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The Courier Mail Brisbane 3rd October 1935

Wolf-Hound Chased

Warwick Wednesday

The Australian dingo, whether cross-bred or pure, resents the intrusion of a foreigner. Attending a deputation from the Warwick district land and stock owners to Messrs J.J. Healy and P.J.R. Hilton, Ms L.A. the Land Commissioner (Mr J. Purcell) related an incident that gave point to this.  A property owner between Warwick and Toowoomba, had been losing heifers through the attacks of dingoes, and finally decided to see if an imported Irish wolf-hound could not shift the dogs from his property.

Everyone was invited to go see the wolf-hound in action. The dog was let loose, and he disappeared around the mountain. In five minutes a rustling of leaves and a crashing of undergrowth was heard, and then round the side of the mountain came the dingoes, “And how they came!” said Mr Purcell, “but the wolf-hound was in front!”


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