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A meeting was called to discuss the formation of a Great Dane Specialist Club held at the residence of Mr & Mrs W. G. Spilstead 9 Noble St Hurstville on the 18th September 1945. It was unanimously decided that a club be formed and be affiliated with the Kennel Club of NSW. The club formed to be known as the Great Dane Club of Australia. A Committee meeting was held on 2nd October 1945 where it was decided to adopt the Standard of the Great Dane Club of England, voted in by members at the General Meeting held on 23rd October 1945. 

Correspondence was presented at the General Meeting on 29th November 1945, from the Kennel Club of NSW, stating that affiliation had been approved. The first Championship Show being held on 23rd March 1946 and it was also agreed to make the 1947 RAS Easter Show the Great Dane Club of Australia's Championship Show.

Mr Gleeson, the clubs Vice President, visited the Melbourne Royal, while there he contacted various Great Dane fanciers and a meeting was convened which resulted in the formation of the Great Dane Club of Victoria their inaugeral meeting held on 15th December 1945. It was not until Friday 24th February 1961 that the Great Dane Club of Australia was renamed the Great Dane Club of NSW.

At the meeting on Tuesday 2nd April 1991 correspondence was presented from Corporate Affairs containing Incorporation details. The club to be now known as The Great Dane Club of NSW Inc.

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