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Taken from another breeder:
- From a retired breeder, a fellow breeder, mentor, and friend -

Seems many people on FB are looking for the cheapest possible puppy now a days and get offended when a breeder won't lower their asking fee...Here is how a good breeder feels about that:

Quality isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t quality!

Did you know:
Dogs don’t always deliver naturally and may require c-sections. C-sections can cost over $2000 with no guarantee of any live puppies or the female surviving.

There may be a puppy or puppies in need of assistance to survive. Your breeder may have to hand feed. Every few hours, around the clock. Meaning that your breeder is on lockdown for days to weeks after delivery.

Your breeder may not allow visitors. They are not hiding anything, but for the security of their home & family, they don’t want to give their address out to every potential buyer. It’s a private residence, not a pet store. Visitors can also bring parvovirus into the house, which could wipe out an entire litter(s).

Your breeder loves and takes great care of the puppies and wants homes for them, where they will receive love and proper care for the puppies entire life.

Did you know that for every person that buys a puppy, your breeder has responded to inquiries from at least 20(+) other people who have no intention or means to buy a puppy at all. This takes up a lot of a breeder’s time that could be better spent caring for their dogs.

Did you know your breeder has researched the breed and has spent years trying to bring you the best possible puppies? This includes evaluating pedigrees, health records, etc. with the goal of producing happy, healthy puppies. Responsible and ethical breeders health test, and these tests are not free.

Did you know your breeder considers no question a dumb question and is available for a lifetime of support?

Did you know breeders have feelings? Breeding can be extremely stressfull; Please be understanding.

Did you know breeding is not a get rich quick scheme? Your breeder is very happy to just break even, if that.

Your breeder is offended when asked for a cheap puppy! And rightly should be!

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