just such a happy little camper.




Hi Jude! Have been meaning to contact you for ages to thank you for our gorgeous pup Spiritrock P-------D------ now known as Arky and 6 months old. She is smart, beautiful and loads of fun and we all adore her. Basically, we think she is wonderful and we get many comments about how calm and well behaved she is for a lab pup. Thanks again,





 Dear Jude,

I am writing to let you know how amazing your dogs are. I have been fortunate enough to be the proud owner of three of them. Petal is 18 months now. Jasmine is 6 months and our gorgeous Ziva is 15 months. 

They all have such beautiful natures and temperaments. They are so intelligent and easy to train as well. I personally would not have another dog from anyone else now. I believe as a Labrador lover and follower of many years now, that indeed have superb dogs. 

Thank you for entrusting me, and allowing me the privilege of owning your beautiful dogs.
I am truly blessed and I love them all very much. We think that you have the BEST of the best!!
Photos to follow. 
Best wishes, 

Maryanne & Michael Joy ��




I’m a dog trainer located on the Central Coast and I have recently had the pleasure of meeting a puppy that you bred. I just thought I would take the opportunity to congratulate you on what I assume must be a great deal of time, thought and expense that you have put in to breed puppies of such a high calibre – fantastic temperament and what I have to say is the best looking confirmation I’ve seen in ages. It is an absolute breath of fresh air to have such a wonderful dog put in front of me.


The Fisher family are completely besotted with their little bundle – and with some guidance she is going to be a wonderful companion. I also train animals for tv/film projects so I’m hoping that they will see the value of time and patience in their training and I’ll be able to use Macy in a few projects from time to time.


Congratulations, I know how much hard work goes into breeding dogs of such a high calibre.


Kind regards

Louise Harding

Dog Trainer/Animal Wrangler






Thank you again for allowing us into your puppy family. He is truly a beautiful pup
which is a credit to you and your dogs.



Just thought I'd give u an update on Nelson. He is the best, most well behaved boy
ever. He was a bit jumpy and mouthy the first couple of days but we have got him out of
that habit and now plays so nicely with Phoenix. They are best mates and don't leave
each others side! We have no noise or trouble from him at night and I've even got him
sitting now before each meal. Puppy school starts on Thursday. All of us cannot thank
you enough. He is the greatest dog ever.



Hi Jude,
Hongi is such a sweetheart, we cannot imagine our lives without him anymore :-) We feel so grateful for having Hongi with us, he makes us very happy and shows us every day how much fun life is.
Hi Jude,
We can’t even express how much happiness has Hongi been bringing into our lives. He is such a gorgeous little boy :-). So in love with him :-). He makes us smile the whole days…it is so beautiful to watch him discovering new things, playing in the garden or in the house and happily sleeping . He makes us feel so proud whenever he does something what we want him to do but have not even expected him to understand yet...
Yesterday, we went for our first visit to the vet we had chosen a couple of months ago, for the very first check-up and mainly ask questions regarding the care of Hongi…you can imagine as first time owners of a puppy we have more and more new questions and just want to make sure we are doing our best for him . The vet was sooo amazed by Hongi, he was so calm and in such good health . She has three labs herself and Hongi reminded her of one of the boys as he was as calm as Hongi when a puppy:-).
We have already made more than one hundred pictures and I have attached some here to share our happy days with Hongi. Lots more pictures of Hongi to come.
Thank you so much again for everything, it was such an amazing experience meeting you on Friday morning, we will never forget it .
Sending lots of love and hope your life will be filled with many more unforgettable moments with all your labbies and new babies Who knows we may choose a friend for Hongi in coming years .
Vercha and Kamcha
Hi Jude,
All going great with Jimo. He is a great dog and best mates with my two boys. He is very fit and has had no health issues at all. People just love him and want to pat him all the time when we are out.
In terms of nature we could not be happier. Gentle and playful with the boys but he is always keeping an eye out for them when we are out of the house.
Dear Jude,
Just writing to let you know what an amazing puppy Miss Petal is. She has an an outstanding temperament, and the nicest nature. Codey and Ava have definitely done themselves proud. Such a delight and a true pleasure to train well. Totally in love with this beautiful baby girl. She fits into our home so well and settled completely by day two, even with my other two Labradors. And you as a breeder, should be very proud as well. What an amazing achievement, and success you are with your dogs and puppy breeding. Thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure of raising this beautiful Spiritrock puppy. Spiritrock My Flower Petals ( Petal )
Kindest Regards,
Maryanne xxx
Been meaning to touch base for a while now, but wanted to send a couple of photos of Stella, who is a spitting image of her mum (Sarah - litter from 04-05-2012). Stella has been an absolute blessing, she is the most amazing girl still (nearly 21 months). She is an old soul and has been the best puppy, no chewing, no naughty behaviours and we pretty much missed out on the crazy Labrador puppy years!! We see other people with lab pups and they are jealous of how placid and mellow Stella is. She is beautiful!!!
We now live 2 streets from the water and she gets to go to the beach most days before work. She goes to doggy day care once a week and has stole the hearts of the staff there as well! (edited, address removed)
Vanessa and Sue
Hi Jude,
I hope you move has gone well and you are settled into your new
and more spacious property.
Ella is doing really well and it looks like she is about twice the size
that she was when I collected her, she has lost that podgy puppy look and
is more like a miniature Labrador now. She was off her food for a couple
of days but back on it with vengeance now and she is a really smart little
dog as her training has been easy, with sit and fetch looking like she
knew what to do before I even asked her to do it and she sits at the door
of the house and will not come in until asked. As with all Lab's she loves
water and has a small kids pool to play in and takes great pleasure out of
chasing the water when I hose the garden, so with all of these good
attributes why would I worry about the digging.
Will send you some pictures when I get more organised and remember to
download them.
Just to let you know the reason I picked her. On the day, they were both
wandering around and the other puppy was playful which is fine but Ella
came up to me and sat down at my feet and just watched the events and this
is a loyal and people dog and has been like that since we brought her
home, she just want to be beside you but is not pushy or looking for
anything else other than your company. I look for those little things when
I pick my dog, so thankyou for letting me do that.
Thanks for a great puppy.

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