Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a registered breeder?

Yes, I am registered with Dogs NSW which is the state body of the Australian National Kennel Club.
Dogs NSW Member - 2100075619 Please contact Dogs NSW on email: [email protected] to verify my membership.

How much do you sell puppies for?

I sell male pet puppies for $3000, female pet puppies for $3500. For Main Registration please contact me directly. 

How much deposit do I have to pay?

We ask for a $1000 deposit to hold a puppy. This deposit is refundable if you change your mind.

Can I pay a deposit on pups that are not born yet?

No, it is unfair for me to take a deposit on unborn pups as I can not guarantee they will be born alive and healthy.
You are welcome to pay a deposit once pups are born and are healthy.

What is Puppy Culture?

Please copy and paste this link to your browser for a detialed description to find a detailed description of Puppy Culture

Are you negotiable on price?


What breeds do you breed?

Russian Toys and Chihuahuas (please note we are not currently breeding Russian Toys and will not have any Russian Toy puppies available for a few years)

Do you sell cross breed dogs or designer dogs?

No, we only breed purebred pedigrees dogs

How do you prove your dogs are good enough to breed?

Our dogs are health checked yearly. We also compete in confirmation showing to have judges assess our dogs conformation and temperaments.

Do you health test?

Yes, each breed has specific health issues which we work with our vets to determine the best way to test for those issues.

Will I get to choose the pup I want?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. As the breeder I will choose the pup I'd like to keep first. Then as personalities develop, I will liaise with families to ensure the right pup is matched to the right family.

Will you send me regular updates on how the pups are going?

I will send weekly updates only. I spend a lot of time caring for my dogs and raising using puppy culture protocols. I also work full time so please be patient and wait for updates on weekends

When can I take my new puppy home?

Pups are usually ready around 10-12 weeks depending on their developmental stage. Some mature early and others are late bloomers.

What do I get with my puppy?

An airline approved crate to with a familiar blanket inside
Some familiar premium quality food, we raise our pups on Ziwi Peak
A booklet with some information about the breed and care tips as well as a copy of your pups vaccination details, comprehensive health check and desexing details.

Do I get papers with my pup?

Yes, all our pups come with Australian National Kennel Club pedigree papers from Dogs NSW.

When will I get my pedigree papers?

Dogs NSW will send pedigree papers directly to new owners in most cases. They are sent via registered mail and will need to be signed for at the post office. Dogs NSW usually takes 2-3 weeks to send pedigree papers to new owners.

What happens with the microchip registration?

On the day you collect your puppy you will sign your pups microchip paperwork or if the pup is being transported to you I will sign on your behalf. I will give you a copy to keep and I will send a copy off to council to have the microchip transferred in to your name.
You are also welcome to take a copy to your local council to ensure the microchip database is updated an the pups microchip is in your name incase they become lost.
You are required by law to register your pup with council by the age of 6 months, there is a fee you will need to pay, this please contact your local council to find out more information.

Can I come and visit the puppies when they are born?

No, first visits are not until pups are a bit older as mums find it far to stressful to have unknown people come to our home when they are protective of their babies. Timing will depend on mums and pups and what is best for them. Usually by 6 weeks we can start to have small puppy socialising parties with visitors.

Will my pup be house trained when it comes home?

While we start the process of house training, young pups will not know the rules at a new home, you will need to train the puppy where it can toilet in their new home. The puppies mums have already taught the pups to toilet outside via a dog door and away from their food, water and sleeping areas. Puppies do have accidents and have tiny bladders to you will need to ensure you are supervising and showing your pup where they can toilet.

Do you always have puppies available?

No we don’t sorry. As much as we love puppies we generally tend to breed when we have a reason to.

Where do you advertise your puppies?

Mostly on

What do you do to ensure you are an ethical breeder?

We follow the Department of Primary Industries Code of Practice for breeding dogs as well as Dogs NSW Code of Practice.

Contact Details

Beth Skybinsky
Penrith, NSW, Australia
Email : [email protected]