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15th January 2024
Myself and Rhiannon Walsh, as co-breeders, are very proud of once again POMQUEST being the #1 Pomeranian Breeder in Australia for 2023, a continuation ever since 2012:) The last couple of years, since when we were #1 Toy Dog Breeder in Australia in 2021, have been much quieter with limited showing as balancing with our personal lives although still have ongoing success …

Breed Specialties always continue to be a priority for us and in 2023 we had great results  In the March Specialty Show although we did not win BISS our littermate sisters Charm (Ch. Pomquest Triquetra) and Tickle (Ch. Pomquest Pentacle) had a unique BCC/RBCC quinella between them! This was the 8TH time we have had a double of Pomquest bitches winning both BCC/RBCC together at the Specialty but this was a new first with littermates doing it! Also in the show the promising youngster Hunter (Ch. Pomquest Hungry Like The Wolf) was a well credentialed RDCC to the BISS winner on the day so we took home 3 of the 4 CC/RCC’s from the show… In the August Specialty Show, Hunter fulfilled his promise to step up and win BISS, in doing so became our 9TH BISS winner for the Pomeranian Club of NSW (Australia’s only Breed Club). Also young girl Katy (Pomquest Teenage Dreams) showed her future potential in winning RBCC on the day :)

At Royal Shows we did have a limited team compete but still proud of Aussie (Ch. Pomquest Cmon Aussie Cmon) winning RUBOB at Canberra Royal with youn gun Freddie (Ch. Pomquest Its A Kinda Magic) winning Baby Puppy in Group, Jewel (Ch. Miyu Ima Gold Dimond) RUBOB at Sydney Royal from Puppy Class, Charm RUBOB at Brisbane Royal#1 and Tucker (Pomquest Bush Tucker Man) RUBOB at Brisbane Royal#2 from Minor Puppy Class!

In All Breeds Shows, we had Hunter as the most successful with a double R/U BEST IN SHOW's and Cyndi (Ch. Pomquest Time After Time) also won another RUBIS during the year. All up we had 7 Pomquest Poms win BIG/RUBIG awards or better during the year, Hunter, Cyndi, Zac (Sup.Ch. Pomquest Lest We Forget), Freddie, Charm, Aussie and Casey (Ch. Pomquest Under Seige).

During 2023 we had 5 new Champions Hunter, Tickle, Freddie, Aussie and Jewel, but the cream on top was our new SUPREME Champion Zac becoming #9 for Pomquest! Significantly Zac became the 4TH Supreme Champion progeny for his dam Star (Ch. Pomquest Now N Forever), amazingly just Star HERSELF has produced MORE Supreme Champions than any other Pomeranian Breeder has in their ENTIRE breeding programs! Star has sure continued on what has been a female line without comparison for the breed in Australia.

Overseas in Ireland we had Lisa Lordan attain a dual title with Evie (Ire/Aust Ch. Pomquest Everlasting) with her Irish Champion title, well done!

Through 2023 there has also been ongoing training and successful trials in Dogs Sports with Selby Wright and Rhiannon representing Pomquest with great pride in the intelligence and athleticism of our dogs.

On the breeding front it is fair to say we have had a heartbreaking year filled with tears and bad luck and in the end little to show for our efforts but we hope things turn around this year and can continue our goals with breed preservation.

Finally, thanks to all those in the Pomquest Family that made for another great year, it is appreciated.

5th September 2023
Last week Hunter (Ch.Pomquest Hungry Like The Wolf) lived up to his promise from the last Breed Specialty show in April and became Pomquest's 9th BEST IN SHOW winner of the Pomeranian Club of NSW Championship Show. It is always exciting to have a homebred added to the Club's Honour Roll, hopefully more still ahead in future...

Summary of winners on the day are:

Hunter (Ch. Pomquest Hungry Like The Wolf) - Dog Challenge, BEST IN SHOW, Best Open in Show
Katy (Pomquest Teenage Dreams) - Reserve Bitch Challenge

Fly (Pomquest Flight Of The Dragon) - Best Baby Puppy in Show
Freddie (Pomquest Its A Kinda Magic) - Best Puppy in Show
Whitney (Pomquest One Moment In Time) - Opposite Junior in Show

The show was held inconjunction with the Dogs NSW International Spring Fair and it was a clean sweep of Best of Breeds across all 5 shows between Charm (twice), Hunter, Bobby, and Cyndi. Highlight being Charm under the guidance of Bianca Schofield winning Intermediate in Show in the Spitz Club Show and Intermediate in Group in one All Breeds Show.

18th April 2023
The Pomquest Family had another successful day at the Pomeranian Club of NSW bi-annual Specialty Show held last weekend. Unfortunately our star Miley was not able to try and defend her crown as she is pregnant, however we still had great results headlined by these 3 progeny of Pagan (BIS Supreme Ch. Pomquest Bewitched) winning 3 of the 4 CC/RCC's under judge Mrs Amy Gilson:

Charm (Ch. Pomquest Triquetra) – Bitch Challenge, R/U BEST IN SHOW, Best Intermediate in Show
Tickle (Ch. Pomquest Pentacle) – Reserve Bitch Challenge, Best Austbred in Show
Hunter (Ch. Pomquest Hungry Like The Wolf) – Reserve Dog Challenge, Opposite Austbred in Show

Our girls always have been dominant at these shows over the years and this is now the 8th time we have won the quinella of both BCC and RBCC, however this time was extra special with the girls Charm and Tickle being littermates!

Other winning results for the team were:

Aussie (Pomquest Cmon Aussie Cmon) – Best Junior in Show
Jewel (Miyu Ima Gold Dimond) – Opposite Minor Puppy in Show
Joker (BISS RUBIS Supreme Ch. Pomquest Y So Serious) – Best Veteran, Best Parent and Progeny
Hannah (Ch. Pomquest Magical Story) – Best Neuter in Show

Am looking forward to the next show in August, especially with rising star Hunter as in this show he was only 15mo yet put up in to Austbred class, was still coming through his junior coat drop and unfortunately had to be bounced around between handlers on the day because Fay was unwell but he still was RDCC which was a great sign for the future..

24th January 2023
We are very proud of once again POMQUEST being the #1 Pomeranian Breeder in Australia for 2022, now making it ever since 2012. It was certainly a much quieter year for us compared to 2021 when were #1 Toy Dog Breeder in Australia for 2021, with only limited showing last year and instead focussing on the bigger events where we sure had great success…

At the 2 Pomeranian Breed Specialties held in 2022, Miley (Ch Pomquest Next Chapter) was the star with her winning BISS at BOTH shows! Ably supported by Cyndi (Ch Pomquest Time After Time) being RBCC at both shows and Aussie (Pomquest Cmon Aussie Cmon) winning RDCC at only 7 months old!

At Toy Specialities Miley won BIS in the ACT and then Precious (Ch Pomquest Precious) won BIS in QLD with Bianca Hickey.

At Royal Shows we won the BOB/RUBOB double under International judges in 4 States! Starting with Sydney Royal Easter Show, Zac (Ch Pomquest Lest We Forget) was DCC/BOB and Miley BCC/RUBOB, then in Royal Queensland Show it was Cyndi BCC/BOB and Zac DCC/RUBOB, at Adelaide Royal Show it was Zac DCC/BOB and Cyndi BCC/RUBOB and finally at our first time at Melbourne Royal Show it was littermates Bobby (Ch Pomquest Magical Moments) DCC/BOB and Miley BCC/RUBOB. Those results were very satisfying across the country.

At All Breeds Shows, the 2022 highlight was Cyndi becoming the 10th Pomquest homebred All Breeds BEST IN SHOW winner and then backed it up with a RUBIS also! 2022 was a “quiet” year but there was still 9 Pomquest Poms win one or more BIG/RUBIG Cyndi, Zac, Bobby, Precious, Miley, Casey (Ch Pomquest Under Seige with Eva Bauer) and youngsters Tickle (Pomquest Pentacle with Kareena Abraham), Hunter (Pomquest Hungry Like The Wolf with Fay Harris) and little Aussie oi oi oi!

To top the year off we had 2 new Champions, Emmy (Ch Pomquest Always N Forever) and Charm (Ch Pomquest Triquetra) and also Quinn (Ch Pomquest Imagine Dragons TK.S) attained a performance title attaining her Trick Dog Starter and Fanta (Pomquest Shake It Up CCD. RN. TK.N. AD. JDX. SD. GD) earnt more qualifiers towards new titles with Selby Wright.

As satisfying a year it was upon reflection, it all paled in significance to the loss this month of the Pomquest matriarch Pop (Supreme Ch Pomquest Dare To Dream) or "Miss Perfect" to many...  sadly no tribute to her will ever do her justice, a highly successful show girl and then an even better producer, she is behind every Pomquest Pomeranian we have today, sometimes 2 and 3 times making her presence felt for generations yet.

20th October 2022
Pomquest recently ventured to the Royal Melbourne Show for the first time ever and the littermates Bobby (Ch. Pomquest Magical Moments) and Miley (Ch. Pomquest Next Chapter) didn't disappoint by clean sweeping both Dog and Bitch Challenges with Bobby being Best Of Breed and then later Top 8 Finalist in the Toy Group Specials. It was nice to show the Melbourne locals our true to type Poms and have the International judge recognise their quality, emphasized in their critique:

Judge Ms Ann Ingram (Ireland), Pomeranian Best of Breed: Diminutive male with nice fine bone and lovely coat. Very nice head, with dark, expressive eyes and neat, well set ears which he uses well. Correct short neck, ultra short body with correct high tail set and good hindquarters. Moved really well with a light step and great attitude.

Also on the day Cyndi (Ch. Pomquest Time After Time) was Reserve Bitch Challenge and Zac (Ch Pomquest Lest We Forget) was 1st of 3 in Austbred Dog class. Video of all the judging can be seen here.

Having won Best of Breed at the Melbourne Royal Show it now means that a Pomquest Pom has won BOB at the Royal Shows in every State of Australia plus the Australian Capital Territory. Not sure how many other breeders, if any, have also achieved that record but it is another goal ticked off for Pomquest...

29th August 2022
After the last 2 shows for the Pomeranian Club of NSW (Australia's only Breed Club) had been cancelled due to covid and flooding it was great to be able to have a Breed Specialty Show once again... The Club held 2 shows on 25th August as part of the Dogs NSW International Spring Fair, the first judged by Mr Z.Tan (WA) and the second by Mr J.Ahola (Finland), with both judges having past breed experience. The star of the day was Miley (Ch. Pomquest Next Chapter) who won BOTH shows and became our 4th individual winner of these shows joining Richie, Topaz and Joker. This also made Joker and Miley the first parent/progeny winners of BISS for us :) Closely behind Miley was our younger girl Cyndi (Ch. Pomquest Time After Time) who was Reserve Bitch Challenge to Miley in both shows and Best Intermediate in Show also. We have had the good fortune to breed some top shelf bitches and these 2 are up with the best of them! A nice surprise on the day was our young boy Aussie (Pomquest Cmon Aussie Cmon) at 6 months old in his showing debut winning Reserve Dog Challenge in Show#2. Show results summary below:

Show#1 - Mr Z.Tan(WA)

  • Ch. Pomquest Next Chapter - Bitch Challenge, BEST IN SHOW, Best Open in Show.
  • Ch. Pomquest Time After Time - Reserve Bitch Challenge, Best Intermediate in Show.
  • Ch. Pomquest Precious - Best Opposite Australian Bred in Show.
  • Ch. Pomquest Magical Story - Best Neuter in Show.

Show#2 - Mr J.Ahola(Finland)

  • Ch. Pomquest Next Chapter - Bitch Challenge, BEST IN SHOW, Best Open in Show.
  • Ch. Pomquest Time After Time - Reserve Bitch Challenge, Best Intermediate in Show.
  • Pomquest Cmon Aussie Cmon - Reserve Dog Challenge, Best Minor Puppy in Show.
  • Ch. Pomquest Magical Story - Best Neuter in Show, Best Parent & Offspring.

25th July 2022
Today is the 15th anniversary of when the POMQUEST breeders prefix was officially registered by my late wife Sandy and myself. At the time we had no real sense of the eventual show success we would have but at the time were then both just very passionate about trying to do our best for the breed we then had fallen in love with. Over the years the “Pomquest Family” grew widely and made many wonderful friends that we have shared Poms with and worked together as breeders in sharing bloodlines. I am very proud of the many showring successes for those Pomquest bred/owned Poms in those 15 years including:

  • 71 Champions
  • 9 Supreme Champions
  • 150 BIS/RUBIS wins
  • 22 BISS/RUBISS wins
  • 20 Royal Show BOB wins
  • 16 Dog of the Year Qualifiers
  • 4 #1 Pomeranian Show Dogs
  • 7 #1 Pomeranian Rising Stars

Today now things are very different but then also they are very much the same, that was how Pomquest was built, to be forever...

11th July 2022
A special moment over the past weekend when Rhiannon partnered Cyndi (Ch. Pomquest Time After Time) to win BEST IN SHOW!!! This was the debut BIS win for Rhiannon as an exhibitor and for Cyndi she became the 10th POMQUEST homebred BIS winner, a goal that Sandy and I had set before her passing so am very proud to see her protege Rhiannon fittingly achieve that milestone. Of our 10 homebred BIS winners 5 of them have been bitches so that just underscores the strength of our female line...

13th June 2022
Lovely to receive the judges critiques from the Sydney Royal today for Zac as BOB, Miley as RUBOB and a daughter of Zac (bred and owned by Sonia Wilkinson) as POB. A recurring theme of breed type and soundness...

3rd May 2022
Well the Easter shows have now passed and although the Pomeranian Specialty was unfortunately cancelled, our team did well in the other major shows during the period. Firstly at the 4P's All Toy Dog Club of NSW, Miley (Ch. Pomquest Next Chapter) won Best of Breed and Best Bred by Exibitor in Show, with her littermate brother Bobby (Ch. Pomquest Magical Moments) being RUBOB and Best Intermediate in Show. The following week at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Zac (Ch. Pomquest Lest We Forget) shown by Rhiannon won Best of Breed making it the 3rd consecutive BOB for Pomquest at this Show :) Miley won the Bitch Challenge and RUBOB with Bobby being Reserve Dog Challenge (the 2 littermates are pictured below). To close out a successful show period Miley won BEST IN SHOW at the Canberra Toy Dog Club which was a nice breakthrough win for her having just rejoined us recently.

2nd February 2022
POMQUEST was the #1 Toy Dog Breeder in Australia for 2021!!! This achievement follows having won the same award back in 2017 with my late wife Sandy It was another year interrupted by covid-19, however Rhiannon and myself decided to set this goal to achieve in 2021 whilst many of the Pomeranians involved had Sandy's hands and heart all over them (2/3 were bred, raised and trained by her). We thank all those in the Pomquest Family involved in achieving this award, it is the ultimate tribute to Sandy's legacy.

Our flag bearer for 2021 was Paddy (Ch. Pomquest Pot O Gold) who was the #1 Pomeranian Show Dog for the Year. Paddy also was the sire of the #1 Pomeranian Rising Star, Ch. Dreamforever Pot O Cash bred and shown by good friend Penny Driver. Complete results for the year are here.

We have only bred 18 puppies in the last 4 years but we are stepping up our breeding program again and have some very exciting litters born recently :) Coupled with our exciting team of young girls shown in 2021 we look forward to another successful show year ahead...

5th May 2021
Well the young new Pomquest show team came out for the first Pomeranian Specialty since covid-19 cancellations and although didn't come away with the main prize had excellent consistent results winning 3 of the 4 CC/RCC's on the day. Our bitches have always been the strongest at these shows having won 18 BCC/RBCC's in the last decade and this time Riley followed her mother Star in winning Bitch Challenge, just like she followed her mother Pop... 3 generations of Specialty Bitch Challenge winners from Australia's best Pomeranian female line. Results summary is:

Paddy - Reserve Dog Challenge, R/U BEST IN SHOW, Open in Show.
Riley - Bitch Challenge, BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW, Intermediate in Show.
Evie - Reserve Bitch Challenge, Opposite Australian Bred in Show, Best Head.
Zac - Opposite Intermediate in Show
Bobby - Junior in Show
Bindi - Opposite Junior in Show
Joker - Best Coat
Digger - Best Parent & Offspring

Favourite moment from the show was Veteran Sweepstakes with the great pair Pop (11yo) and Richie (10.5yo) gracing the ring together once again, in 2015 they won BIS & RUBISS at both Specialities of that year and proud to have them out for a lap of honour.

Rhiannon has had a great time with her team either side of the Specialty... at the Sydney Royal Easter Show with young Deedee at just 14 months old followed her mother Taylors footsteps in winning Bitch Challenge but then going better still by winning over the males to be BEST OF BREED. Then at the Royal Bathurst Show she won BEST IN GROUP with Zac and R/U BEST IN GROUP with Quinn and Deedee chimed in with Junior in Group. This is the 6th time there has been a Pomquest quinella of BIG/RUBIG and pleased Rhiannon has added to that special record as it is such a rare event to happen.

The show season is starting to ramp up and the Pomquest Family is getting great results across the country and looking forward to making 2021 a year to remember...

16th March 2021
This update on the website has been a long time coming but it is the first time that I have felt ready to do it...

With the sudden and unexpected passing of my beloved wife Sandy on 22 August 2019, what had been our lifes passion was very uncertain and many questioned the future of Pomquest. At the time amongst the huge amount of grief and associated turmoil one of the highest priorities was to take steps to ensure Pomquest would continue in the vision that Sandy had. A lot of difficult decisions were made, each done on the basis of what Sandy would have done herself or have wanted to happen. There were many Poms retired earlier then planned from either showing or breeding and placed in forever homes but still ensuring there was the basis to continue a breeding program again in future. I also sought to complete our remaining goals set for 2019 in which I finished the Supreme Champion title on Trick (becoming a record 3 for his dam Star) and the Champion title on Sandys dear little girl Precious (the last photo of Sandy ever taken was with Precious in her arms days before her passing), and Rhiannon completed the FCI International Championship on Atreyu for me (with him becoming Australia's first since the new title was introduced) and took Quinn through to be Australia's #1 Rising Star Pomeranian for the year. Beyond those goals successfully completed for Sandy then I would have an extended break from showing to rebuild life and my future and when I eventually returned to the show ring it would be with Sandys beloved youngster Paddy (the last Champion ever titled by Sandy) and I fully intend to do her proud with him and fulfil the faith she had in his potential...

What would be the future of Pomquest? In the 12 years of our breeding program, Sandy bred a total of 81 Pomquest puppies. The record of those 81 Pomquest puppies at the time of her passing was:

  • 43 x Champions
  • 7 x Supreme Champions
  • 14 x BIS/RUBIS winners for 119 BIS/RUBIS wins
  • 8 x BISS/RUBISS winners for 19 BISS/RUBISS wins

A record of success unmatched in that time and it has since grown even more! When the last of those Pomquest puppies eventually retires from showing there could realistically be up to 12 Supreme Champions, time will tell...

Sandy was always willing to mentor genuine people with the breed at heart and Rhiannon Walsh was the one she had more faith in than any other to be a true guardian of the breed, she was the unofficial Pomqust 2IC. It was therefore appropriate that one of the first actions following Sandy's passing was to protect Pomquest in case something would happen to me and Rhiannon was made the official joint owner of the Pomquest Prefix with me on 17th September 2019. She has worked admirably with me to keep things going in Sandy's honour whilst Pomquest has adapted and found what is the "new normal". That includes me relocating to NSW through 2021 where we will be able to maintain the breeding program journey that had been planned ahead. As Sandy would say, the haters can keep on hating, Pomquest is here to stay!


24th July 2019
Hot on the heels of her father Juke, a week later our girl Pagan gained her final points needed for her Supreme Champion title! Australia's #1 Rising Star Pomeranian of 2017 earnt her title by winning 3 x BEST IN SHOW (All Breeds) and becomes only the fourth ever Pomeranian bitch to attain this prestigous title, 2 of the other 3 happen to be her grandmothers Topaz and Pop, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :) Now to watch Pagan's endeavours as a mother as she continues on this most profilic producing female line.....

With Pagan stepping out of the show ring her paternal half brother Bart has taken the limelight now in the last 2 weekends firstly winning a RUBIS (his first ever) then a week later goes one better for his debut BEST IN SHOW! This becomes the third BIS winner for his sire Juke and currently his other son Trick, Bart and Juke himself and his daughter Pagan make up the #1, #2, #3 and #5 Pomeranian show dogs on this years dogzonline pointscore, so we are very pleased with that consistency :)

14th July 2019
We have a new SUPREME CHAMPION!!! Juke becomes our 7th bred/owned Supreme Champion and he is a 3rd generation Supreme Champion through his dam Topaz and her sire Merlin. He is co-owned with Daryl & Sue Morris who started us off in Poms and bred Jukes grandsire Merlin so is a special moment. Juke is well deserving of his new title having won 6 x R/U BEST IN SHOW awards (3 under International judges) from his 17 x Best in Group wins. In the breed ring he has also been successful in winning Brisbane Royal Best Of Breed and at his 3 appearances at the Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialties he has won Puppy in Show, Intermediate in Show, Opposite Australian Bred in Show and twice Best Parent & Offspring. It is those last awards which show the value of Juke as his offspring have done him proud..... 7 Champions from only a handful of litters including 4 Groups winners, 3 BIS/RUBIS winners and a RUBISS winner+++ His sire record is truely outstanding and will leave us a legacy in our breeding program through his great breed type and movement

8th July 2019
Have had a memorable successive weekends of showing the father/daughter teram of Juke and Pagan. Firstly at Maryborough the duo had a double of the Best in Group & Runner-Up Best in Group wins between them! Juke won Best in Group in each of the two shows and Pagan follows him coming in to the ring to then win R/U Best in Group :) This is a rare event in showing but periodically it does happen with 2 quality exhibits of the same breed and we are proud to have now done this 6 times with Richie/Dollar, Richie/Topaz, Richie/Pop, Star/Trick and Juke/Pagan (twice).

The following weekend at Gladstone they showed how worthy of those wins they were by then in the 3 shows sharing the 3 Best in Groups between them :) This time though Pagan had the better of her father and she won a BEST IN SHOW and R/U BEST IN SHOW but Juke won himself a R/U BEST IN SHOW. Both of them are now very close to their Supreme Champion titles and look forward to celebrating them in the near future...

13th May 2019
Pomquest Lest We Forget won his first Championship points on the weekend with a BEST IN GROUP and a PUPPY IN SHOW win :) He has not been shown since he won PIS at both the Pomeranian Club of NSW and the 4P's All Toy Dog Club of NSW and will now have a break again whilst we let this promising boy mature. He is bred in the purple, descending directly down from our best producing dam line:

Ch. Luarts Superstar Dreams
The dam of 6 Champions, 5 Group winners, 2 BIS/RUBIS winners
--> BIS/RUBISS Supreme Ch. Pomquest Dare To Dream
      The dam of 8 Champions, 6 Group winners, 4 BIS/RUBIS winners 
      -->BIS/RUBISS Ch. Pomquest Now N Forever
           The dam of 3 Champions (so far), 4 Group winners, 3 BIS/RUBIS winners
           -->Pomquest Lest We Forget

He is a maternal 1/2 brother to both the recent BISS winner and also to the current #1 Pom in Australia so we are looking forward to seeing what he matures in to over the years ahead....

17th April 2019
So our trip to Sydney for the big Easter shows is now over and we were certainly pleased with the overall results taking Best of Breed from the large entries in all 3 shows :) Starting off with the Breed Specialty for the Pomeranian Club of NSW on Saturday with a solid entry of 58 Pomeranians, Joker (Supreme Ch. Pomquest Y So Serious) became our 3rd individual homebred winner of this always keenly contested show. Owned and handled by Rhiannon Walsh, this boy has matured to a lovely well balanced moderate Pom with an outstanding coat and we were so pleased to watch them succeed together on the day.

Joining Rhiannon in the ring for the judges final decision was another protégé of ours, Ebony Russell with her own homebred girl Alice (a daughter of our Juke and Piper) which really was great to witness :) It has been very satisfying to be able to support them both in their respective journeys in the breed through to these achievements. Another highlight was having 5 of the 6 bitches in the final CC lineup being Pomquest girls or Pomquest bloodlines. The summary of results of Poms either owned or bred by us at this Specialty show are:

  • Zac – 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Show
  • Bart – 2nd Junior Dog
  • Trick – 3rd Intermediate Dog
  • Juke – 1st Australian Bred Dog, Best Opposite Australian Bred in Show, Best Parent & Offspring
  • Mischief – 2nd Australian Bred Dog
  • Joker – 1st Open Dog, Dog Challenge, BEST IN SHOW, Best Open in Show
  • Atreyu – 2nd Open Dog
  • Justin – 1st Neuter Dog, Best Neuter in Show
  • Lacey – 2nd Baby Puppy Bitch
  • Precious – 3rd Baby Puppy Bitch
  • Quinn – 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, Best Minor Puppy in Show
  • Riley – 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Opposite Puppy in Show
  • Pagan – 2nd Intermediate Bitch
  • Miranda – 1st Australian Bred Bitch, Reserve Bitch Challenge, Best Australian Bred in Show
  • Daenerys – 2nd Australian Bred Bitch
  • Taylor – 1st Open Bitch, Best Opposite Open in Show

This was our largest ever entry in this show so with each placing in their class we had to be pleased with the consistency under a breed specialist judge Mr Esa Ruotsalainen (Finland)


After that mammoth effort, next up was the 4P’s All Toy Dog Club on the Sunday, a much smaller team shown this time and the promising youngster Bart came out winning Best of Breed and then later was awarded Best Junior in Show :) Zac also went on to win Puppy in Show, backing up his nice PIS win the day prior too!


Finally on the Monday, it was Pomeranian breed judging day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and there we just had 2 entered but that is all that was needed as Atreyu and his daughter Taylor both won the Challenge Certificates with Atreyu winning the Best of Breed award making that now the fourth different State Capital Royal Show that he has been.


​There are lots of good talkers out there in this breed but our Poms walk the walk not just talk the talk...


29th January 2019
In 2018 our goal was for Atreyu to be the #1 Toy Dog in Queensland and that was successfully achieved :) Atreyu had been #2 in the 2 years prior so he deserved to go one better and not only did he achieve that there was an added bonus of him also being the #1 Australian Bred Show Dog in Queensland for 2018.  This has now made both father and son having each been Queensland's #1 Toy Dogs! Pictured as a keepsake photo are these homebred boys with their Top Toy trophies, Richie (Supreme Ch. Pomquest Fame N Fortune) now 8 years old and retired plus Atreyu (Supreme Ch. Pomquest Neverending Story) almost 5 years old and now semi-retired. Apart from them being dominant at breed level over the last 7 years, between them in that time they have been:

2012 #2 Toy Dog in QLD, #9 in Australia
2013 #2 Toy Dog in QLD, #4 in Australia
2014 #1 Toy Dog in QLD, #1 in Australia
2015 #1 Toy Dog in QLD, #4 in Australia
2016 #2 Toy Dog in QLD, #6 in Australia
2017 #2 Toy Dog in QLD, #4 in Australia
2018 #1 Toy Dog in QLD, #2 in Australia

We are very proud breeder/handlers to have had these boys out there gracing the ring for so long with their glorious coats and soundness
(both OFA certified 0/0 patella). Just one of the advantages of actually having a correct Spitz coat is that you get LONGEVITY in the show ring! Generally if you have a nice show dog you want to keep it in the ring, not have it fade away and disappear. An unmatched 56 x All Breeds BEST IN SHOW wins between them across 7 years is the proof in the pudding that a correct Spitz coat, stands the TEST OF TIME.... Whilst some breeders seem determined to make an art form of coat loss dogs, we will stick to our lower risk breeding strategy that we are seeing the visible benefits from generation after generation.

22nd November 2018
It has been a very sad time in the Pomquest household recently with the loss of two of our foundation Poms. Firstly losing Merlin in a tragic accident, then so soon after Fizz sadly had to be given her wings with little warning. The impact they have both had on the formative years of Pomquest was significant but more so they were huge presences in our daily lives, and along with our first show dog Spud earlier in the year, their passing so close together has been very heartbreaking for us. They will be forever in our hearts xx

16th August 2018
Royal Queensland Show time again and this year it was Atreyu's turn to win Best of Breed and his daughter Hannah winning a commendable Reserve Bitch Challenge award :)

This is the 10th consecutive year that a Pomquest bred and/or owned Pom has had the honour of winning BOB at this prestiguous event that is always keenly contested. The winners have been:

  • 2009 - Merlin
  • 2010 - Merlin
  • ​2011 - Merlin
  • ​2012 - Richie
  • 2013 - Richie
  • ​2014 - Possum (with Ebony Russell)
  • ​2015 - Richie
  • 2016 - Topaz
  • ​2017 - Juke (with Susan Morris)
  • ​2018 - Atreyu

This year did have something new though as was the first time ever we had other breeds exhibited with our Akita, CH Kaisho Quest For Glory, winning BOB handled by her breeder/co-owner Craig Moffat and our Lhasa Apso, CH Amesen In The Blink Of An Eye (also co-owned with her breeders), winning RUBOB handled by Sandy.

23rd July 2018
Congratulations to Fay Harris on attaining the GRAND Championship on Cyrus, her first ever Pomeranian! At 2 years old they have won a BEST IN SHOW, 6 x Best in Group and 13 x R/U Best in Group together and in 2016 Cyrus was the #1 Rising Star Pomeranian in Australia! Fay now has Cyrus's young nephew Paddy join the team and watch out for him as he matures.....

23rd June 2018
It was a very special milestone today with Rhiannon Walsh finishing the SUPREME CHAMPION title for Joker!
​Joker is co-owned with us and we are immensely proud of him and the great job Rhiannon has done with him. We have always had faith in them both and were very pleased to see them attain this deserved award at still only 2 years old and having won 2 x RUBIS and 17 x BIG so far. Joker becomes the 5th homebred Supreme Champion for Pomquest and 6th overall and remains the most of any Australian Pomeranian Breeder.


9th May 2018
Happy 10th birthday to the Pomquest Matriarch, Fizz (CH Luarts Superstar Dreams). This special girl, bred by the late Lucy Hanza, has had a tremendous influence on our breeding program with her great temperament, soundness and health, but most especially her outstanding maternal ability passed down through her female descendants. As at turning 10 years old there has been 31 Champions descend from Fizz, including 2 Supreme Champions and 4 American Grand Champions. The quality through her extended family is so consistent that 25 of those 31 Champions are BIG/RUBIG winners, with 9 being BIS/RUBIS winners! Fizz is pictured below with her BIS daughter Pop, then her BIS daughter Star and then her BIS daughter Pagan. There is not a female family of this breed in this country even close to that depth of quality, not even remotely close. We are so thankful for everything she has done and Fizz is deservedly our most spoilt pet xx

22 April 2018

Today marks 10 years since the birth of the first ever POMQUEST Pomeranian.

"Wookie", Ch. Pomquest A New Player JDX ADX SD GD SPD FS.S began our dog breeding journey that last year culminated in one very special achievement for us. It sure has been an experience with lots of learnings, challenges and emotions, but Sandy and I are very proud of what we have achieved so far in the early years of our breeding program. Many thanks to all those who have been helpful through our foundation years, it will always be appreciated.

A quick snapshot of our first 10 years breeding, by the numbers:

73 x puppies for...
38 x Champions
4 x Supreme Champions
14 x BIS/RUBIS winners (110 total wins)
25 x BIG/RUBIG winners
4 x #1 Pomeranian (Breed)
3 x #1 Pomeranian (All Breeds)
5 x #1 Pomeranian Rising Star
6 x #1 Pomeranian Breeder
16 x QLD Dog of the Year qualified
9 x QLD Puppy of the Year qualified
5 x BISS
The numbers go up with other foundation Poms that we have bought during that time but just focusing on Pomquest homebreds in that list. Some other showing highlights in these 10 years for them include:
#1 Toy Group Rising Star
#1 Toy Group Show Dog
#1 All Breeds Show Dog in QLD
Best in Group wins in all 6 States
Best in Show wins in 4 States
Royal Show BOB wins in 4 States
Best in Specialty Show wins in 3 Countries
3 times winning 4 BIS in a row, once 5 times!
4 from 4 BIS wins at a single show cluster
4 different Poms winning Group on a single weekend
4 times winning a BIG & RUBIG quinella
3 times a BISS/RUBISS quinella
Now that we have established a breeding program of 3 generations and have the benefit of the knowledge of all those dogs and their progeny we are far better placed for future mating decisions than when working with only limited available information when using foundation dogs. We will also continue what has been the basis of our success... breeding for TYPE, not HYPE!

5th March 2018
Congratulations to Ruth Hennessy and her beloved boy Prince (NZ/AUST CH Pomquest Purple Rain(NZ)) on winning BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW for the second time at the Pomeranian Club of New Zealand. It was a memorable weekend for Ruth with Prince winning three Best of Breeds on the same day (Breed Specialty, Toy Specialty & All Breeds Shows, including a R/U Best in Group) and with his daughter winning all three Bitch Challenges also! Prince can do the job both in and out of the ring :)

12th February 2018
A lovely weekend was had showing at the beautiful Allora KC grounds, with some great results :) Atreyu won Best in Group on both days and on Saturday progresing through to win R/U BEST IN SHOW. He has had such consistent form over the last 8 weeks having now won 10 Best in Groups from his 15 show apperances across 4 States during that time. Also our young pocket dynamo Genie won her first Baby Puppy in Group award and hopefully will grow in stature to a promsing show prospect, time will tell.

29th January 2018
Today we received our #1 Toy Dog Breeder trophy from the last year and now this special trophy collection will take pride of place! We are extremely proud that POMQUEST has now achieved the TOP TOY TREBLE having won:

  • ​#1 Toy RISING STAR in Australia for 2011
  • #1 Toy SHOW DOG in Australia for 2014
  • #1 Toy BREEDER in Australia for 2017.

​All done in our first 10 years of breeding! Thank you to the special team of friends who helped make this possible and also thanks to that lovely group of haters that all give us such wonderful incentive to just keep getting better year upon year as the more people try to undermine us the more successful we become LOL

17th January 2018
Australia's #1 Pomeranian Show Dog in 2017, SUPREME CH. POMQUEST NEVERENDING STORY kicked off his new show year with a perfect 4 from 4 Toy Group wins in NSW including converting the last win to a BEST IN SHOW, the 15th for his career! Atreyu continued his great form of late last year and has now won 8 Best in Groups across 3 States in his last 11 appearances. Now that he is in his prime (turning 4yo in April) Atreyu hopefully should have a big year ahead of him.....

9th January 2018
2017 was our 10th year as a breeder (first Pomquest puppy born April 2008) and was our most successful ever! Although 2014 was amazing having Richie being Australia's #1 Toy Dog, this year it was never about any indidual dog but was all about our breeding program as a whole and the results speak for themselves:


Apart from being the #1 Pomeranian Breeder for the 6th consecutive year, in 2017 Pomquest Pomeranians was the #1 TOY GROUP BREEDER IN AUSTRALIA. Sincere thanks to all those involved in this huge TEAM effort, your ongoing support and friendship is appreciated. Summary results for All Breeds competition are:

  • Atreyu – 3x BIS, 2x RUBIS, 20x BIG, 12x RUBIG, ​#1 Pomeranian Show Dog in Australia
  • Pagan – 2x BIS, 1x RUBIS, 4x BIG, 1x RUBIG, ​#1 Pomeranian Rising Star
  • Cyrus – 1x BIS, 4x BIG, 3x RUBIG
  • Star – 1x BIS, 3x BIG
  • Trick – 1x BIS, 2x BIG, 3x RUBIG
  • Juke – 3x RUBIS, 5x BIG, 2x RUBIG, ​#4 Pomeranian Show Dog
  • Joker – 2x RUBIS, 11x BIG, 3x RUBIG, ​#3 Pomeranian Show Dog
  • Richie – 1x RUBIS, 3x BIG, 1x RUBIG
  • Digger – 1x RUBIS, 1xBIG, 1x RUBIG
  • Taylor – 1x BIG, 2x RUBIG
  • Uno – 1x BIG, 2x RUBIG
  • Miranda – 1x BIG
  • Khaleesi – 1x BIG
  • Hansel – 1x RUBIG

4th January 2018
Happy New Year! Our 2017 show year closed out in style with Atreyu travelling to Victoria to compete under South African breeder/exhibitor judge Mrs Tracie Austen (of Tracestar Pomeranians, with her mother being Silverglow Pomeranians) and be successful in winning the Toy Group under this breed specialist who has breeder/owner handled the South African #1 Pomeranian of the last 3 years. Atreyu also proudly finished the year in the BIS ring on New Years Eve amongst some of Australia's best show dogs having also won the Toy Group at the last show of the year.

2017 was the most successful year EVER for our breeding program having had 13 individual BEST IN GROUP winners during the year with 9 being BIS/RUBIS winners! Will post more on the years summary when the pointscore results are finalized.....

21st December 2017
Very proud breeder moment last weekend at Uralla KC shows at Armidale when winning the quinella of BEST IN GROUP and Runner Up BEST IN GROUP with our mother and son team of Star and Trick :) This only happens rarely in the show ring and this is now the 4th time we have won a BIG-RUBIG double. The next day Trick beat his mother for BOB then won the Toy Group then went on to win his debut BEST IN SHOW, our 9th Pomquest homebred BIS winner :) Trick joins his littermate Pagan to have a litter double of BIS winners the same as their dam Star and her littermate Atreyu are a litter double of BIS winners! Yet another first for our breeding program that sets the standard....

13th November 2017
HUGE congratulations to Fay Harris and her much loved boy Cyrus (CH POMQUEST X FACTOR) on winning BEST IN SHOW last weekend :) Cyrus becomes our 8th All Breeds BIS winner, the 3rd BIS winning progeny for his BIS winning dam Pop and the 2nd BIS winning progeny for his BIS winning sire Jontu! Cyrus is Fay's first ever Pomeranian and she has done amazingly well with him having been Australia's #1 Pomeranian Rising Star last year and after winning multiple Best in Groups this year now attains the honour of a BIS win.

​Also last weeked we had another record first for POMQUEST having 4 different Poms winning Group or better on the same day throughout Australia! Cyrus winning in Tasmania, Joker winning in NSW and Juke and Pagan winning in QLD, Very proud breeders to have such consistent quality winners with 13 different Pomquest Poms winning Best in Group this year and setting the standard in the ring...

9th October 2017
Pomquest Pomeranians are very proud and excited to announce that we are now sponsored by Raw Feeders’ Kitchen – a pet food company committed to and passionate about providing the best natural raw nutrition using only human grade products and practises. Having been raw fed advocates for many years Sandy and I are beyond thrilled to have Raw Feeders’ Kitchen be a part of the ongoing success and future of Pomquest and look forward with much anticipation to their continued support.

11th September 2017
Was great to watch Atreyu (SUPREME CH Pomquest Neverending Story) in action from afar (on live video) of him winning Toy Group 3rd at the Adelaide Royal Show on the weekend in a wonderful line up of dogs. Congratulations to Ian Glen handling him for Best of Breed and then Brittany Farrell in the Toy Group, we are very pleased :)

Juke (CH Pomquest Rock The Box) continued his good recent form with another R/U BEST IN SHOW on the weekend too! The wins were shared at these shows with his half brother (same sire) Joker (CH Pomquest Y So Serious) who also won a Toy Group and we look forward to more wins ahead with him :)

21st August 2017
The Royal Queensland Show for 2017 was another memorable one for us with this year Juke (CH Pomquest Rock The Box) taking the Best of Breed honours :) It was a strong statement for our breeding program to have Juke win BOB the year after his dam Topaz (SUPREME CH Pomquest Envy This) had won BOB and then to also have Jukes young progeny Pagan (CH Pomquest Bewitched) win Bitch Challenge/RUBOB and Trick (CH Pomquest Trick Or Treat) be Reserve Dog Challenge to his sire! This makes 3 generations of BOB winners at this prestigious show with Merlin (SUPREME CH Winterspell Wizard) who has been a 3 times BOB winner being the sire of Topaz. It was also special in that Juke is co-owned with our friends Sue & Daryl Morris (Winterspell Kennels) who started us off in the breed and Sue had Juke on the lead for his BOB win. Pictured below is Juke and Topaz with their 2017 and 2016 presentation photos showing a lot of family resemblance!

Juke continued his good form the following weekend when he won Best in Group and R/U BEST IN SHOW under respected Toy specialist judge Mr M Low from Malaysia. Also on the weekend Uno (CH Pomquest Uno U Want Me) won his debut Best in Group making him our 11th individual Group winning Pom for 2017, what a year!

11th July 2017
We have a new Champion and a new BEST IN SHOW winner! At a mere 8 months old our promising young bitch Pagan (Pomquest Bewitched) attained her Champion title in style winning BIS then RUBIS then BIS over 3 consecutive shows at the Lismore Kennel Club show cluster in NSW. On the last day when she attained her title it really was a GREAT day for the family as her mother Star also won Best in Group in QLD and her uncle Atreyu also won Best in Group in SA, a "3 State Treble"!!!

Pagan is the culmination of blending ALL of our foundation breeding program together over 3 generations and she now becomes 4 generations of BIS winners for us with Merlin -> Pop -> Star -> Pagan as well as Salem -> Richie -> Star -> Pagan. All up there are NINE BEST IN SHOW winners in Pagan's 3 generation pedigree and we are very proud breeders of this very true to type Pomeranian with the most exceptional movement.

27th June 2017

The curtain has closed on the show career of the most awarded Australian Pomeranian of recent times (since the 1970’s). At 6.5 years of age, sound and in full glorious coat (but with lots of grey hairs now) Richie bowed out with a lovely relaxed weekend of showing recently with Sandy to appreciate him on the lead for the last time still happy to be out there and doing his thing. It was a fitting finish for Richie to be awarded Best in Group and Best Open in Show awards at his last show appearances and go out gracefully still a winner!

Multi BIS Multi BISS Supreme Champion POMQUEST FAME N FORTUNE was an absolute pleasure to show and your heart would almost burst with pride when he took up the lead and just owned the show rings when in his prime.  Special highlights of his career were his four Best in Specialty Show wins to equal a long standing record and then his Best in Show win in November 2014 which saw him crowned the Number 1 Show Dog All Breeds for Queensland and Number 1 Toy Dog in Australia for 2014, the pinnacle of his illustrious career!

They say all good things must come to an end but even though Richie’s show career has now ended he is already living on through his very successful progeny and grandprogeny. It is also said that you can only be blessed with such a dog just once in a lifetime, but that too isn’t set in stone and we are sure Richie will be behind great dogs for many years to come and hopefully his amazing record will eventually be challenged by one of them. Maybe it will be another breeder/exhibitor that we share our lines with or can we dare to dream that we may be blessed with yet another such truly outstanding Pom….. time will tell :)

At the time of his retirement Richie’s career tally stands at:

  • 35 x BEST IN SHOW
  • 21 x R/U BEST IN SHOW
  • 112 x Best in Group
  • 56 x R/U Best in Group
  • 4 x State Royal Show Best of Breed
  • 4,634 Challenge Points

Career highlights for Richie include:

  • Australia’s youngest Supreme Champion Pomeranian
  • Australia’s most BIS winning breeder/owner/handled Pomeranian
  • Australia’s equal most BISS winning Pomeranian
  • Australia’s #1 Rising Star Toy Dog in 2011
  • Australia’s #1 Toy Dog in 2014
  • Queensland Dog of the Year qualifier, 4 times!
  • Queensland Top 5 Show Dog of All Breeds, 4 times!
  • Queensland’s #1 Rising Star of All Breeds in 2011
  • Queensland’s #1 Show Dog of All Breeds in 2014

Sincere thanks to all the wonderful judges who have awarded Richie throughout his career :)

As a stud dog Richie has sired (so far):

  • 8 Champions
  • 1 Supreme Champion
  • 2 BEST IN SHOW winners
  • 3 R/U BEST IN SHOW winners
  • 3 Dog of the Year qualifiers
  • 3 Puppy of the Year qualifiers

Results in the show ring for both him and his progeny speak for themselves. A week after his retirement the journey continues with his daughter Star (CH Pomquest Now N Forever) winning BEST IN SHOW :)


6th June 2017
The curtain is officially closed on the career of "Pop", Multi BIS Supreme Ch Pomquest Dare To Dream, who would be one of the best “all round” Pom bitches ever in this country as we don't expect that there would be many, if any, historically in Australia that would have an equivalent combined breeding/showing record that our homebred girl Pop has had.....

Starting off with the show ring, in amongst her litters, her record included:

  • 3 x All Breeds BEST IN SHOW
  • 3 x Specialty R/U BEST IN SHOW
  • 1 of 3 only Supreme Ch Pom bitches

That in itself is a very high achievement for a bitch for our breed, however in the whelping box from her 11 lifetime puppies sired by 3 different studs, her breeding record is simply outstanding:

  • 8 x Champions 
  • 6 x Group winners
  • 3 x BIS/RUBIS winners
  • 2 x #1 Australia Rising Star Pom
  • 2 x QLD Dog of the Year qualifiers
  • 1 x Supreme Champion (so far)
  • 1 x American Grand Champion (Silver)

Then to top off her “all round” capability, Pop has partnered 4 different junior handlers in 4 QLD State Finals :)

Pop is already the grandmother of 9 Champions so far and that will rapidly increase in next few years. Her son Johnnie in the USA has recently attained his Register of Merit as a Stud Dog and her son Atreyu in his debut litter here has produced 2 Group winners from the 2 pups! Her daughter Star has already produced a multi Group winner in her debut litter and Star’s second litter we consider to be better! We could say a lot more about this once in a lifetime homebred bitch but her legacy will live on through our breeding program with it being built around her more as the years progress, and her descendants will continue to do the talking.....

At 7 years of age Pop is now retired from everything but occupying her deserved spot on our bed and she will live out her very last breath with us. Thanks for the memories Poppit xx

22nd May 2017
Atreyu (SUPREME CH. Pomquest Neverending Story) has had his first big win at his new show home, Amesen Kennels, when yesterday handled by Brittany Farrell he won the Toy Group under a Toy Specialist judge before they proceeded to then go on to win BEST IN SHOW, his career #14 BIS :) We are so pleased that Atreyu has settled very well with his new family and able to perform at his best! Of course his debut BIS rosette in South Australia just had to be PURPLE which is the colour for both Pomquest and Amesen :) Michael Camac made it a double celebration on the day when Elton (SUPREME CH. Amesen All About Me) won RUBIS..... Happy Days!


2nd May 2017
An exciting new era has recently started with our current leading show dog Atreyu (and current Australia #1 Toy Dog) joining one of Australia's leading show homes in Amesen Kennels of South Australia. The highly experienced and respected Amesen Team of Michael Camac, Ian Glen and Brittany Farrell look forward to campaigning Atreyu alongside their very best Lhasa Apso's! We travelled to SA to introduce Atreyu to everybody and we came away comfortable that he is in the very best of care :)  Atreyu is clearly still a happy boy with his new family as in his first show weekend out handled by Ian Glen he wins a BEST IN GROUP! We look forward to hearing of many more successes ahead and hope that it is the beginning of a great ongoing friendship.

18th April 2017
On the Easter weekend we split our team across two States with Sandy flying to Sydney for the Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty and Brett travelling to the International Show Cluster at Bundaberg, with nice results achieved at both locations :) This Specialty was to be the last ever show appearance for our girl Pop (SUP CH Pomquest Dare To Dream) who has recently turned 7 years old and she went out on a high winning her 3rd Bitch Challenge award at the Specialty! Pomquest Poms results under judge Mr W.Thio (Philippines) were:

  • CH Pomquest Y So Serious - 1st Intermediate Dog, Best Opposite Intermediate in Show
  • SUP CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune - 2nd Open Dog
  • CH Pomquest Wildest Dreams - 1st Intermediate Bitch, Best Intermediate in Show
  • CH Pomquest Vagabondheart - 2nd Intermediate Bitch
  • CH Pomquest Queen Of Dragons - 2nd Australian Bred Bitch
  • SUP CH Pomquest Dare To Dream - 1st Open Bitch, Bitch Challenge, Runner Up Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex in Show, Best Open in Show, Best Veteran.

Meanwhile our current show team flag bearer Atreyu (SUP CH Pomquest Neverending Story) had his first real test this year in some of QLD's largest and most hotly contested shows. Atreyu dominated the Toy ring winning 4 x Best in Groups and on to 4 x Best Australian Bred in Shows, a BEST IN SHOW (his career BIS #13) and a R/U BEST IN SHOW. At the completion of these shows Atreyu became the current #1 Toy Dog in Australia so far this year although having only been sparingly shown. Time will tell whether he can now match his illustrious father Richie's 2014 achievement and be at that position at the end of 2017.....

28th March 2017
Last weekend was a new first for POMQUEST... the first time ever that we have had 3 different homebred Poms win Best in Group all on the one day. We have had 2 different Poms both winning the Group on the same day a number of times but this is the first time for 3 and we are very proud breeders! Supreme Ch. Pomquest Fame N Fortune won BEST IN GROUP at Beaudesert Kennel Club, Supreme Ch. Pomquest Neverending Story won BEST IN GROUP at Goomeri Show Society and Ch. Pomquest Y So Serious (with Rhiannon Walsh in New South Wales) won BEST IN GROUP at Cumnock Show Society.

20th January 2017
We would like to send out a big congratulations to Fay Harris with her boy Cyrus (CH Pomquest X Factor) being Australia's #1 Pomeranian Rising Star for 2016 in the National Dogzonline Pointscore. Cyrus is Fay's first ever Pomeranian and she has done a wonderful job with this youngster winning Best in Group and mulitple Class in Show awards during the year. We are very proud of what you both have achieved and wish you the best for his future career.

Also Pomquest Pomeranians finished as the #1 Pomeranian Breeder in Australia for 2016 making it the 5th consecutive year we have achieved this award :) In finishing as the #4 Toy Dog Breeder it is now the 3rd time we have been a Top 5 Toy Breeder in Australia and we are very proud of our breeding program being recognized in such good company.

20th December 2016
Another show year has drawn to a close and once again we are very pleased with our Poms achievements in 2016 and our goals set were achieved. The stars for the year were Atreyu who has matured now in to an exciting show dog ready for a 2017 campaign and Topaz who came out for a short but amazingly successful farewell tour. Some year highlights are:

  • Atreyu attaining his Supreme Champion title (our 4th homebred Sup.Ch).
  • Atreyu winning 10 x All Breeds BEST IN SHOW for the year (most by any Pom in Aust for 2016).
  • Topaz winning BOB at Brisbane Royal, BIS at Toy Dog Club of QLD & BISS at Pomeranian Club of NSW.
  • Having 3 of our 2015 puppies win Groups for their new owners Cyrus, Joker & Shakira.
  • Having 7 Pomquest Poms win Groups during the year with Richie, Topaz, Atreyu, Prince, Cyrus, Joker & Shakira.​
  • Having 8 new Champions (our most in a year ever) with Juke, Shakira, Cyrus, Gypsy, Uno, Taylor, Annie & Joker.

Dogzonline results for 2016 are not finalised but it would appear that our Rising Star and Breeder goals have been achieved :)

We would like to wish all friends and owners of Pomquest Poms a wonderful Christmas and happy, healthy & successful 2017.

2nd December 2016
Another first for Pomquest with our newest SUPREME CHAMPION Atreyu becoming the first Pomeranian to have both parents also as Supreme Champions and even better that ALL of the 3 are Pomquest homebreds! We are very proud breeders to have bred and shown each of Richie, Pop and now their son Atreyu to Sup Ch titles :) At this time Pomquest currently has bred the most Sup Ch's (4) of any Pom breeder and has shown the most Sup Ch's (5) to their title than any other Pom show home.  Atreyu finished his title in style with a Best in Group win to add to his record of 28 x Best in Groups and 11 x BEST IN SHOW's! We always had a very high opinion of Atreyu from a mere baby and it has been wonderful to have watched him mature and go on to fulfil his immense potential. Atreyu has had a very successful year in 2016 with only moderate showing and on attaining this milestone he has now earnt his rest before coming back out sometime in 2017.....

10th November 2016
The benefits of bringing a promising show dog along slowly are starting to pay off now with Atreyu (CH Pomquest Neverending Story) as he is maturing into a beautiful representation of the breed and he is starting to show more predictably. In his last 5 show ring appearances he has won 4 consecutive All Breeds BEST IN SHOW's followed by a R/U BEST IN SHOW so am extremely pleased with him equalling what his remarkable sire Richie had done twice as a show dog, ie win 4 consecutive BISA. Atreyu is now on the home straight to his Supreme Championship and when that milestone has been achieved we will then consider his showing future but as he is only 2.5yo and just coming towards his prime he will likely by campaigned next year and allow him to fulfil his great potential.

Also recently we have had some exciting new litters arrive from full sisters Star and Dany. Both of these litters are sired by or young stud Juke and these matings are the culmination of 6 years in the making and represent all of our key foundation dogs Merlin, Salem and Jontu and bitches Fizz, C'mon and Bubbla. In addition these matings have all of our homebred Supreme Champions Richie, Topaz and Pop in the pedigree for the first time ever so we will watch these puppies show careers with great interest.

12th September 2016
A special milestone has been acheived this past weekend with Atreyu (CH Pomquest Neverending Story) winning his 5th All Breeds BEST IN SHOW which in the process became our 50th BISA win since we started showing dogs in 2007. Our first ever BIS was with Merlin in 2010, then with his litter brother Salem in 2011, followed later that year by his son Richie who became our first homebred BIS winner. Since then we also have had BIS wins with Topaz, Jontu, Atreyu and Pop. Thank you to all the judges who have awarded their highest honour to them and thanks to each of these great Poms for such wonderful memories :) The very pleasing thing with Atreyu is that he represents 3 generations of our BIS winners with both his sire Richie and dam Pop both being BIS winners and then also his 2 grandsires Salem and Merlin also. Hopefully Atreyu can also produce us a BIS winner one day in keeping with his name "Neverending Story".....

30th August 2016

So the final curtain has now drawn on the show career of Topaz (SUPREME CH. POMQUEST ENVY THIS) and she finished in the best way possible in winning BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW at the Pomeranian Club of NSW Championship Show. She had previoulsy been a 3 times winner of Bitch Challenge at Australia's only Breed Specialty Show before having her 2 litters but this time she was also able to finish ahead of a very strong lineup of multi BIS winning males to win BISS. The judge saying "she gave me goosebumps" captures just how this special girl was in the ring on days when had her dancing shoes on :) Was so glad she did it once again on her farewell appearance before her retirement from both showing and breeding.

There was a strong Pomquest team shown at the Specialty and once again very pleased with the consistent results summarised below:

  • Joker (co-owned with Rhiannon Walsh) - 2nd Puppy Dog, Best Head.
  • Cyrus (co-owned with Fay Harris) - 1st Junior Dog, Best Opposite Junior in Show, Best Coat.
  • Digger (owned by Vicky Spiteri) - 2nd Junior Dog
  • Juke (co-owned with Sue Morris) - 1st Intermediate Dog, BEST INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW.
  • Atreyu - 1st Australian Bred Dog, Reserve Dog Challenge, BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW.
  • Richie - 2nd Open Dog.
  • Annie (owned by Gaurav Malik) - 2nd Puppy Bitch.
  • Taylor - 1st Junior Bitch, BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW.
  • Star - 1st Intermediate Bitch, Best Opposite Intermediate in Show.
  • Pop - 1st Australian Bred Bitch, Best Opposite Australian Bred in Show.
  • Topaz - 1st Open Bitch, Bitch Challenge, BEST IN SHOW, BEST OPEN IN SHOW.

Unlike past years we were only able to stay for the first of the three All Breeds Shows at the following Dogs NSW International Spring Fair but that single show still had a great result with Atreyu winning Australian Bred in Group then went on to BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW :)

18th August 2016
The Royal Queensland Show has been done and dusted for another year and Topaz came home the winner of Best of Breed in her first show ring appearance since March. This is the 8th succesive year a Pomquest owned or bred Pom has won BOB at this prestigous event. Topaz has won Bitch Challenge at 6 different Royal Shows before but this was the first time she has been able to take BOB over the male winner. To add to the shows success our young girl Taylor went on to win Best Puppy in Group! She has been lightly shown and we were very pleased with how she handled the noisy and distracting atmosphere. Hopefully she will go on to bigger things now as she is coating up.

Following the Royal Show was the Toy Dog Specialty and under world renown breeder/judge Mrs C.Emija (Japan) Topaz won another strong BOB award then on to win BEST IN SHOW. Topaz is 6 years old this month and this exact same 3 show years ago she won R/U BEST IN SHOW before going on to have 2 litters so she still has it! She now only has one final show now before retirement where she will do a farewell appearance at the Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty at which she has previously won the Bitch Challenge 3 times. Win or lose will just enjoy the experience of her on the lead for the final time.....

13th July 2016
Have been doing somewhat limited showing lately but had a lovely trip recently to ACT/NSW to compete in the inaugural Advance Dogs ACT International Extravaganza. This event was attractive for many reasons, to compete indoors on carpet, show under a breed specialist, attend the Advance Breeders of Distinction evening and compete in the 'Amish Challenge' for breeder/owner handled dogs. Was just Brett and Atreyu on this trip and very pleased with how Atreyu handled himself indoors winning a competitive BOB and Group 2nd under breeder judge Mr D Kwee (Indonesia, Amazing Grace Pomeranians) and also making way through to final of the Amish Challenge. On the Sunday came home via Sydney and had the opportunity to see a number of Pomquest Poms with others there too making it a very worthwhile trip :) After no shows again for 3 weeks we will be back in to the show ring in earnest and preparing for a busy August with the Royal Brisbane Show, QLD Toy Specialty and the NSW Breed Specialty.

26th April 2016
What a great return to the show ring last weekend for Sandy (and Richie) with him winning a strong Best in Group award but then when Sandy goes and brings Pop in the Group ring as the RUBOB to Richie she then wins Runner Up Best in Group too! Having the same breed winning the BIG and RUBIG double is very rare so it was a wonderful moment! This is now the third time we have had a Pomquest BIG/RUBIG double in our few years breeding/showing and something that as a breeder/exhibitor we are very proud of. On each of the 3 occasions it has been Richie as the BIG winer with Dollar, Topaz and now Pop being the RUBIG winners behind him. Richie and Pop have made a habit of winning together having won the BIS/RUBIS double at both of the Specialties last year and this unique win is a great memory to have of them both in the twilight of their show careers being 5.5yo and 6yo.

1st April 2016
Well this year we intended giving our young boy Atreyu his opportunity to shine whilst his dad Richie took a further step back from showing and after a handful of shows this year he has already lived up to his potential in winning back-to-back BEST IN SHOW's! Atreyu was only very lightly shown last year as he was always very playful in the ring so we just wanted to let him mature before pushing him too much. He continued on his good form after his double BIS when 2 weeks later winning 3x Best in Groups and 2x Best Australian Bred in Shows under International judges :)  This lovely typey and sound boy (OFA 0/0) will become our show team flag bearer now in 2016, living up to his name Pomquest Neverending Story.....

14th February 2016
Following on from the overseas news with Prince, today we received news from Bonnie Stetson in the USA that Johnnie won a Breed Specialty (Pomeranian Club of Central Indiana). Bonnie's "dog from down under" will be stepping out next month in the APC National Specialty Top20 event also which is another nice achievement from his limited showing. So very pleased that our first 2 exported Poms ever have both done well for their owners :)

12th February 2016
It was nice to receive in the mail today a certificate from Ruth Hennessy in New Zealand for Prince winning #1 Pomeranian Show Dog in All Breeds Competition in 2015 :) BIS RUBISS NZ CH. / AUST. CH. Pomquest Purple Rain (NZ) was only shown for 6 weeks so it was a great result to achieve that and big congratulations to Prince's owner Ruth and all those that helped handle Prince when was needed. We wish Ruth well with him for 2016 and also your first puppies sired by Prince.

22nd January 2016
Well the Dogzonline National Pointscore results are final and we are very proud that once again Pomquest Pomernanians is the #1 Pomeranian Breeder in Australia in the ADVANCE® Breeder Of The Year Competition, now for the 4th consecutive year! What made 2015 extra special was also being ranked as #2 TOY BREEDER IN AUSTRALIA and achieving our goal of being in the Top 5 for the year. It was another great team effort and we sincerely thank everybody who contributed in earnning points and thank all the judges who recognized the quality and correct breed type of our Poms :)

In addition to the Breeder award we were also very pleased that although effectively not being shown for 3-4 months of the year (whilst concentrating on attaining Pop's Supreme Championship) that Richie still managed to be the #1 Toy Dog in Queensland for the second year and in doing so he was also the #4 Show Dog of All Breeds in QLD, making him a Top 5 Show Dog in the State for 4 consecutive years! For an owner/breeder handled Toy Dog to consistently be in the top handful of dogs in All Breeds competition for 4 years really is a remarkable achievement and one that we are most proud of.

31st December 2015
Well another year has drawn to a close and it has been another super year on our Pomquest journey with ALL of our 2015 goals we set being achieved. After campaigning Richie exclusively in 2014 to be #1 Toy Dog in Australia and #1 All Breeds in Queensland our primary goal this year was for Pop to attain her Supreme Championship title and she did it in style with 3x BEST IN SHOW wins, unlike others that only do it with 10x Groups. We felt she really deserved to get this award after a number of setbacks and litters interrupting her show career and we were determined that she got there! Our second goal was for Richie to reach 100x Group wins which he did (finishing the year on 106) and now he can be retired as and when we (and he) choose. The next goal was for him to win another BISS and Richie certainly delivered there winning BOTH the Specialties in 2015 and in doing so equal the record or 4 BISS wins at Australia's only Breed Club :) The next goal was for us to qualify 4 Poms for Queenslands Dog of the Year Finals and we actually qualified a record 5! Our final goal for the year is not yet official but we aimed to finish as a Top 5 Toy Breeder for 2015 and as of writing Pomquest is currently the #2 Toy Breeder in Australia so that goal also looks safely achieved :) We take great pride in having a homebred show team with many dogs being able to compete at the highest level and that was demonstrated again with Richie, Pop, Atreyu and Prince (in NZ) all winning BIS's in 2015. Richie winning 9x BIS for the year, being the leading BIS winner in the breed for the year in Australia (he now has a total of 35, 2nd most in history for the breed here) and Pop with her 3x BIS's won the second most for the year in the breed.....

What goals will we set for 2016? Well we will have a lot of youngsters out and about in show homes across the country so we intend to sit back somewhat and watch what they can do and wish all the new owners and/or exhibitors of them the best of luck! We will continue to selectively show Richie in 2016 but will allow his promising BIS winning son Atreyu the chance to take over as our flag bearer as the year progresses. Happy New Year!

16th November 2015
Another new milestone for Pomquest with our first ever overseas BEST IN SHOW winner! Last month our young boy Prince (pictured below) was exported to New Zealand to his new owner Ruth Hennessey and in just 9 shows he attained his NZ CH title (need a minimum of 8) winning multiple Best in Group and Junior in Show awards on the way. The day after attaining his championship Prince went and won an All Breeds BEST IN SHOW! Ruth waited 3 years for a Pom from us so we are very pleased that Ruth has had this success as reward for her patience. We are also thankful to her friend Debbie Hull (pictured) in handling Prince when Ruth cannot. It was quite an amazing weekend for us as Richie also won a BIS (his 2nd in 2 weeks and his 35th BIS) making it a 2 country BIS double! After 2x BIS and 2x RUBIS in the last 3 weeks for Richie it seems that our old boy is not quite a has been as some may think LOL :D

3rd November 2015
A lovely night was had at the recent QLD Dog Of The Year Finals where we had a record 5 qualifiers with our homebreds Richie, Pop, Atreyu and Star and our import Jontu. On the night we only showed Richie and his son Atreyu and although did not meet with success ourselves we enjoyed the evening with friends and being able to cheer on others on the way through the finals.

5th October 2015
A goosebumps moment today when our very special boy Richie won his 100th BEST IN GROUP! A rarity for any showdog to ever achieve such a milestone and we are even more proud having done it all ourselves with firstly breeding Richie and then owner handling him between us for his entire show career :) Richie turns 5yo this month and with him now having achieved everything we ever possibly wanted he will be retired whenever he tells us that it is time, but for now will continue enjoying our remaining time with him whilst he himself is still having fun when being shown lightly...

Also this weekend we debuted what we think could be our next show ring star! Uno (Pomquest Uno U Want Me) hit the ring with a bang by winning Best Baby Puppy in Show under an International judge and we look forward to an exciting future with him :)

8th September 2015
We ventured to Sydney once again for the bi-annual Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty Show and the Dogs NSW Spring Fair late last month and could not be more pleased with our results :) In the Specialty Show we had a repeat of the clean sweep of the Challenges that we did in March with Richie again winning BEST IN SHOW and Pop winning R/U BEST IN SHOW, that followed up with us also clean sweeping the Challenges at the 3 subsequent All Breeds Shows with Richie, Pop, Atreyu and Topaz sharing the wins between them! Pomquest was again clearly the most successful kennel from a lineup of 58 Pomeranians and were very proud of the results of Poms bred and/or owned by us:

  • Juke - 1st Puppy Dog & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW
  • Jaime - 2nd Puppy Dog
  • Prince - 1st Junior Dog & Best Opposite Junior in Show *shown by Rhiannon Walsh
  • Benji - 3rd Intermediate Dog (from class of 8) *owned/shown by Sue Morris
  • Atreyu - 1st Australian Bred Dog & Best Opposite Australian Bred in Show
  • Richie - 1st Open Dog, Dog Challenge, BEST IN SHOW & BEST OPEN IN SHOW
  • Rocket - 1st Neuter Dog & BEST NEUTER IN SHOW *owned/shown by Rhiannon Walsh
  • Daenerys - 2nd Puppy Bitch *shown by Rhiannon Walsh
  • Star - 1st Junior Bitch & BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW
  • Pop - 1st Australian Bred Bitch, Bitch Challenge, R/U BEST IN SHOW & BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW
  • Topaz - 1st Open Bitch, Reserve Bitch Challenge & Best Opposite Open in Show
  • PK - 1st Neuter Bitch & Best Opposite Neuter in Show *owned/shown by Sue Morris
  • Fizz - 1st Veteran Sweepstakes

This BISS win by Richie (picture below) became his 4th success at this show and in doing so equalled the record first set back in the 1970's. It will be a long time, if ever, that this record is equalled or bettered and will become an enduring recognition of Richie's outstanding quality.

Prior to going to Sydney Richie won his 3rd Best of Breed at the Brisbane Royal Show and on return from Sydney won a large RUBIS so after having only been shown lightly for the first half of 2015 he is certainly in good form to go on with for the balance of the year :)

20th July 2015
Last weekend was a very special one for us when our girl Pop (CH Pomquest Dare To Dream) earned her last points to be eligible for the award of SUPREME CHAMPION! We have been focussed on showing Pop these last few months to try and attain this prestigous title with her between litters. Since returning to the show ring in late March she has won 5x R/U Best in Group's, 5x Best in Group's and 3x BEST IN SHOW's and easily being the best performed Pomeranian bitch in Australia this year. Pop has had a very interrupted show career, firstly with a severely broken leg, then later being in ICU for 3 weeks and then having had 3 litters for us so she has taken her time to get there but she now becomes one of only three Pomeranian bitches in Australia to ever attain this award. One of the other bitches is our girl Topaz (SUP CH Pomquest Envy This) so this now makes our foundation stud Merlin (SUP CH Winterspell Wizard) not just the only Sup Ch to ever also produce a Sup Ch, but also now the only stud dog to ever produce 2x Sup Ch's! Having 2 of the 3 Sup Ch bitches in the country is something we are very proud of and given the difficulty for bitches to attain the Sup Ch title we don't expect there to be another for some time...

29th June 2015
Well we are half way through the show year now and although we have been showing on a more limited basis this year compared to 2014 due to getting married, moving home, changing jobs etc, as a breeder our show team still leads the way in Australia for the breed having won a total of 21 Best in Group wins from 4 different Poms all bred and owner handled by us. The latest being our young girl Star (CH Pomquest Now N Forever, pictured below) winning her debut Best in Group and then going on to R/U BEST IN SHOW. Our strike rate in the BIS ring continues to be very high with over half of those 21 Group wins going on to win BIS (9) or RUBIS (4). At the years half way point we have already achieved some of our 2015 goals and all others well on track, Richie has won his 3rd BISS (needed to win 1 of the 2 this year) and is at 94 Group wins (aiming for 100), we have qualified a record 5 Poms for QLD Dog of the Year (aimed for 4), Pop is very close to her Supreme Champion title (only needs 29 more points) and we are currently sitting at 6th place on Toy Breeder national leaderboard (aiming for 5th). We have quite a number of litters now planned over the coming months so our showing will continue to be somewhat limited but hopefully will still close out our remaining goals for 2015 :)

18th May 2015
On the weekend our girl Pop (CH Pomquest Dare to Dream) maintained her great recent form by winning a double of Best in Group awards with the second of them having her successfully go on to win another BEST IN SHOW, making it 3x BIS in 2 weeks! Pop is now on the final countdown to hopefully attaining her Supreme Champion title, which is our current goal in the show ring.

We have also recently received the judges critiques given by Mr Christian Jouanchicot (France) for the Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty for our 4 dogs shown, as follows:

OPEN DOG Exhibit 35
Correct bite. Nice head. Excellent ears and expression and eye shape and colour. Correct muzzle. Excellent short body and tail set. Correct rear. Excellent front and feet. Excellent coat. Excellent mover.

OPEN BITCH Exhibit 54
Excellent bite. Nice typical head. Excellent muzzle, eyes and ears. Excellent body and tail set. Excellent front and chest. Excellent mover.

Very good bite. Very nice head with excellent expression. Correct muzzle – excellent eyes and ears. Excellent short body and tail set. Correct front. Excellent coat. Excellent mover.

PUPPY DOG Exhibit 14
Correct bite. Nice head with good proportions and dark eyes. Excellent body. Correct tail. Little bit straight behind. Excellent mover.

We are very proud of the critiques for each of our Poms shown with the consistent quality being reflected in their results on the day :D

5th May 2015
We are very proud to announce that last weekend our girl Pop (CH Pomquest Dare To Dream) won her debut BEST IN SHOW (All Breeds), then the next day she went and made it a double of BIS wins!  It has been a super 2015 so far for Pomquest BREEDER OWNED AND HANDLED Poms, with our team having 3 different BIS winners this year with Richie (5x BIS), Pop (2x BIS) and Atreyu (1x BIS). This has set another new record with us now having 4 Poms qualify for this years QLD Dog of the Year Finals, where Jontu will also join Richie, Pop and Atreyu on the night. Pop has had a very interrupted show career over the years, having had a broken leg, been in intensive care, had 3 litters etc so we are now giving Pop her deserved chance to shine and are concentrating on showing her with Richie now in semi-retirement and Atreyu having a break to mature after attaining his Champion title.

Pop becomes our 7th All Breeds BEST IN SHOW winning Pom since we first ever started showing dogs back in just 2007. Significantly Pop won her debut BIS on the same weekend that 5 years earlier her sire Merlin had won our first ever BIS :) These Poms below have won a combined 40 x BISA wins between them during those 5 fantastic years! How time flys when you are having fun :D

  • SUPREME CH Winterspell Wizard (3)
  • CH Winterspell Warlock (1)
  • SUPREME CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune (30)
  • SUPREME CH Pomquest Envy This (2)
  • CAN CH Debonne's Sexy In A Box (1)
  • CH Pomquest Neverending Story (1)
  • CH Pomquest Dare To Dream (2)

In addition to those 40 x BISA wins, we have also bred and/or owned the following 8 x Runner Up BIS winners of a combined 24 x RUBIS wins between them during that time:

  • CH Soffies C'mon (imp DEN) (1)
  • CH Winterspell Warlock (1)
  • CH Luarts Double Jeopardy (1)
  • SUPREME CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune (16)
  • SUPREME CH Pomquest Envy This (2)
  • CH Pomquest Ja Dore Papa (1)
  • AM GCH / CH Pomquest Keep Livin The Dream (1)
  • CH Pomquest Neverending Story (1)

20th April 2015
Another successful trip to Sydney is done and dusted and we came home very satisfied with our teams performance :) In the warm up outing at the Royal Easter Show we had Pop win the Bitch Challenge and Richie win a tough Open Dog class then on to Reserve Dog Challenge.  In the main event for us at the Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty, in spite of the wet unsuitable conditions we were very pleased to have Richie record his 3rd BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW and also have Pop break through for her debut Bitch Challenge there (she has previously been Reserve Bitch Challenge 4 times!) and then her also be Runner Up BISS. Summary of our team show results there:

  • Richie (SUPREME CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune) - Dog Challenge, BEST IN SHOW, Best Open in Show.
  • Pop (CH Pomquest Dare To Dream) - Bitch Challenge, Runner Up BEST IN SHOW, Best Opposite Sex in Show.
  • Prince (Pomquest Purple Rain) - Best Puppy in Show.
  • Atreyu (Pomquest Neverending Story) - Best Australian Bred in Show.
  • Rocket (CH Pomquest Grand Dreams, owned/handled by Rhiannon Walsh) - Best Neuter in Show.


17th March 2015
Johnnie (Am GCh / Aust Ch Pomquest Keep Livin The Dream) has come out in the USA for the first time in 2015 and started proceedings off with a nice Group 2nd placing on his first show weekend. His first born son Billy (Foxwudz Imagine The Possibilities) also debuted that weekend with a nice double of 4 point majors winning Best Of Winners both shows. We are very pleased for Bonnie Stetson (Johnnie's owner and breeder of Billy) who is very excited with her promising puppies sired by Johnnie and we look forward to watching their show careers.

15th February 2015
The start of a new era with Pomquest last night with our 3rd generation of BEST IN SHOW winners! Atreyu (Pomquest Neverending Story) wins his debut BIS at only 9 months of age, following in the footsteps of his BIS winning sire Richie and his BIS winning sire Salem. Atreyu becomes our 3rd homebred All Breeds BIS winner and our 6th BIS winner overall.


30th January 2015
The 2014 Dogzonline Pointscore results have been finalized and we are VERY proud to announce that our flag bearer Richie (SUP CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune) has finished the year as:

  • #1 Pomeranian of All Breeds in Australia (2nd time)
  • #1 Pomeranian for Breed Challenge in Australia (4th time)
  • #1 Toy Dog in Queensland (#2 in 2012 & 2013)
  • #1 Toy Dog in Australia (#4 in 2013, #9 in 2012)
  • #1 All Breeds in Queensland (#3 in 2013, #4 in 2012)

For Richie to have been a Top 5 Show Dog in the State for 3 years in a row has been tremendous but reaching the pinnacle for a Toy Dog in Australia last year is a success we will always treasure! Thank you to the many judges who have recognized Richie's outstanding qualities in 2014 leading to this award :)

Special mention to other Pomquest Poms featuring in the annual pointscore results:

Johnnie (AM GCH / AUST CH Pomquest Keep Livin The Dream (USA))

  •  #3 Pomeranian of All Breeds in Australia (from only 6 shows in 2014)

Piper (CH Pomquest Magic Happens)

  • #4 Pomeranian Rising Star in Australia

Dollar (CH Pomquest Ja Dore Papa)

  • #1 Pomeranian Neuter in Australia

Pomquest also again finished as the #1 Pomeranian Breeder in the ADVANCE® Breeder Of The Year Competition and we would like to thank all those who contributed to the result making it 3 consecutive years as Australia's most successful Pomeranian breeder.

Although we will show Richie more sparingly in 2015 and instead concentrate on showing our promising youngsters sired by Richie and Jontu, the year has already started off with a bang with Richie having won 5 x BEST IN SHOW's in January with 4 of them in one weekend of showing! We intend to continue showing Richie through to his 3rd consecutive Dog Of The Year Finals appearance in October before reconsidering his future and possible retirement, hopefully we can still tick off a few more goals for him along the way though :)

27th December 2014
The year is drawing to a close and it has been another very successful year for us in particular with our flag bearer Richie. After he had finished as the #2 Toy in Queensland for each of the last two years our only goal for the year was to go one better and it has certainly been mission accomplished with him clearly being the leading Toy in the State for 2014 :) There is only just the New Years Eve show in QLD in December but at the last shows held in November under an International panel Richie again showed his class winning both Toy Groups from the two times shown. The first Group win was under breed specialist judge Mr Christian Galvez of Molina Pomeranians in Bolivia, then after the second Group win Richie went on to win his 25th BEST IN SHOW! This was the 5th time this year Richie has won a Toy Group under a breed specialist judge and it was the 4th time this year that he has won a BIS under an International judging panel, a record we are very proud of :)

17th November 2014
It has been a very exciting and successful recent few weeks for us in the show ring! Firstly at the QLD Puppy & Dog of the Year Finals we had young Phoebe representing us in Puppy of the Year and then Richie in Dog of the Year (Johnnie also had qualified before export to the USA). On the big night Richie did us very proud in winning his way through a tough draw to be a Quarter Finalist (Top 8) in this prestigious event, beaten by the eventual winner though still getting one vote from the 3 judges. The next day Richie won BEST IN SHOW in the accompanying Dog of the Year Support Show and on the way what was his 22nd BIS he won the Toy Group under breed specialist Dr Dome (Pak-Dome Pomeranians of Thailand), his 4th Group win under a breed specialist this year!

We decided to give Richie a short break to freshen up and instead showed our imported stud dog Jontu and in only his 6th show ring appearance in Australia the 6 year old boy strutted around the ring like a puppy and won an All Breeds BEST IN SHOW! Cannot say how pleased we were for him to do this and he certainly made his breeder Dewayne Ward extremely proud. He won't get shown again until the cooler months next year when will look to finish his Australian Championship title.

Not to be outdone, Richie comes out the following weekend and wins back-to-back BEST IN SHOW's (number #23 & #24), being the 6th time in his show career that he has won 2 or more consecutive BIS awards! 

15th October 2014
We have been doing a major refresh on our website and consequently have not done a news update for sometime so have a LOT to catch up on! In August we had the Royal Queensland Show and it was the 6th consecutive year that one of our Poms owned and/or bred have won the Best Of Breed and this year it was Ebony Russell's girl Possum (CH Pomquest Impossible Dream). This was the first significant win in Ebony's early show years and we were very happy to see her and Possum succeed :) Also at this show we had Dollar (CH Pomquest Ja Dore Papa) win our first Royal class in show with him winning Best Neuter In Show, pictured below:





August really was a month for breakthrough wins as Rhiannon Walsh also had her first significant show win winning Best in Group with Rocket (CH Pomquest Grand Dreams) under an International judge in Sydney in tough competition:

On to the Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty Show and there were three Pomquest Poms win classes in show:

  • Pomquest Neverending Story (Atreyu) won Best Baby Puppy in Show
  • Pomquest Magic Happens (Piper) won Best Puppy in Show
  • CH Pomquest Impossible Dream (Possum) won Best Intermediate in Show

Also at the following Dogs NSW International Spring Fair Shows we had Richie win a great R/U Best in Group, Prince win a Best Baby Puppy in Group and Dollar win another Best Neuter in Show! This was Dollar's last ever show ring appearance and he is now competing in performance sports with trainer Selby Wright.

During the last 3 months we have had our youngsters doing very well with both Star (Pomquest Now N Forever) and Prince (Pomquest Purple Rain) each winning multiple Best Baby Puppy in Shows and we hope they continue on with promising futures in the show ring. Also young Pheobe (Pomquest Make A Wish) was being shown by Chris & Cassie Hatfield for us in Central QLD were she has done exceptionally well winning 3 x Best In Group and becoming the first Champion for our imported stud Jontu. Pheobe also has been a multiple qualifier for the QLD Puppy Of The Year and she will be coming back to us after the POTY Finals.

Richie has continued to be the dominant dog in the Toy Group in QLD, recently winning his 75th Best in Group (28th for 2014 so far) and his 21st All Breeds BEST IN SHOW. The QLD Dog Of The Year Finals are in two weeks and we look forward to be proudly stepping Richie out again for the 2nd consecutive year and he is already qualified for the 2015 Finals!

Last but not least we are proud to announce our first ever American Champion and American Grand Champion :) Johnnie (AM GCH / AUST CH Pomquest Keep Livin The Dream (USA)) had only been shown sparingly to complete his Championship title for his handler Maynard Wood then went on to attain his Grand Championship just 7 shows later! Johnnie has already had multiple Group placements but he will not be campaigned until 2015 and we wish his owner Bonnie Stetson the best with him and also the promising puppies she has sired by Johnnie.

Johnnie in the USA with his handler Maynard Wood.

8th July 2014
After a coat blow in May for Richie and an associated quiet time showing, his wonderful year now continues with a bang by winning 5 consecutive Groups over 2 weeks including a Runner Up BEST IN SHOW win under breed specialist judge Ms E Thomas (NSW) and then the following week winning BEST IN SHOW #20 under a full International judging panel, also including a breed specialist! At the Beenleigh & District Kennel Club Championship Show he was firstly awarded the Best Exhibit in Toy Group by breeder judge Mr D Kwee (Indonesia) of Amazing Grace Pomeranians and then went on to be awarded BIS by judge Mrs C Haller (Canada). At the half way point of the year Richie sits as the #1 Show Dog of All Breeds in QLD so he is definitely doing us proud :oD

Richies pleasing wins under international judges Mr D Kwee (Indonesia) and Mrs C Haller (Canada).

12th May 2014
What a great run this last 4 weeks has been for Richie, a week after his 2nd BISS he then wins an All Breeds BEST IN SHOW, wins another a week later and then a week later he wins another bringing his career total to 19 x All Breeds Championship Shows! Many thanks to all the judges who have awarded his quality breed type. He is such a pleasure to show and we are so proud to have bred him :)


BEST IN SHOW #17, #18 & #19 for SUP CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune with judges Ms Y.Meintjes (NSW), Mrs S.Tringham (QLD) & Mr W.Smith (QLD).

22nd April 2014
Very proud of our boy Richie (SUP CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune) to have had the honour of being awarded as the BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW winner by judge Mr Toby Tangkaravakun of famous Tokie Pomeranians kennel in Thailand for the 111th Championship Show of the Pomeranian Club of NSW. Thanks to the Committee, judge, steward, sponsors and all who helped in putting on yet another lovely Club show and the good sportsmanship of all exhibitors :)


Back-to back breeder/owner/handler Specialty wins for Richie, this time under respected International breeder/exhibitor judge Toby Tangkaravakun :)

6th April 2014
Richie (SUP CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune) today won his 10th Toy Group for 2014 out of only 15 shows that he has been exhibited in this year! It has been a super start to the year for him that has also included winning a BEST IN SHOW plus 3 times RUBIS so we could not be happier :)  It is now less than 2 weeks until the Pomeranian Club of NSW Bi-annual Specialty Show and we will only have a show team small in number this time but look forward to the quick fly in/out trip and the rare opportunity to show to an International Pomeranian Breeder Judge.....




4th April 2014

March saw us travelling to the USA once more to attend the APC National Specialty at Kentucky for the third time now, however this year we were accompanied by a Pom for the first time :) Our youngster Johnnie was shown by us at the National as well as at some lead up shows at Tennessee and then he remained in the USA for his new owner Bonnie Stetson (Foxwudz Poms) in the care of Johnnie's handler Maynard Wood. Although Johnnie was not in great coat coming from the midst of our Summer we were very pleased with how he performed and it was really a great personal experience to handle in the USA and especially so at the National. It was a nice "toe in the water" exercise for us and we will be better placed from the experience in all aspects when we are ready to take over our next one. At the 3 shows that Johnnie competed in before the National he was the Reserve Winners Dogs each time in a major, then after the National he was shown by Maynard for some familiarisation and was again RWD in a major for Maynard. Johnnie is being put away now for a few months until he is well coated up and based on the promise shown already we are hopeful that he should do well with Maynard later this year and wish him well for Bonnie :)   Although it was sad having to leave Johnnie behind we will hopefully be having siblings to him later this month as his dam Pop is carrying 3 puppies to our Richie in what will be a much anticipated litter for us. Pop recently went out of the show ring in style when she won a double of Best Australian Bred in Show awards at the Autumn Extravaganza Shows. Pop was the only Toy from the 4 shows under the International judging panel to progress through to win a class in show so we were very proud of her, especially with her doing it twice!






Johnnie at the APC National Specialty and Johnnie's dam Pop winning Australia Bred in Show at her last show before her pending 2nd litter



3rd February 2014
The National Dogzonline Pointscore results are finalized for 2013 and Pomquest again finished #1 in the Breeder of the Year Competition following on from similar success in 2012. Results for our individual dogs include:


Richie (SUP CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune)

  • #1 Pomeranian for All Breeds in Australia
  • #1 Pomeranian for Breed Challenge in Australia
  • #2 Toy Dog & #3 All Breeds in Queensland
  • #4 Toy Dog & #14 All Breeds in Australia

Johnnie (CH Pomquest Keep Livin The Dream)

  • #1 Pomeranian Rising Star in Australia
  • #2 Toy Rising Star in Queensland
  • #4 Toy Rising Star in Australia

Topaz (SUP CH Pomquest Envy This)

  • #4 Pomeranian for All Breeds in Australia (leading bitch)
  • #5 Pomeranian for Breed Challenge in Australia

​Pop (CH Pomquest Dare To Dream)

  • #3 Pomeranian for Breed Challenge in Australia (leading bitch)


Apart from the tremendously successful year for Richie, it was also the 3rd consecutive year that a Pomquest Pom has won the Rising Star Competition (Richie #1 in 2011, Dollar #1 in 2012 and Johnnie #1 in 2013) so we were very pleased with that too, though having done little breeding of recent time our stocks are quite bare in the Rising Star department for similar success in 2014, but time will tell.....
Proud of our repeat result for 2012 and 2013



30th December 2013

As 2013 now draws to a close we reflect on the past year as well as look to the future. We have had the good fortune to have a lot of success in our formative years as a exhibitor/breeder but this year certainly has been our most successful by far!  Our show team flag bearer Richie (SUP CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune) went from strength to strength in 2013 winning a remarkable 10 x All Breeds BEST IN SHOW wins during the year, bringing his career tally now to 15 x BISA at only just 3 years old. The highlight with Richie for the year though was when in August he fulfilled what we always knew he could do and put his name on the Roll of Honour for BEST IN SHOW winners at Australia’s only Breed Specialty Club. That will be forever an unforgettable day when our show team did a "clean sweep" of the Challenges with Richie winning DCC, Merlin winning RDCC, Topaz winning BCC and Pop winning RBCC. That made it the 3rd time that Topaz had won the Bitch Challenge, a record few bitches have had or will ever have. To top off that special day our rising star for the year Johnnie (CH Pomquest Keep Livin The Dream) won Best Puppy in Show to back up from his Best Baby Puppy in Show at the April Specialty. In Royal Shows we attended 2 during 2013 and we had Topaz successfully defend her Bitch Challenge title at Sydney Royal (making it a perfect record of 6 BCC from her 6 Royal Show appearances) and Richie successfully defend his Best of Breed title at Brisbane Royal. During the year we had the first ever parent and progeny Supreme Champions for the breed with both Merlin and his daughter Topaz attaining these titles in 2013. Some of our most pleasing wins for the year were actually when we were Runner Up in very good company, this included Topaz winning RUBIS at the QLD Toy Specialty in an entry of 301 Toys, Richie winning RUBIG at Dogs NSW Spring Fair in an entry of 267 Toys and Richie winning RUBIS at Caboolture Spring Spectacular in an entry of 1209 All Breeds. Another proud moment for us as breeders was when we had 3 homebreds qualify for the QLD Dog of the Year, a first for our breed and something rarely ever done with any breed. All up a year that will be hard to ever match! Thanks to all the judges that have recognized the quality of our Poms during the show year and also many thanks to those that have played a part in helping us fulfill our dreams :)




What comes for 2014? After a few quiet years now of breeding we have a number of litters planned so will take a bit of a step back from the show ring. Richie will continue to be shown though more limited during 2014, Johnnie is booked to be our first Pom go overseas, our show bitches will all be bred so only limited showing for them and this is the first year that we go in to without a young show prospect boy coming through so we fully expect to have a much quieter 2014 in the show ring, however we do plan to make 2015 another BIG ONE with our new class of 2014 hopefully starting to mirror the success of our class of 2010 (Richie, Topaz, Soda, Pop). Best wishes for everyone for the New Year :)
Our proudest moment for 2013, Breeders of BEST IN SHOW at the 110th Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty



28th October 2013

Last Saturday we were privileged to be able to participate in the annual QLD Dog & Puppy of the Year Finals. From the first year we attended as a spectator in 2007 it has always been an event we have looked forward to each year since and have been fortunate to have qualified a number of Poms over the last few years. This year was an EXTRAORDINARY year in that we had 3 of our homebred Poms qualify for Dog of the Year so was something for us to be VERY proud of being one of the few breeders to have ever achieved that! Our qualifers over the years have now been:




Sandy with Richie & Brett with Topaz at the QLD Dog of the Year Finals



16th September 2013

Fresh from our very successful trip away to the Pom Specialty last weekend was another trip away to remember! Of the 4 x All Breeds Championship Shows held at Bundaberg under a full panel of New Zealand judges we were fortunate to win the Toy Group in all 4 and win BEST IN SHOW in 3 :) Things started off great with Topaz winning the Group at the first show and in the process attaining her SUPREME CHAMPION title, then things only got better with Richie winning BIS in the following 3 shows. With another solid performance for our whole show team, Johnnie and Pop also both won 3 classes in Group each (Puppy & Australian Bred) so we most certainly came home smiling.....






Sandy and Richie with judge Mrs D Clark (NZ) and his back-to-back-to-back BEST IN SHOW rozettes




3rd September 2013

Well we are back home from our long trip to Sydney for the Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty held in conjunction with the Dogs NSW Spring Fair and what a trip to remember taking a clean sweep of the Challenges and Reserve Challenges! We were extremely proud to have Richie (SUP CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune handled by Sandy) add his name to Australia's only Breed Club's Roll of Honour as a BEST IN SHOW winner of the Specialty with an entry of 80 Pomeranians. Topaz (GR CH Pomquest Envy This handled by Brett) was awarded Runner Up BIS after having won the Bitch Challenge for the 3rd time. Full results of our Poms shown in the Specialty are:



  • Johnnie - 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy In Show
  • Merlin - 1st Australian Bred Dog, Reserve Dog Challenge, Best Opposite Australian Bred In Show, Best Parent & Offspring
  • Richie - 1st Open Dog, Dog Challenge, Best In Show, Best Open In Show
  • Dolly - 1st Intermediate Bitch, Best Opposite Intermediate In Show
  • Pop - 1st Australian Bred Bitch, Reserve Bitch Challenge, Best Australian Bred in Show
  • Topaz - 1st Open Bitch, Bitch Challenge, Runner Up Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex In Show
  • Ruby - 2nd Open Bitch.


We would like to thank the Club Committee, the judge Mrs E Wogan (Ireland), all exhibitors and Club members on the conduct of the show as it was pleasing to hear the judge remark on the good spirit that the show was conducted in their closing address. We are very proud breeders, the results could not have made a more compelling statement on the consistent quality in our breeding program but we most certainly won't rest on our laurels...
All the trophies and sashes won at the 110th Championship Show of the Pomeranian Club of NSW



20th August 2013

Last week was the Brisbane Royal Show and we were fortunate to again win the Best of Breed once more (now 5 consecutive years) with Richie :) Topaz was RUBOB to him after winning her 3rd consecutive Bitch Challenge at the Royal (and now won every BCC at the 6 Royals she has been shown in) then later in the week Topaz was able to win the BOB over the boys at the Toy Dog Club of QLD Championship Show and fortunate enough to go on to be awarded Runner Up BEST IN SHOW! This was a case of deja vu from 2012 where Richie also won BOB at the Brisbane Royal and Soda turned the tables at the Toy Show and he was RUBIS there also just like Topaz :)  Next week we are off to Sydney for the bi-annual Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty and the big Spring Fair All Breeds shows so hopefully our team can carry its good form on...






Richie wins BOB at the Brisbane Royal again, plus Topaz awarded RUBIS at the Toy Dog Club of QLD over 300 Toy entries




2nd July 2013

Today we met our new stud dog imported from Canada at the Eastern Creek Quarantine Station. We are very thankful to Dewayne Ward for entrusting "Jontu" (CAN CH Debonne's Sexy In A Box) with us and feel he will make an excellent contribution to our breeding program in due course. Dewayne has been very vigilent in running his breeding program to avoid Alopecia X over 30 years and Jontu, as an almost 5 years old proven stud, is ideal for us to introduce as a low coat loss risk outcross stud who also has many other virtues that we wish to reinforce in our line.



In the show ring we have been continuing to have another great year and in just the last 2 weeks we had 3 different Poms in our show team (Richie, Topaz & Pop) each having Best in Group wins so are very pleased with the depth of quality we have. Our youngster Johnnie continues to be promising and he will start to give the adult's a run for their money as he coats up from his puppy coat transition.


7th May 2013

In the last couple of weeks we have had a great run of success with our show team, something we will never forget with Richie winning 5 x BEST IN SHOW's at All Breeds Championship Shows in just 7 days! It started with Richie winning BIS at the Kennnel Association of QLD Championship on the 21st April, which itself was actually a unique double win on the day with Johnnie also winning Best Baby Puppy in Show too :) Then we proceeded down to the Grafton Show Cluster with Richie winning 4 x BIS from 5 shows, the first 4 BIS wins of Richies run were consecutive which is thought to have topped the previous breed record of 3 consecutive BIS wins. A week later he had a coat blow but Topaz then took up the running instead as she won a Runner Up BEST IN SHOW :) It has apparently been said recently that we need to breed better dogs, hmmm well we do of course intend to LOL but for now we could not be more pleased with the results we have already achieved in only 6 years, so we do look forward to the years ahead .....






A couple of Richie's 5 x BEST IN SHOW wins in 7 days




20th March 2013

Well we have returned home from our second trip to watch the American Pomeranian Club National Specialty held last week in Kentucky. We last attended in 2011 but this time we had good friends Ebony Russell and Megan Weinert travel with us and we had a great time renewing overseas acquaintances whilst watching the judging and also at the social events. It would be great to have a Pom there one day but is such a big undertaking from Australia however time will tell, one day it may happen hopefully :)



Whilst we were in the USA we received the good news that our new stud dog, Debonnes Sexy In A Box ("Jontu"), had attained his Canadian Championship title.  We purchased Jontu late last year to join our breeding program and although he was 4yo and hadn't been shown for over 3 years, he was entered in a few shows to finish.  Jontu is linebred 12 times to BIS/BISS CH Bev-Nors Toasted Fudge (#1 Pom in USA 1981,82,83) and we thank his breeder Dewayne Ward for entrusting with us his efforts over 30 years to retain this respected bloodline, avoid Alopecia X and maintain correct breed type. He arrives mid-year and we certainly value this special opportunity provided to us by Dewayne.

Next week we head to Sydney for the Royal Easter Show and the Pomeranian Specialty Show. As always it is a much anticipated trip with the gathering altogether of the best Poms around the country and we look forward to seeing how our Poms perform as well as catching up with friends once more.


29th January 2013

Well the Dogzonline pointscores have been finalized for 2012 and we are again very satisfied with how our team finished in the competitions, with a lot of the same from 2011:



  • Richie was again the #1 Pom in Australia in Breed Competition and again the #2 Pom in Australia in All Breeds Competition
  • Dollar took Richie's place from 2011 in being the #1 Rising Star Pom in Australia, making it 2 consecutive years for Pomquest
  • Topaz was again the highest placed Pom Bitch in All Breeds Competition & Richie was also again the highest placed Australian Bred in All Breeds Competition.

However a new first for us in 2012 was winning the Best Breeder Competition, and the year was such a success for the team that Pomquest finished #4 Breeder for Toy Group in Australia and #18 Breeder of All Breeds in Australia, the highest placing for a Pom Breeder since the pointscores started.....  We very much thank all those that were involved with some of our Poms to help achieve this nice result for 2012 :)


So much then for 2012, we are now looking forward shortly to the debut shows of our new prospects for 2013 and are so far quite pleased with how they are shaping up.....
2012 was a good year, but the quest is not over.....


1st January 2013

The start of a new year for us and we can look back very satisified with the results of our show team for 2012 but also look forward with great anticipation to a new phase of our breeding program in 2013 :)
We met our only goals for 2012 which was to attain Grand Championships for Richie and Topaz but also along the way had some memorable moments including:


  • Richie attaining his Grand Championship at just 21 months of age becoming the youngest ever in the breed in Australia.  As he also qualified for his Supreme Championship at the same time he by default became the youngest Supreme Champion also.
  • Topaz winning Bitch Challenge at each of Sydney Royal, Brisbane Royal and Perth Royal in the same year.
  • Topaz and Pop winning the Bitch Challenge / Reserve Bitch Challenge quinella at the Pomeranian Club of NSW Breed Specialty for the 2nd time now.
  • Dollar, our 2nd generation breeding, winning Baby Puppy in Show and Minor Puppy in Show at Pomeranian Club of NSW Breed Specialties.
  • Twice winning the Best in Group and Runner Up in Group quinella at the same show, once with Dollar and Richie, the other with Richie and Topaz.
  • Winning BIS and then RUBIS on consecutive days with father and son, Richie and Dollar.

The year has been a HUGE success with 5 Pomquest homebreds Richie, Topaz, Soda, Pop and Dollar winning a total of 28 x Toy Groups (or Specialties), 6 x R/U BIS All Breeds and 4 x BIS All Breeds between them. We are not a one dog show and our breeder/owner handled Poms are now consistently competing at a level we having been striving to achieve these last couple of years and 2013 will now just be all about consolidating that. We won't be doing much showing now through until after we travel to the USA as a spectator for the Amercian Pomeranian Club National Specialty but then when home are off to Sydney again for the big Easter shows and the start of things getting serious.  This year also marks two important new events in our breeding program, firstly the debut puppies from our stud dog Dane will enter the show ring, and secondly our new stud dog will arrive here, both of which will be very influential in moulding our breeding program over the next few years in our Quest For Pomfection!

8th November 2012

After a break from showing for 3 weeks the last few shows have been a super return for the team! Last weekend at Maryborough Kennel Club Championship Shows our show star Richie (SUP CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune) won BEST IN SHOW then the next day whilst Richie was rested Dollar (CH Pomquest Ja Dore Papa) came out and won Runner Up BEST IN SHOW to have our homebred father and son team just miss out on the BIS on consecutive days, which as their breeders we are so proud of that unique achievement.  Not finished there though, Richie then comes out at his very next show appearance 2 days later and again wins BEST IN SHOW at the Maree Kennel Club Championship Show on Melbourne Cup day making it BISA #5 for him. Richie has just turned 2 years old so still has it all ahead of him :)

SUP CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune winning his 2nd consecutive BEST IN SHOW


22nd October 2012

Yesterday we were very proud to be on hand to watch our first born Wookie (Ch Pomquest A New player CCD JD) attain his Jumping Dog title with his new owner Selby Wright. After attaining Wookie's Championship we always thought that he was an ideal agility/jumping prospect and are now so glad to see him fulfilling his potential :) Some video of Wookie in action is here.


16th October 2012

These last few weeks have been very hectic for us, firstly moving home to a new Pom Palace but also then busy in the show ring.  Our little man Dollar has started to come of age and now is really getting it done by winning 2 x Best in Groups and 3 x Puppy in Shows in just 3 days :)  Then shortly after Dollar attains his Australian Champion title winning the Dog Challenge over well performed adult males and then goes on to win another Puppy in Show! The most exciting part of that run of success was when at one show Dollar was awarded Best in Group but then when his father Richie was brought in to the ring the judge then also awarded him as the Runner Up in Group! We thought that was a once in a lifetime event to get the BIG/RUBIG quinella but just one week later under another judge it happened once again with Richie winning Best in Group and Topaz the Runner Up in Group! We could not be happier with the consistent performances by our show team as just in the last month we have had each of Richie, Topaz, Dollar and Pop all win Best in Group and/or Runner Up in Group awards in Championship Shows each on their own merits. Coupled with those 4 homebreds flying the flag, Soda (now being shown by a keen newbie handler) and Rocket also each recently won a Best in Group at an Open Show too :) The hotter months are here now and we have litters on the way for the first time in nearly 12 months so we will be showing less for awhile, but as these 6 Poms are all still maturing they will only get better yet so we are looking forward to an exciting 2013.....

Pomquest Ja Dore Papa winning Puppy in Show awards at 3 consecutive shows attended at the Dogs QLD grounds


4th September 2012

Well another trip to Sydney is done and dusted.  It is always a big undertaking for us travelling down with all our Poms but is well worth it to catch up with special friends in the breed, see lots of lovely Poms and is really the only way to assess just how our breeding program is measuring up. We had some pleasing results in the Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty of 78 entries as follows:


  • Topaz ~ Bitch Challenge, RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW & Best Opposite Sex in Show
  • Pop ~ Reserve Bitch Challenge & Best Intermediate in Show
  • Dollar ~ Best Minor Puppy in Show
  • Dolly ~ Best Opposite Puppy in Show
  • Richie ~ Best Parent & Offspring


In winning the BCC Topaz attained her GRAND Championship which was such an exciting way to do it!  She also followed in her father Merlin's footsteps in winning RUBISS so that was great too. Pop as usual was just behind Topaz and she was awarded the RBCC which is the 2nd time these 2 girls have won the quinella!  Our up and comer Dollar also continued getting it done by winning MPIS to follow on from his BPIS there at Easter which was great, but the next day in the Spring Fair in a breed entry of 34 Poms he went Best of Breed! We always had a high opinion of this first show progeny of Richie's but did not expect that win in such strong adult company. In the same show Pop was awarded Best Australian Bred in Group then the next day she won the BCC over Topaz as RBCC and with Richie being awarded RDCC/RUBOB it was a great consistent result for our team.

Richie & son Dollar as Best Parent & Offspring


20th August 2012

The end of a busy week for us with the annual Royal Queensland Show being held then immediately followed by the Toy Dog Club of Queensland Specialty. In the Royal this year it was Richie who deservedly took the Best of Breed award and Topaz repeated her Bitch Challenge from last year.  In the Toy Specialty it was Soda this time who took the Best of Breed award and his sister Pop won the Bitch Challenge, however Soda went even better later in the day when being awarded Runner Up BEST IN SHOW in a quality lineup of over 400 Toys!  It was a great result for this under-rated Pom and we were so very pleased :oD  We now have just over a week before we head off interstate to the bi-annual Pom Specialty and look forward to seeing how well our show team can perform, see so many lovely Poms again and catch up with special friends!

Richie (MBIS SUPREME CH POMQUEST FAME N FORTUNE) and Soda (BIS CH POMQUEST DONT YA WISH) both looking very proud of their wins!


23rd July 2012

Our Pomquest flag bearer Richie yesterday fulfilled his great promise as a youngster in attaining sufficient points to become a GRAND CHAMPION and as he had already won 3 All Breeds BEST IN SHOW's he also qualified for his SUPREME CHAMPION title (introduced from 1st July 2012).  Richie set breed records last year in his outstanding achievements in the Dogzonline Pointscore and has now followed it up with a new record as the youngest ever Grand Champion at just 21 months of age (and consequently also youngest Supreme Champion).  We are so very proud of this special Pom and as breeder/owner/handlers who have only 5 years in the dog show world it is something we could never have dreamed of. Thank you so much to all the respected judges who have recognized his quality through his show career to date. We hope there are many more special moments yet to come for Richie but if not he has nothing more to prove, his results already achieved speak for themselves :oD


9th July 2012

We had a nice trip away to Rockhampton for the Central Queensland Toy Dog Club annual show.  The inaugural show held 2 years ago was won by Merlin and we are pleased to say that now his nephew Richie also has his name engraved on the perpetual trophy for winning BEST IN SHOW :) It was actually a great show for the Pomquest team as not only did Richie win BIS (plus Open in Show) but his young son Dollar won Minor Puppy in Show and our girl Pop won Australian Bred in Show too! We have had 3 homebreds win their class in show all on the one day now at both Breed Specialties and Toy Specialties so is something to be proud of and we can be no more pleased with where our breeding program is heading. On the day it was actually a split decision by the judge to award Richie the Challenge over his son Dollar so that really is a great sign for the future and it will be interesting to see as we soon start to campaign him seriously if he has followed in his dads footsteps when the year is all done and dusted .....


18th June 2012

Congratulations to Lorna Eadie who has had Soda (CH POMQUEST DONT YA WISH) accompany her on a dog show safari through Central/North Queensland the last couple of months.  At her final weekend away she met with great success with Soda winning BEST IN SHOW and twice Runner Up BEST IN SHOW in the 4 Toy Specialty Championship Shows conducted at Townsville by the Toy Dog Club of North QLD.  A nice way to finish the road trip :)  Also last weekend another new exhibitor we have started to mentor, Kim Argent, won her first "frilly" with Soda's sister Pop (CH POMQUEST DARE TO DREAM) just like Ebony Russell has done last year.  Pop is such a great girl for new exhibitors or junior handlers (she did the junior handlers last year at Brisbane Royal). We wish Kim success in your entry to the dog show world.

Lorna with Soda returned home with his BIS rozette, plus Kim with Pop winning her first ever show award.


26th April 2012

Well it has been a great couple of weeks in the show ring with Topaz (CH POMQUEST ENVY THIS) becoming our second homebred BEST IN SHOW winner on the 14th April at Nanango Show Society Championship Show and then a week later she backs up her nice win with a Runner Up BEST IN SHOW on the 22nd April at the Kennel Association of Queensland Championship Show.  This now makes our first two BIS winners, Merlin and Salem, now both go on to produce a BIS winner themselves each in Topaz and Richie (CH POMQUEST FAME N FORTUNE)! We are very proud of both boys :)

Topaz winning RUBIS at the Kennel Assocation of QLD Show


11th April 2012

We went to Sydney for the 3 big Easter Shows with great anticipation to catch up with valued breeder/exhibitor friends once again and admire many wonderful Poms, but also to assess how our homebred youngsters are progressing in amongst the strongest of company.  Overall we have come home very pleased with how our show team performed and also on how our breeding program is stacking up.  Our tag team of Richie and Topaz were the only Poms we entered in all 3 of the shows (Sydney Royal, Pom Show & Toy Show) and in each of those shows they were both judged as either the best or reserve dog/bitch in the different lineups so was fantastic to have their quality consistently recognised :)  Our biggest entry was in the Pom Show where there were 8 Pomquest Poms shown with 6 of them winning their class!  A summary of results of the 3 shows is:


Sydney Royal Easter Show (8th April):
CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune - Reserve Dog Challenge & Runner Up Best of Breed
CH Pomquest Envy This - Bitch Challenge

Pomeranian Club of NSW (9th April):
CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune - Reserve Dog Challenge, Best Open in Show & Best Parent/Offspring (Pomquest Ja Dore Papa)
CH Pomquest Envy This - Reserve Bitch Challenge & Best Opposite Open in Show
CH Pomquest Enough Said - Best Opposite Intermediate in Show
Pomquest Grand Dreams - Best Opposite Puppy in Show
Pomquest Ja Dore Papa - Best Baby Puppy in Show
Pomquest Impossible Dream (leased/handled by Ebony Russell) - Best Opposite Baby Puppy in Show

4P's All Toy Dog Club of NSW (10th April):
CH Pomquest Fame N Fortune - Dog Challenge, Best of Breed & Consolation to Best in Show
CH Pomquest Dont Ya Wish - Reserve Dog Challenge & Runner Up of Breed
CH Pomquest Envy This - Bitch Challenge

All up a great result we were very proud of :)  Highlight of our trip was seeing Ebony Russell win her class with Possum as reward for the effort she has been putting in as a new exhibitor and we were not ashamed to shed happy tears when that happened LOL. So back again now to the week to week local show circuit and we will await the chance for our show team to strut their stuff again in Sydney in August.

Father and Son winning Best Open in Show (Richie) and Best Baby Puppy in Show (Dollar)

9th January 2012

Results are now final for the 2011 Dogzonline Pointscore and we are VERY proud to have owner/breeder/handled both Australia’s highest placed Dog AND Bitch in TOY GROUP for Rising Star (<18mo) in only our 5th year in the dog world :-)


MBIS CH POMQUEST FAME N FORTUNE “Richie” (handled by Sandy)
No.1 Rising Star Pomeranian in Australia.
No.1 Rising Star for TOY GROUP in Queensland.  A breed first in any State!
No.1 Rising Star for ALL BREEDS in Queensland. A breed first in any State!
No.1 Rising Star for TOY GROUP in Australia (equal). A breed first!
No.8 Rising Star for ALL BREEDS in Australia (equal)
No.1 Best Of Breed Pomeranian in Australia. A first for a Rising Star!
No.2 All Breeds Pomeranian in Australia. 

CH POMQUEST ENVY THIS “Topaz” (handled by Brett)
No.3 Rising Star Pomeranian in Australia. The highest placed Bitch!
No.3 Rising Star for TOY GROUP in Queensland. The highest placed Bitch!
No.7 Rising Star for TOY GROUP in Australia. The highest placed Bitch!
No.4 Best Of Breed Pomeranian in Australia.
No.10 All Breeds Pomeranian in Australia. The highest placed Bitch!

Thanks to the many Judges who have recognized their excellent breed type during 2011 and special thanks to everyone who has been a part of the success :-)


Not 1, 2, 3 or even 4 awards but FIVE !!! ..... GO THE RICHSTER !!! ..... :oD

28th December 2011

Another show year is drawing to a close and 2011 has been a hugely successful year for our show team.  We went in to the year with anticipation of what our young show team could do but our primary goals for 2011 were for Merlin to attain his Grand Championship and to have both our rising stars Richie & Topaz qualify for Puppy of the Year and perform well at the 2 Pom Specialties. We were fortunate to achieve all of these goals with Merlin attaining his Grand in June, Richie & Topaz were both POTY qualifiers, at the April Pom Show Topaz & Richie won the double of Best Minor Puppy in Show / Best Opposite Minor Puppy in Show and then at the August Pom Show we had Richie win Best Puppy in Show and Topaz win Best Junior in Show (plus Best Opposite Sex in Show).


Other memorable moments from this show year have been: 

  • Having 4 Poms win All Breeds BEST IN SHOW or Runner Up (Richie x2(and first with our own prefix), Merlin, Salem & DJ(RUBIS))
  • Winning 3 of the 7 Classes in Show at August Pom Specialty (Richie, Topaz & Pop) which we did in 2010 but this time all with our own prefix
  • Winning the quinella of Bitch Challenge & Reserve Bitch Challenge at August Pom Specialty (Topaz & Pop)
  • Qualifying 2 for Dog of the Year Finals (Merlin & Salem)
  • Qualifying 2 for Puppy of the Year Finals (Richie & Topaz) plus had Ruby qualified for Zone 2 POTY
  • Titling 4 New Champions (Pop, Topaz, Richie & Dane) plus our other homebreds Soda & Ruby also titled
  • Third consecutive Brisbane Royal BOB win for Merlin
  • Clean sweep of Challenges & Reserve Challenges at Brisbane Royal (Merlin, Richie, Topaz & Pop) 

Thanks go out to all our friends that have helped us out in making this year more of a success than we could have imagined!  We now look forward to campaigning both our very promising show dogs Richie & Topaz through to each hopefully attaining their Grand Championships in 2012.  Anything else will be a bonus :-)

19th September 2011

We are very proud to say that our promising young boy Richie lived up to his huge potential on the weekend in winning BEST IN SHOW at the Bundaberg Canine Club Championship Show.  We always felt that Richie was going to be a star and he has been slowly transforming from a cheeky baby in to a show dog, but on the weekend he made it very clear that he was something special in quickly following up his BIS on Saturday with another on the Sunday to win back-to-back BIS's!  He is actually lucky to be with us after having had to hand rear him from birth and to now see him achieve this makes the trials and tribulations at the time so worth it.  Richie now becomes our debut "homebred" BIS winner for Pomquest in what is now our 5th year in dog showing/breeding.  Richie has now followed in the footsteps of his succesful parents Salem and Monnie who each were also BIS winners themselves!  He will only get better with maturity so look forward to more success with Richie in future :-) 

"Richie" Our first homebred BEST IN SHOW winner Pomquest Fame N Fortune


29th August 2011

We are back home from the second leg of our big shows and have come home with a lot more than we left with LOL, both in trophies and Poms!  We love our trips to Sydney to catch up with fellow Pom breeders and see many lovely Poms and we couldn't be more pleased with the results at the Pomeranian Club of NSW Championship Show. From a breed entry of 71 Poms we won 3 of the 7 Classes in Show which was a repeat result of the corresponding show last year but this time each winner was actually a Pomquest homebred :-)  Richie won Best Puppy in Show, Topaz followed up her Best Minor Puppy in Show from the Easter Specialty by winning Best Junior in Show and Pop followed up her Best Minor Puppy in Show from last year by winning Best Australian Bred in Show.  Also Topaz went one better than her Reserve Bitch Challenge from the Easter Specialty by winning the Bitch Challenge (and in the process attained her Championship title) with Pop making it a quinella by winning Reserve Bitch Challenge too! We could not be more pleased with these 2 girls who are now both Multi Class in Show winners at Australia's only Breed Club Specialty Shows.  In the Property Classes we also had Pop win Best Head, Topaz win Best Gait and Merlin won Best Parent & Progeny for the 3rd time now.  Monnie also made her final appearance in a show ring in winning Best Neuter in Show and one of the extra Pom's that we brought home with us was her son Dane (Neadthav The Grat Dane (IID)).  Dane is 3 years old and was previously shown by Sandy for his original owner Ven Grasso and has returned to be shown by Brett but also for use as a stud as with him sharing the same sire as Bubbles and the same dam as Richie he will be a great addition to our breeding program too. It has been a hectic recent period for us but has been satisfying to see the success of our breeding program so far as we do have a great foundation of quality type, health and soundness to go on with now.  Speaking of breeding program, Bubbles was the other extra Pom that came home with us from her stud visit and she is due to whelp soon so we are now getting nervous for what is a very special litter .....

Dane meets his maternal half-brother Richie


22nd August 2011

Well the first leg of our big shows is over and has been a great result for our show team.  Firstly the Royal Queensland Show where Merlin once again showed his love of the indoor arena in taking Best of Breed making it 3 consecutive years now.  He has had a fantastic show record and now being close to retirement this has just topped it off wonderfully.  What made this year really special though was that we actually won a clean sweep of the Challenges and Reserve Challenges with Merlin DCC/BOB, Richie RDCC/RUBOB, Topaz BCC and Pop RBCC!  We then moved on to the Toy Dog Club of Queensland Specialty where Richie continued to show his promise in winning a nice BOB and then going on to win Puppy in Show in a huge Toy entry.  Richie is now starting to really get the hang of things as a show dog and looks set to hopefully live up to his potential. We now head off to Sydney this week for the Pom Specialty and Spring Fair and look forward to seeing the many lovely Poms there :-)

"Merlin" GRAND CH Winterspell Wizard winning 3 from 3 Best of Breeds!


1st August 2011

We had a nice weekend away at the Isis & District Canine Club shows with our youngsters continuing to do well :-)  Richie led the way with Best of Breed both days as well as winning Junior in Show on Saturday and Runner Up in Group / Junior in Group on Sunday, with Topaz also doing nicely winning both Bitch Challenges as well as Puppy in Show on Sunday.  Sunday was actually very special for us as firstly we won 3 classes in Toy Group for the first time with all Pomquest breedings (have done it a few times before but included other kennels breedings) as not only did Richie and Topaz win their age class in Group, but also Pop won Best Australian Bred in Group too.  The best part being that this was the first ever win for our friend Ebony Russell who we have been mentoring along as a new exhibitor with Pop being her introduction to the show ring, so congrats to Ebony!


The countdown to the Royal Queensland Show is now on, closely followed by the Pomeranian Club of NSW specialty show so there is a lot of work to do now to get our show team in the best possible order for the occassions.  Speaking of the Pom Club, the AGM was held on the weekend and nice to see Elizabeth Friedman and Lynn Bond continue on as Office Bearer's. You won't please everyone all the time but the stewardship you have provided has turned the club around for the better and it has grown so much since we attended our first show and meeting in October 2007.


Finally we have some exciting news that we were invited to do a Kennel Visit for the Pom Reader Magazine and it will appear in the September edition, so keep an eye out for that .....

Ebony with Pop after winning her first ever show award


5th July 2011

Well the special moment finally came with Merlin attaining his GRAND Championship in June :-)  It is a long hard slog for a couple of years to get there and in the end he did it in style winning a Best in Group!  Nothing more needs to be said about this boy with his achievements in the show ring and also his progeny's success saying it all for him.  Merlin will be only shown lightly now through to his Dog of the Year swansong appearance in October.  He has nothing more to prove and his progeny will keep talking on his behalf in the show ring.


Closely on the heels of Merlin's GR CH title his daughter Pop became his second Champion offspring and on the same day we were fortunately able to witness Wookie (our first ever Pomquest Champion) attain his first ever Obedience title on the way to hopefully becoming an Agility Champion. Also in the showring during this past month Richie has really started to show his potential having won Minor Puppy in Group in his last 8 appearances and in 4 of those win Minor Puppy in Show!  With him also winning a Runner Up in Group during that time he then became the 4th Pomquest homebred from 2010 to now have won one or more Groups or Runner Up in Groups so we can not be more pleased with how our breeding program is going in it's infancy :-)


Also in this past month we have made the hard decisions to remove from or not add to our breeding program a number of Poms but we are pleased to know that each of Safari, Bonnie, Monnie and DJ all will have excellent forever homes.

Celebratory drinks for Merlin with his breeders Sue & Daryl Morris
Sandy with our promising boy Richie

Wookie & Selby Wright attaining his CCD title


19th May 2011

Last week we attended the cluster of shows held at Grafton.  The event put on by both the Bonville Kennel Club and Clarence Dog Sports was fantastically run by the clubs, very well patronised by exhibitors and we came home with some pleasing results too :-)  Our show team all shared around the success but it was the performance of our youngsters Richie and Topaz that was the most pleasing.  Richie at 6 months old and still with huge improvement ahead of him was placed ahead of his BIS father Salem and BIS uncle Merlin multiple times and really is a great prospect for us.  The high point for Richie though was on the Sunday at the Gold Coast when he was awarded Minor Puppy in Show and in the process qualified for the QLD Puppy of the Year Finals!  He has now joined Topaz as a qualifier and it will really be a memorable weekend for us in October as their 2 sires Salem and Merlin are also qualified for the QLD Dog of the Year Finals.  Topaz has always been our glamour pup but she even exceeded our high expectations of her by at 8 months of age winning Best Exhibit in Group under a Toy specialist judge in a quality lineup (and later went on to win Puppy in Show as well).  As nice as she is our girl Pop did manage to knock her off in one of the shows for Bitch Challenge and with her also winning 2 Junior in Groups she is showing that she will be very competitive again soon coming back from her Junior coat blow.  It has been a very successful recent show period but with now having achieved the DOTY and POTY qualifiers we wanted our focus is moving to the countdown to Merlins Grand Championship which is now getting in sight and we are stocking the fridge up for that occasion .....

Pomquest Envy ThisPomquest Fame N Fortune
Topaz and Richie winning Puppy in Show and Minor Puppy in Show on consecutive days


2nd May 2011

It has been awhile between updates but a lot has been happening :-)  Firstly at the start of April our boy DJ prepared and handled by Chris & Cassie Hatfield (Danivus) was awarded a Runner Up BEST IN SHOW at the Nanango Kennel Club Championship Show.  It was a Dog of the Year qualifying show so DJ just missed by one in joining Salem and Merlin and having all 3 of our boys qualify for the finals later this year.  After being with Chris and Cassie for a couple of months DJ was scheduled to come home to us the following day so it was great to see a succesful show finale for them as DJ will likely be retired now from showing. 
Later in the month we travelled to Sydney for the 4 big shows on the calendar around Easter. At the Sydney Royal Show our girl Safari came out of semi-retirement and was awarded the Reserve Bitch Challenge but the highlight on that day for us was seeing our good friends Sue & Daryl Morris (Winterspell) win a well deserved Best of Breed with their boy Alfie :-)  Next show on the agenda was the Pom Specialty and our youngsters Topaz and Richie took the double of Best Minor Puppy in Show and Best Opposite Minor Puppy in Show.  At 8 months of age Topaz really opened some eyes with her also winning the Reserve Bitch Challenge in such a large quality lineup but she showed it was no fluke when also then winning Reserve Bitch Challenge in the 2 follow up shows she went in against predominantly the same competition.  Topaz looks to be the complete package having her sire Merlin's stunning good looks and her dam Bubble's outstanding extravagant movement and she really is a very exciting prospect.  Bubbles actually also stepped foot in the show ring for the first time in almost a year and won Best Opposite Intermediate in Show and joined her daughter in the Bitch Challenge lineup.  The Pom Specialty was dominated by Elizabeth & Michael Friedman (Delrunda) with their 3 boys entered winning BIS, ABIS & IIS so big congratulations to them on a nice reward for effort!  In the Toy Specialty Merlin decided to put his best paw forward and won a very tough Best of Breed so it was a pleasing end to the trip for us.  The results were shared around most competitors over the 4 shows which is always good and it was nice again to be in amongst so many Pom lovers.  It was also pleasing this trip to have our partners in the Pomquest show team in Ray & Wendy Chan fly over from Perth to join us for the Sydney Royal & Pom Specialty and watch the progress of some of the youngsters.  We hope they keep doing you proud :-)
On our return from Sydney we launched straight back in to the local show scene again and had a great result with Topaz winning Best Puppy in Show at the Burnett Kennel Club Championship Show and she is now qualified for the QLD Puppy of the Year Finals emulating her sire Merlin who also qualified as a puppy. 


28th March 2011

Yesterday was very special for us with Sandy showing Salem to his debut BEST IN SHOW and he will now be joining his litter brother Merlin at the QLD Dog of the Year Finals so that will really be a night to remember now!  This was our first show back after our trip to the USA attending the APC National 100th Anniversary Show from which we came back with a lot of fond memories, valuable information and new contacts.  We are already planning a return trip for 2012 :-)  This past month has also been successful for our youngsters with both Topaz and Ruby winning Minor Puppy in Show awards and Ruby even picking up a Runner Up in Group!  The Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty will soon be upon us and we are looking forward to heading to Sydney in a few weeks for both it and the Sydney Royal.  Poms are doing so tremendously well all across the country this year and they really should be some super shows :-)

BIS CH Winterspell Wizard & BIS CH Winterspell Warlock
Merlin & Salem as babies. Now both Best in Show winners!
Pomquest Enough Said
Our rising star Ruby showing in Central QLD.


27th February 2011

Well after playing second fiddle to his litter brother Salem so far this year, Merlin today came out and won his 3rd BEST IN SHOW All Breeds (he has also won BIS twice at Toy Specialties) and is now qualified for the QLD Dog of the Year State Finals :-)  Also today Merlin's daughter Ruby left us to go to Maureen Norton and be shown in North QLD.  We wish Maureen luck with Ruby and hope you have some fun!

CH Winterspell Wizard winning BIS at Gympie & District Kennel Club Championship Show


13th February 2011

It is early days in the 2011 show season but Salem has hit the ground running!  In 7 outings this year he has 3 times won Best Exhibit in Group and has been Runner Up in Group once also.  Salem has always been the quiet achiever of the litter compared to his brother Merlin but now is really taking charge defeating Merlin in 6 of 7 outings LOL.  The tide will probably turn in due course but is great to see Salem get some deserved recognition now :-)  Salems first litter has also debuted these last few weeks and we could not be more pleased with his son Richie who looks to be a super prospect.  With our exciting girl Topaz also now about to hit the rings again at 6 months of age we hope to have some fun times with these 2 youngsters this year along with Pop who is also doing well now winning 3 Puppy in Groups so far this year.  Next month we head off to the USA for the American Pomeranian Club's National Specialty Show held over 4 days at Kentucky.  This will be a fantastic experience for us and we really look forward to viewing many of the different bloodlines in action and speaking with many overseas breeders that we have only known through cyberspace!

Pomquest Dare To Dream ("Pop") at 9 months old fully recovered from her broken leg and doing well in the show ring.


26th December 2010

With Christmas now over it is time for us to reflect on the year that's been and 2010 will be remembered as the year that we first made our mark upon the show scene.  Highlights for us from this year are: 


  • Having 3 Poms win All Breeds BEST IN SHOW or Runner Up (Merlin x 2, C'mon & Salem)
  • Winning RUBIS at the Pom Specialty and twice BIS at Toy Specialties (Merlin)
  • Winning 3 of the 7 Classes in Show at Pom Specialty (Pop, Salem & Merlin)
  • Dog of the Year Finals Qualifier (Salem)
  • Puppy of the Year Finals Qualifier (Safari)
  • 5 New Champions (Wookie, C'mon, Bubbles, Safari & DJ)
  • 2 homebred Multi Class in Show winners (Soda & Pop)
  • Back to back Brisbane Royal BOB wins (Merlin) 

This was all at the end of only just our third full year of breeding and showing Pomeranians under the Pomquest banner.  Many thanks to our friends that helped us out in making this year a great success!  We are looking forward to the 2011 show year as we now have a much stronger show team lineup than at the start of 2010, including some super young prospects to go on with :-) 

29th November 2010

Well it has been a while since we have done a news update as we have been somewhat overcome with having our much anticipated litter from BIS CH Soffies Cmon become our litter from hell!  The litter of 4 was born 5 days early by c-section and Cmon was in such a bad way that we had initially to separate her from her babies for over a week and hand raise the litter.  We lost 1 girl puppy at 8 days old and 1 boy puppy at 16 days old.  They were always the weakest of the 4 but we tried our best with them.  The 2 remaining boys are approaching 6 weeks old and almost on to solids properly now so we are as confident as we can be with them.  Time will tell if they remain healthy and we can only cross fingers there is a nice show prospect amongst them.


In the past month the first highlight for us was having two qualifiers in the Dog of the Year and Puppy of the Year State Finals.  Sandy qualified both of these but unfortunately she was unable to show them as the litter from hell was only 2 days old at the time.  Many thanks to Barb Beeves for showing Safari in POTY and both looked great!  Brett had never ever shown the mummys boy Salem before but tried his best with him in DOTY and he looked great under lights (see pic).  Salem was our first ever DOTY qualifier and was 1 of only 6 Toys in the State for this year and goes on the back of his litter brother Merlin being our first qualifier for POTY in 2009.

Then it was off to Sydney for the bi-annual Pomeranian Club of NSW show and the Dogs NSW International Spring Fair and it was certainly a successful trip for us :-)  The Pom Show kicked off proceedings with 94 entries making it the largest show for many a year but also it was stacked full of quality and was fabulous to see all these beautiful Poms together in their glory.  Merlin did us proud with him being awarded Runner Up Best in Show on the night to the countries undisputed King of Poms for 2010 in GR CH Kalos Rock N To The Moon (imp USA).  Congratulations Megan Weinert on Gus’s consecutive BISS win but also on following it up the next day with a memorable RUBIS in the Spring Fair with 1400 entries!  Overall in the Pom Show we came home with 3 of the 7 classes in show with Merlin winning Australian Bred in Show, Salem winning Intermediate in Show and Pop ("Pomquest Dare To Dream") winning Minor Puppy in Show just 10 weeks on from a severe leg break.  Pop was really just entered as a punt and to boost numbers for the Club and even though there was no hiding her shaved down legs it was a huge relief to know that she will come back 100% in time as she really is her dads clone.  Merlin also won Best Parent & Offspring with his daughter Bonnie ("Pomquest Bon Bon") and his son Vinnie ("Pomquest Calvin Klein") owned by Vicky Spiteri won Best Coat so it was a big night for Pomquest :-)


With the 3 follow on Spring Fair shows our girls did us proud in the big Pom line ups once again with Fizz winning a Bitch Challenge and Reserve Bitch Challenge, Safari winning 2 Reserve Bitch Challenges plus a Junior in Group and then our baby girls Ruby ("Pomquest Enough Said")and Topaz ("Pomquest Envy This") both placing 1st and 2nd in their 2 show appearances!  All up it was a long 6 days all up showing and travelling for us and our Pom pack but we would do it all again as we appreciate having the time to be in amongst the many genuine friends we have in the breed and to also watch their successes too.  Bring on April 2011 when we will meet up again :-)

Merlin flying the flag successfully at the Pom Show!
Ch Winterspell Warlock
His littermate brother Salem in action at the QLD Dog of the Year State Finals


15th September 2010

Well our turn for a setback came and of course it was the best one that it happened to :-(  Our very promising young bitch Pop broke 2 bones in her front leg in an incident last week.  She was at our vet within minutes and then off to an orthopedic specialist where she had 6 screws and a plate inserted.  The surgeon is optimistic that Pop will be able to make it to the show ring once again and we can only hope so because in our opinion she was definitely better than her dad Merlin at the same age so she did have huge potential.  Anyway time will tell but in the meantime one of Merlin's other daughters from his first litter is finally starting to shine with Bonnie winning a double of Minor Puppy in Group awards last weekend at the Bundaberg Canine Club shows and was a coin toss off getting her class in show.  Bonnie is a lovely typey bitch but she still is not quite sure she wants to be a showdog but she is gradually now coming out of her shell :-)



Also yesterday another phase of our Pom journey started when we met a lovely young cream bitch Bella (Pomantae Magic Star) for the first time who has been recently purchased by Suzanne O'Connell in Brisbane.  Suzanne wishes to produce quality creams that can successfully compete in the show ring and Bella is a great foundation for her to do that with particularly as Bella shares the same lines as our dogs. We look forward to helping Suzanne with her breeding goal and showing a quality cream for her in the future .....

Pop confined to a cot with her broken leg :(

Sweet little Bella saying Hi!


16th August 2010

Well another Royal Queensland Show has been and gone and we were privileged to go home with the Best of Breed rozette for the 2nd year running with Merlin.  Fortunately he just snuck the show in as he started to blow his undercoat at the start of the week after some recent matings and was somewhat lucky it wasn't as strong a competition as the year prior (which was a huge thrill to win when Merlin was only 9 months old) though with the indoor rings Merlin comes in to his own as he really can show off his great movement.  This year Merlin also had his first born PK ("Pomquest Bubblegum" owned by Sue and Daryl Morris) in the ring as well.  PK showed beautifully for a 6 month old and she has the makings of a lovely show bitch.  Also at the Royal our boy DJ hit the ring with Summer in Junior Handlers once more and she was placed 2nd in the 10-13 years State Finals which was a massive thrill for her and then seperately on Sweepstakes day Summer also placed 3rd with DJ in the RNA Handlers Class.  Summer has now travelled back home to Mackay and we wish her ongoing success with her much loved hobby of dog showing.  It will be a quiet while now showing for us as Bubbles is due to whelp this week.

Brett with Merlin in Group Specials judging at the Brisbane Royal

Daughter PK and Merlin together at the Brisbane Royal


3rd August 2010

Well our 2010 show year just gets better and better when Salem won RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW at the Northern Classic Kennel Club Championship Show on the weekend and in the process qualified as a Queensland Dog Of The Year Finalist, our first ever!   Salem is now the 3rd Pom in the Pomquest show team to win an All Breeds Best in Show or Runner Up this year.  Also on the day our young boy DJ re-united with junior handler Summer Aprile-Field to win 1st Place of 11 entrants in the 10-13 years handler class.  Summer will now be handling DJ in the State Finals on Saturday at the Queensland Royal Show.  We wish Summer well :-)



Outside of the show scene our young boy DJ is also now a proven stud having had his first litter whelp last weekend for an outside Pom breeder.  DJ will be an important part of our future breed planning as he offers both the type and pedigree to compliment the Merlin daughters that we are retaining.

CH Winterspell Warlock handled by Sandy winning Runner Up BEST IN SHOW with judges Ms K Francis (Canada) and Mr F Waring (WA).


18th July 2010

All we can say is that Pop from our latest litter was well named as Pomquest Dare To Dream because yesterday she did what breeders can only dare to dream of by winning BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW making it 2 puppies in the litter of 2 from Merlin and Fizz both now winning the same show award. We knew this litter looked the goods but never could we have wished for such early success.  Soda and Pop look like they sure will be flying the Pomquest prefix flag high in the future.

On Friday our dear little Safari attained her Australian Championship at the Brunswick Valley Kennel Club Championship Show and she will now be known as CH Luarts Sparkling Star. Also on the same day after a 2 week freshen up for Merlin he was very much back on his toes in the ring and won his 7th Best Exhibit in Group for the year so far.

5th July 2010

What an exciting 2 weeks it has been for us.  Firstly we travelled to Rockhampton to stay with family and compete in the Inaugural Toy Dog Club of Central Queensland Specialty Shows.  As we had no Pom babysitter this time we had to take the whole Pomquest gang along so we got the chance to show a big lineup.  One of the attractions to competing in this show was the indoor show ring as we normally only get to show indoors once a year for the Royal Show.  On a flat hard surface Merlin can really show off his lively bouyant movement and he didn't disappoint us by winning BEST IN SHOW.  Merlins littermate brother Salem also made his mark by winning RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW in the Open show held.  It was a great night and the Club Committee should be congratulated for putting on such an excellent debut event.  The next day in the All Breeds Championship Show Merlin capped off a great weekend for us by winning BEST IN SHOW making it 2 BIS and 2 BISS for him in 2 months! We also took delight in offering up our boy DJ to a child handler when approached by her that weekend.  Summer did a great job with DJ on the Saturday night and also had the opportunity to show him on Sunday to win Best Junior in Group with DJ so we were pleased to be able to put a smile on her face.  Summer is a very talented young lady with great potential, it was disappointing though to hear how she was very upset by a breed competitors comments when they should be encouraged.  DJ and Summer will now reunite for the handler classes at the Queensland Royal Show next month.

As exciting as that weekend in Rockhampton was for us this last weekend was the most rewarding as we got to witness one of our home bred puppies debut and do it with a BANG!!! Our up and coming show star Pomquest Dont Ya Wish ("Soda") was handled in his debut shows by top show handler Steve Rhodes who came over from Perth for the weekend.  At Friday's warm up show Steve and Soda won Best Baby Puppy in Group which was a really nice start for them however at the big weekend Championship shows under international judges Soda was awarded a back to back double of BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW's!!!  Steve has been looking for a quality Pom to campaign and we are so pleased to be able to offer him the opportunity to have such an exciting prosepect.  We had a great time hosting Steve for 4 days and he now flys back to Perth today with Soda and we wish them both success.  After a very hectic month travelling and showing for Merlin he really is getting over showing now so we will look to try and freshen him up this month so he is back at his best for the Queensland Royal Show to try and go back to back Best of Breeds after winning last year at only 9 months of age.

Pomquest Dont Ya Wish
Up and coming show star POMQUEST DONT YA WISH with his new handler Steve Rhodes ("MinPinSteve")


15th June 2010

Well it has been a very busy past week for us and a very memorable one too! Last week we flew to visit family and friends at Townsville and we also took along Merlin and Safari with us to show in the North Queensland Toy Dog Club Specialty Shows over the weekend.  There were 3 Championship shows and 2 Open shows held by the Club and it was a beautiful venue with the shows being held within the City Botanical Gardens.  Merlin was only shown in the Championship shows and he won Best of Breed in 2 of them and BEST IN SHOW in 1.  Safari competed in all shows and she won Puppy in Show in 1 Championship show, plus Runner Up Best in Show in 1 Open show and Puppy in Show in both of the Open shows.  Then just last weekend we spread our whole show team out across 4 days of showing on the Queens Birthday weekend.  On day 1 DJ won Best of Breed over Monnie and Safari at our local Caboolture Ag Show.  Then on day 2 we travelled across the border to Murwullimbah where Monnie won Bitch Challenge over very stiff competition to attain her Australian Champion title.  After Sandy had caught her breath from the win she then went on with Monnie to win Best of Breed over Merlin then better yet went on to win Best Exhibit in Group and eventually RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW.  What a way to title!!!  On the same day Safari also won Puppy in Group and the next day DJ won Junior in Group.  Then on the Monday public holiday it was back to Dogs QLD grounds at Durack for us and we brought out Salem for the first time since coming home to his birthplace.  Salem moves like a dream and he strutted his stuff to win Best of Breed and Intermediate in Group under the international judge, but also on the same day Bubbles was shown and she won the final Bitch Challenge she needed to attain her Champion title.  It was great to be able to finish both these closely related Soffies import girls on the same weekend :-)  A big congratulations to their breeder Vinni Jacobsen of Denmark who was very pleased at the results.  CH Soffies Bubbla (imp DEN) and CH Soffies C'mon (imp DEN) should both be mated any week now and we look forward to what these quality bitches can produce.....

The picturesque venue with Merlin winning Best in Show at the North Queensland Toy Dog Championship Show


12th May 2010

Well the 1st May 2010 was a dream come true for us much earlier than we would ever have wished for when Merlin won our first ever BEST IN SHOW award at the South Burnett National Kingaroy Championship Show (winning photos are still to come).  It was a special moment that we will never forget and hope that there will be more ahead for us in future.  Merlin then rounded out the 3 days of showing on the long weekend by then also winning Runner Up in Toy Group in the largest and most competitive show of the weekend.  The very next weekend Merlin won his 4th Best Exhibit in Group award in a month under Toy judge Mr Ben Luxton (SA) and is really on a roll.  Also on that weekend super cute Safari (Luarts Sparkling Star) won her 11th Class in Group award for the year and there is some video of her in action here.

CH Winterspell Wizard wins Best in Group under Mr B Luxton (SA)


25th April 2010

Today our much loved Wookie went on to his new adventure in life to begin his obedience/agility career with his new owner.  Wookie was our first born Pomquest puppy, first Pomquest Australian Champion and hopefully can become our first Pomquest Agility Champion.  He is such an intelligent and athletic Pom so he should do us proud.


19th April 2010

Yesterday it was the debut shows for Merlin's debut litter with his daughters Bonnie and PK exhibited at the Kennel Association of Queensland show.  Both girls are lovely prospects but were overshadowed by their dad's Best Exhibit in Toy Group award.  This is the second consecutive Group win for Merlin after only being sparingly shown so far this year so is a pointer towards a big year ahead for him. You can see video of Merlin in the BIS lineup here.


We now also have 2 wonderful new additions to our breeding program through the acquisition of the quality bitches Soffies C’mon (imp DEN) and Soffies Bubbla (imp DEN).  We are so grateful to Ven Grasso for entrusting them both to us and for us to continue the great start he has made in importing such quality Poms to Australia.  Bubbla is a maternal half-sister to Ven’s outstanding show dog, Ch Soffie’s Buddy, who was the biggest BIS winning Pom in Australia in recent time and Bubbla is sired by Ch Soffie’s Onslow so she is a grand-daughter of Crufts Toy Group winner Ch Finch’s Ovations For Me. C’mon is a grand-daughter of the unequalled USA show dog and sire Puf-Pride Sweet Dreams ("Parker") through Ch Powerpom Eternity and she has already put 2 nice litters on the ground in Australia under Ven’s breeders prefix Neadthav.  This is a very exciting event for us both and it really lifts up our breeding program to another level and we look forward to the impact that these girls will have over the next few years.

3rd April 2010

Last night Fizz (Ch Luarts Superstar Dreams) free whelped her maiden litter with a 120g male pup and a 128g female pup.  Of the 3 litters now sired by our stud Merlin (Ch Winterspell Wizard) this is the one that we are most anticipating with the potential to really be something. Time always tells though, but hopefully there will be a nice show prospect in this litter to be shown in WA.

Fizz admiring her newborn puppies Soda & Pop


28th March 2010

Today Safari (Luarts Sparkling Star) qualified for the Queensland Puppy of the Year Finals by winning Best Minor Puppy in Show at the Sunshine Coast Kennel Club Championship Show.  She is our 2nd qualifier in consecutive years after having Merlin qualify last year for this prestigious event.  Safari has been knocking on the door for a big win having consistently won her Minor Puppy Class in Group this year.  She is as cute as they come and has plenty of show appeal :-) Safari now moves up to Puppy Class in her next show.

Luarts Sparkling Star
Sandy and Safari after their Minor Puppy in Show win.


7th March 2010

It was Merlin's first day out for 5 weeks today and he came home with Best of Breed at the Toy Dog Club of Queensland Championship Show.  He will have another month off yet before starting to get campaigned seriously this year as the weather cools down.  Safari has also been continuing to show great promise as she won Minor Puppy in Show at the Open Show today which follows up her Minor Puppy in Group last weekend which was her 4th for the year.

Luarts Double JeopardyLuarts Sparkling Star
DJ and Safari in action at the Toy Dog Club of QLD Show
(a pair of Luarts!  Luarts Double Jeopardy and Luarts Sparkling Star)


13th February 2010

Today we reached a great milestone for us by titling our first ever Australian Champion with our Pomquest prefix.  We have titled 5 other Poms prior to today in our 3 years of showing but Ch Pomquest A New Player ("Wookie") was our first born so he is very special to us.  Wookie will not be shown again and will get to lead a life full of activity as he is a very very active Pom LOL.  His younger maternal half siblings are now 4 weeks old and we hope there is at least one more Pomquest Champion amongst the 3 of them :-)


31st January 2010

Late last night Rothlynne Enola Gay ("Bobby") had to have a c-section to deliver her 2 puppies as she unfortunately had Uterine Inertia.  Mother and babies are all well and we now have another Pomquest litter comprising an orange boy and a sable girl.  Bobby is a great structured show size bitch with an extremely thick harsh coat and we will be watching this litter mature with interest being the second litter sired by Merlin but the first as an outcross mating.


16th January 2010

Early this morning our bitch Jill successfully whelped 3 puppies (2 sable girls and an orange boy).  Both mother and puppies are healthy.  This litter is the debut progeny of our good show dog Merlin who ended up being the No.1 Rising Star in Australia in the Dogzonline Pomeranian Breed Point Score for 2009 (see results here). This litter is also a 2x3 cross of the outstanding bitch Ch Luarts Miss Lambada (who won the Royal Queensland Show Puppy Sweepstakes) so to say that we are super excited about it is an understatement!

Winterspell Sara Nade
Jill and her litter of Merlin babies

Merlins No.1 Pomeranian Rising Star Competition Australia Dogzonline Pointscore 2009 Certificate


23rd November 2009

Well we have returned from our journey to Sydney to compete in the Pomeranian Club of NSW Show and the Dogs NSW Spring Fair and it was a very successful trip for us.  At the Specialty Show held on the first night, Merlin won Junior in Show and also won the Best Head class which was a great start.  There were 83 Poms entered in the show and the Committee put on an excellent event and as always it was great to catch up with our friends and fellow exhibitors interstate.  The Spring Fair shows were held during the day and under very trying hot conditions.  Fortunately we came well prepared for the heat and Merlin showed his heart out winning a double of Junior in Groups but best of all won Best of Breed in one of the 2 shows we competed in.  That BOB win had a lot of merit as the Pom Specialty winner, this years Sydney Royal BOB winner and this years Melbourne Royal Toy Group winner were all competing.  We were very excited with that win in having the young dog being put up from well down the Challenge lineup and Merlin clearly has a big future ahead of him.  Before travelling down to these shows Brett had just returned from a short visit to the UK and was fortunate to attend a Toy Specialty Show as well as visiting a number of Pom breeders.  One of these were the Walkers from Scotland who had visited us earlier in the year.  Brett learnt a lot from the trip and established some good contacts and should be returning again in early 2010.

Leslie and Rita Walker with their young Poms Magic and Queenie showing off their Pom number plate in the VERY crisp Scottish morning! 


1st November 2009
Today our young man Merlin (Winterspell Wizard) attained his Australian Championship title at 12 months of age.  He has been an excellent showring performer for us already though he still has a lot of challenges ahead of him continuing to mix it with the best over the next few years.
13th September 2009
Our sweet girl Sophie (Solinca What It Takes) attained her Australian Championship title today at 13 months of age.  We are proud to have titled Sophie for both Vicky Spiteri and Margaret Munro.  Many thanks to Chris Hatfield for helping Sophie reach this milestone as she achieved almost half of her required 100 points when being shown by Chris and her daughter Cassie on our behalf.



16th August 2009
What a last couple of weeks this has been for us.  Merlin first carts off the Best of Breed award for the Royal Queensland Show and then a week later wins Best of Breed and Puppy in Show at the Toy Dog Club of Queensland Specialty Show!  He broke the traditional hoodoo and was able to take out both BOB's at these major shows which was a great thrill.  In doing so Merlin is also qualified for the Queensland Puppy of the Year Finals.  After doing so well recently he will be having a very quiet next 2 months as his reward, before he goes back in the ring as he turns 12 months and seeks to attain his championship title.  Also today our baby boy DJ (Luarts Double Jeopardy) made his show debut and won Baby of Breed from a class of 3 so that was a good start for his show career (see video here).

Winterspell Wizard
Merlin wins Best of Breed from the puppy class over 3 x BIS winners!



25th July 2009
Today Fizz (Luarts Superstar Dreams) attained her title of Australian Champion at 14 months of age.  We now look forward in anticipation of what Fizz can produce in her pending career as a mother during 2010.  On an aside, today another landmark has been reached for Pomquest with our website now having had 10,000 visits since being launched in September 2007.



20th July 2009
We are back from a flying visit to Sydney for the Winter International Championship Shows and what a weekend it was for us!  The trip was planned around the AGM for the Pomeranian Club of NSW and focussed on having the opportunity to once again socialise with the NSW exhibitors and view their current show dogs.  With 39 Poms entered we were not expecting to come home with anything more than experience.  We only took down Merlin (Winterspell Wizard) with us who just graduated to Puppy class at 9 months old and we would have been pleased if we managed to win Puppy of Breed but in the first show the Canadian judge placed him as Reserve of Breed which was a massive thrill and our biggest ever breed win being placed over a big lineup of quality adult Poms.  Merlin was also awarded Puppy in Group in that show and was the only Pom to win a class in Group in the second show where he scored the double for the weekend by the Swedish judge awarding him Puppy in Group as well.  Luck really was with us on the weekend as Sandy also won the Pomeranian Club raffle and we were also very fortunate to take home with us a tiny fluffy package that we are super excited about ........ you can see here on video :-)  The weekend was even more special when Merlins littermate brother Salem (Winterspell Warlock) won a double of Best of Breeds and Junior in Groups at Central QLD Championship Shows with Chris Hatfield and he also won Best Exhibit in Group in the Open Show.  What a great litter that has turned out to be!

Winterspell Wizard
Merlin proudly standing in the Puppy in Show lineup at the Sydney Winter Internationals



28th June 2009
This week we were pleased to have been visited by a lovely Scottish couple on holidays in Australia.  Rita and Les Walker of Kerita Pomeranians have been breeders of very long standing in Scotland and in fact Eve Smail of Toybox Pomeranians purchased her first Pom from Rita and Les so that shows just how long :-)  One of the past imports from the UK to Australia, Pakovs Pinch O Snuff, was sired by their dog Kerita Moonbeam so they were pleased to see him in amongst our dogs pedigrees.  It was great to have had the opportunity to discuss Poms with such knowledgeable breeders and then also have them come visit us at a show in Lismore and give us some nice tips.  Merlin flew the flag on the day at Lismore winning Best Of Breed and Minor In Group which has been a continuation of a great past month for him in the showring.  Earlier on the weekend Fizz won Junior in Group from a big lineup which was a great result for her too.



10th May 2009
We had an enjoyable and successful weekend away at Grafton for the Clarence Canine Festival with Merlins performance a standout for us.  It is rare to see a 6 months old Pom win an 11 point Best Of Breed, but in a good lineup of older dogs Merlin did it twice over the weekend with one of them awarded to him by a 30 year Breed Specialist which was great.  Merlin also won Minor Puppy In Group 3 out of 3 days and he went on to win Minor Puppy In Show on the last day which capped the weekend off perfectly.  He is only just coming out of his uglies now so we are really looking forward to showing him over the next couple of months as his adult coat comes through properly as he is a very exciting show prospect.  Also on the weekend Fizz performed quite well too winning Bitch Challenge 2 out of 3 times and was Reserve Of Breed once.  Spud had a rare outing in the show ring on the weekend but wasn't up to his little nephew Merlin and had to be satisfied with one Reserve Of Breed.  Spud won't be shown again until August for the Brisbane Royal Show which is likely to be his swansong show.



13th April 2009
Today we have completed the last of the shows that we have exhibited at during our travelling holiday through Victoria and New South Wales.  We attended 2 show weekends in each state during our 6 week holiday and it was great to once again meet and compete against some of the most successful breeders and exhibitors in Australia.  We did have some success along the way with Merlin winning two Best Baby Puppy In Group awards and both Wookie and Spud winning a Best Of Breed award each.  The highlight for us was attending the Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty Show on Easter Sunday where Wookie won Best Opposite Sex Junior In Show to give us our first ever Specialty Show Sash for Pomquest.  Sandy is now the Publicity Officer for the Club and we look forward to returning again for the next show in November at the NSW Spring Fair.

You can't get much closer to the water than this!  Our campsite at Shellharbour NSW. 


8th February 2009
We had a successful weekend away at the Allora Kennel Club shows.  Firstly our boy Merlin (Winterspell Wizard) won Best Baby Puppy In Show for the Open Show which was a good start.  In the first Championship Show of the weekend Boo (Cupidtown Anniversary) won Best Of Breed and in doing so she earnt enough Challenge points to achieve her Australian Championship title.  It has been a while coming but it was very exciting to go out on a high with her winning a 10 point Challenge.  Boo will now be a treasured companion for our daughter Brooke.  In the second Championship Show of the weekend Wookie (Pomquest A New Player) won Best Of Breed with Fizz (Luarts Superstar Dreams) winning Bitch Challenge. All up it was a great weekend away for us at some of the best showrings we have ever competed on which are a credit to the Allora Committee.  We now will be having a break from the showring for about 6 weeks and then we will be embarking on a 6 week travelling holiday through NSW and VIC picking up a few dog shows along the way, the most important of which are the Sydney Royal and the Pomeranian Club of NSW Specialty Show.
2nd November 2008
We had a very successful weekend at the Maryborough Kennel Club shows with all our 4 Poms perfoming admirably.  On the Saturday Wookie in his first day out of Baby class was Runner Up of Breed in a line up of 10 Poms including a number of titled dogs including his older Uncle Spud so that was a great start for Wookie (he also was Best Puppy of Breed both days from 3 in his class).  Later Fizz went on to be awarded Best Baby in Group for her first major award.  On Sunday Spud strutted his stuff to win Best of Breed and this time Boo was Runner Up of Breed making it 2 Bitch Challenges for her on the weekend and 18 points towards her title.  In the Group Specials Spud went on to be awarded Best Statebred in Group and Fizz picked up the double for the weekend by again winning Best Baby in Group.  From a good lineup of Babys each day it was a huge weekend for Fizz as is rare for a Pom to win being a week shy of turning 6 months amidst her uglies stage.  It says a lot for how well structued Fizz is.  We look forward to when she coats up!

Luarts Superstar Dreams
Fizz proudly showing off her double Baby in Group sashes


15th September 2008

Panda is now the proud mother of 3 baby boys.  It was a big scare as they were 7 days premature and came at a rush but all seems to be ok.  They were 104g, 105g and 131g at birth.  This litter was sired by Amorea Dark Sandshells. Congratulations to owners Sue and Daryl and well done Pandy Bear!!!

Winterspell Witchcraft
Panda and her litter of 3 boys
29th August 2008



Today a new little girl arrived with us.  Luarts Superstar Dreams is 16 weeks old and was bred by Lucy Hanza of Luarts Pomeranians in NSW.  With her lively attitude she has been named Fizz! 

Luarts Superstar Dreams 
Fizz trying out her new bed





10th August 2008
Brett returned today from a business trip to the USA and was fortunate to call in and meet a local breeder at Kansas City where he was at a conference.  Julia Smith of CJ Pomeranians is blessed with having a number of different sons and daughters of Parker (Puf-Pride Sweet Dreams), the greatest show Pom in the USA having won 43 BIS and 14 BISS awards!  Julias lines are also heavily influenced by Travis the famous black Pom Finch's He Walks On Water who has been the #1 Stud Dog in the USA multiple times.  It was a pleasure to see so many small in stature but strong in structure Poms that have such fantastic movement.  The great temperaments, nice heads and correct coats is a bonus.  Many thanks to Julia and Chesters hospitality and hopefully there will be some Parker/Travis influence come down under in 2009.



22nd April 2008
Our debut Pomquest litter was born today with Jill having a baby boy.  He is sired by Amorea Dark Sandshells (Cisco) who is a lovely dog throwing great puppies. Cisco is also very well bred being a maternal half brother to Grand Ch. Amorea Mazouri and he has a double cross of the quality Canadian import Aust/Can Ch. Chinadolls Quinderia Fly Solo.

Jill getting to know her new baby boy



16th March 2008
A new boarder joined us today in Aust. Ch. Winterspell Witchcraft.  Panda is a maternal half-sister to Spud and Jill and we hope to show her later in the year but in the meantime she will just be a lap dog which she is highly credentialed at being!

Winterspell Witchcraft
CH Winterspell Witchcraft - Lap Dog Extraordinaire!!!



10th February 2008
After wanting to do this for so long, today we finally were able to show our littermates Spud and Jill together in a Brace Sweepstakes at the Bundaberg Championship Show.  They are two peas in a pod and looked lovely in the ring together.

Winterspell Picollo & Winterspell Sara Nade
CH Winterspell Picollo and his sister Winterspell Sara Nade admire their 2nd place sash for the Brace Sweepstakes



31st December 2007
Our first year of exhibiting Poms is complete and it was a big learning experience for us and we look forward in anticipation to many years showing and breeding ahead.  Spud has done very well in the final 2007 Dogzonline National Pointscore for Pomeranians being placed 3rd out of 22 entrants in the Puppy Of The Year Competition and 10th of 36 entrants in the Show Dog Of The Year Competition and he was the highest placed juvenile in the open age results. See all the results at this link Dogzonline 2007 Show Dog Competition



4th November 2007
Spud is now AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Winterspell Picollo!!!  At the two Maryborough Kennel Club Championship Shows this weekend he secured another 21 Challenge points and has now qualified for his Championship title.  On the Saturday Spud was awarded RESERVE IN GROUP ahead of 85 exhibits including this years Royal Brisbane Show Best In Show winner which was a great achievement for our little man. Spud has achieved his title at 14 months old and along the way he has been judged ahead of 18 different Pomeranians in Championship shows this year (most of them older dogs) so he deserves his award.  We are both so excited at achieving Spud's title having ourselves only just started showing this year.  The Maryborough shows were Boos first as a Minor Puppy and she has now started her journey towards a Championship title picking up points on the weekend as well.

Winterspell Picollo
Winterspell Picollo wins Reserve In Group at the Maryborough Kennel Club Championship Show
and in the process gains his much deserved Australian Champion title!



14th October 2007
This weekend we traveled down to Sydney for the NSW Pomeranian Club Specialty Show to gain more experience in the breed by meeting more exhibitors and breeders, seeing more quality show dogs and also to view potential stud dogs for the upcoming breeding of our girl Winterspell Sara Nade.  At the show it was nice too that we were able to see Spud and Jills older half-sister Aust. Ch. Winterspell Witchhazel for the first time.

Winterspell Witchhazel
CH Winterspell Witchhazel at the NSW Pomeranian Club Specialty Show



4th August 2007
Today was a fantastic show debut for the Pomquest show team at the Isis and District Canine Club Championship Show. with Winterspell Picollo winning BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP.  Spud was only 11 months when winning this award in beating 61 in the Toy Group.  To add to Spud's great success on the weekend he also won BEST PUPPY IN SHOW making it 2 consecutive wins for him in that class.  This was also the debut show for Cupidtown Anniversary and she was awarded BEST BABY PUPPY IN GROUP.  Boo was a very well behaved little girl and looks to have the outgoing attitude to be a success in the show ring....

Winterspell Picollo wins Best Exhibit In Group, Puppy Sweepstakes and Best Puppy In Show at Isis & District Canine Club Championship Show


25th July 2007

Although we became members of the Canine Control Council Queensland in 2006 when purchasing our first registered Pomeranian, "POMQUEST" was officially born today having had registered our breeders prefix with the Australian National Kennel Club. We hope for this to be the start of a long and successful breeding program to improve on the quality of the Pomeranian breed in this country.