Puppy Enquiries

Buying a puppy is a serious responsibility that takes time, research and care.

Are you willing to make a life time commitment to provide LOVE, CARE & TRAINING for the life of this dog? If the answer is NO.
Then you should reconsider your intention to purchase a German Shepherd puppy for your family.

The Puppy Inquiry Form is the first impression we have of a puppy's potential home/family – some details should be given about your family structure:- 

  • the type of home you are offering,
  • what housing will be available for a puppy/older dog,
  • do you have other animals and if so what,
  • will your puppy be an inside or outside dog,
  • what training you are planning to do with your German Shepherd Dog - if training isn't one of your priorities then I suggest you consider whether a German Shepherd should be your new family companion as these dogs must receive training as should any dog.
  • who will be responsible for feeding and care of the puppy,
  • and of course any other information you think relevant.

Puppy purchase price, $2200 includes registration papers, microchip and transfer papers, puppy booklet, diet chart, contract of sale & a full DNA profile of your puppy and the health tests undertaken, 1st injections and regularly wormed.

 An email in the first instance with full details of your name and full address, telephone number and family structure would be appreciated. Points to address include in your emails should address the following please.

Have you had GSD’s prior?

Do you have other animals, if so what and how many?

Is your yard secure?

Where will your puppy sleep and inside or outside?

Name and address of your local vet who could provide a reference if required.

Are you a member of any dog club, if so which ones?

Your intentions with a puppy:

            Family pet

            Conformation showing      - All breeds

                                                      - Speciality




All enquiries who have provided the relevant information will be responded to.

Contact Details

Jen Eaton
East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0427196038
Email : [email protected]