About Us

I started showing in 1967 with German Shepherds, then along came English Springer Spaniels who we were quite successful with.  During that period we also showed and bred one litter of English Setters  and also owned and showed a Bedlington terrier for a very short period of time. Then came American Cocker Spaniels while they were a lot of work they are a lovely breed. These were all bred under the Sierra prefix there was a parting of the ways from my first husband who retained that prefix.


I married Joe Jarvisto in 1983 and we continued to show English Springer Spaniels and breed under our new prefix "Hoomee". In 1985 we purchased a Black Pug called Fareastern Hei Yun or "Yum Yum" as she was known and my daughter Sam mostly showed her. Well that little black pug not only came into our home she buried herself into  our hearts and the rest as they say is history. We had only black pugs until about 1996 when we took on an old fawn pug called Bill.


One of my greatest loves is "Chuck" Grand Champion Hoomee American Advocate.
This little man stole my heart and soul the moment he was born and was a true show dog he recently celebrated his 14th birthday and still comes to shows with me where he takes up his normal position of sitting on top of the trolley so he can see whats going on around him in the show ring.


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Jackie Jarvisto
Walcha, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0429866292
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