Excellent Hips & Elbows at Spiritrock

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¨We are delighted to share with you the excellent results of our Kennel.¨

The current breed average in Labradors for Hip Scores is a total of both hips of 12.

Our scores are way below average and we believe this is due to our careful breeding program and our feeding and kennel practices.

We are happy to share our practices with our puppy buyers.

All new owners are provided with management and feeding routines.

Labradors bred and/or raised with us.

Spiritrock Sweet Peach            Hips 3:5 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Peaceful Remi (AI)   Hips 3:5 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Black Sasha           Hips 1:3 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Snow Doll               Hips 3:4 Elbows 0:0

CH. Spiritrock Sweet Candy    Hips 2:2 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Abiding Oak (AI)     Hips 1:1 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Star Light                 Hips 2:3 Elbows 0:0

CH. Spiritrock Gift Of Posey     Hips 3:3 Elbows 0:0

CH. Spiritrock Dream Run       Hips 2:2 Elbows 0:0 

CH. Spiritrock Black Brandee    Hips 2:2 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Sweet Tulip                 Hips 1:2 Elbows 0:0

CH. Spiritrock Porcelain Doll       Hips 3:3 Elbows 0:0

CH. Spiritrock Song Of Passion   Hips 5:5 Elbows 0:0

​Spiritrock Black Devotion      Hips 0:0 Elbows 0:0

​Spiritrock Big Hitter              Hips 2:3 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Special Star          Hips 1:1 Elbows 0:0

                           Spiritrock Love Note        Hips 1:1 Elbows 0:0                                      

CH. Cornerstone Fire Dancing At Spiritrock  Hips 3:3 Elbows 0:0

CH. Saharadow Miss Lubberline    Hips 1:0 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Dream Weaver               Hips 3:2 Elbows 0:0

CH. Spiritrock Dream Doll             Hips 2:2 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Brown Desire                Hips 1:0 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Brown Temptation       Hips 1:0 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Desert Star                   Hips 1:1 Elbows 0:0

Spiritrock Endless Love               Hips 0:1 Elbows 0:0

                         CH. Spiritrock Black Passion       Hips 1:0 Elbows 0:0                

CH. Spiritrock Love Locket          Hips 0:1 Elbows 0:0

CH. Spiritrock Black Code           Hips 0:0 Elbows 0:0

CH. Labraddell The Monet(AI)      Hips 1:0 Elbows 0:0

Labraddell Black Pearl                  Hips 0:1 Elbows 0:0

Cambewarra Picture Perfect        Hips 0:0 Elbows 0:0

Gamefinder Kotemel Jonah         Hips 0:1 Elbows 0:0




Our other valued Labradors brought in.

CH. Cornerstone Many Miles To Blackboy   Hips 0:2 Elbows 0:0

Blackhills Up Hill N Down Dale (IMP NZ)  Hips 1:1 Elbows 0:0

               Majoley Sahara                          Hips 3:1 Elbows 0:0

Riverlands Electric Blue                            Hips 5:4 Elbows 0:0

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