The Basset Hound Club of Victoria Inc.

Puppy Sales

Litters occur throughout the year to various breeders and members of the club.
All our member's puppies are carefully bred and raised with love...and you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices the members charge, this varies widely but we are generally much cheaper than the Pet Shops...and we only want our babies to go to loving homes where they will be part of the family. 

There is nothing more cuddly than a baby Basset pup, long ears, big feet and a purpose in life...but they are so vulnerable, just babies, so don't be surprised when the breeder asks a lot of questions about your lifestyle, it's quite hard when the breeder has to pack their little suitcases and send then to their new homes.   Many a tear has been shed by the breeder after the little darlings have gone off in the new owner's car.

If you would like further details on obtaining a puppy or their care please contact the Secretary.


This is a free service provided to our members.
There are a few simple rules to it.
First your pups must be registered and you must have been a member of the Basset Hound Club of Victoria Inc. for the last 12 months.
Next you phone the Puppy Listing Officer and let her know that you have puppies for sale.
You must phone weekly and let her know what you have left.
It is your responsibility to let her know immediately when all your litter is sold.
If you have not phoned for two weeks then we will assume that all the litter has been sold.
It is also a requirement that you hand all buyers membership forms.
The use of the club's facilities is free to, VCA, our phone, walks etc....this is your bit back to the club.
Membership forms can be obtained from the secretary or downloaded from this website Here. This is how we build membership.
Remember you must also be a financial member of the VCA and have registered your puppies for us to be able to sell them.


Contact Details

Julie Lehmann (Secretary)
Toora, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0418 545 522
Email : [email protected]