Mother of the Menagarie

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Introducing the start of the Menagarie:

Australian Champion Fraelighte From aDistnce 

30 September 2000 - 10 September 2009 

When I was ready to welcome a new ESS into my life, I again contacted the ESSAQ offering an older dog a new home.  I got an email that would change my life from Kaye McGhie from Fraelighte English Springer Spaniels offering a bitch.  Sabrina and Fallon (the best friend she grew up with) had a falling out and as Fallon was still being actively shown, Kaye graciously allowed Sabrina to come and live with me.

However, she was to have another throw at the show ring dice in the first Veteran Class offered at the ESSAQ Champ show in 2008.  It was to my absolute delight that she took Veteran in Show 2008 and this was also my first foray into the world of conformation showing.  Please go and have a look at the Photos page for the evidence that a Tri-coloured bitch can rule the ring!

Sabrina and I were inseperable, she loved coming nearly everywhere with me, even if it was just for a quick trip in the car to the shops.  We enjoyed our nightly exploratory walks around the neighbourhood and she loved practicing her gundog skills on the football oval by 'springing' the birds from the grass. Her one failing was at swimming - she gave it her best shot but swam about as well as a house brick! She had to content herself with paddling in the shallows where those pesky ducks were just out of her reach. 

We had a magical 18 months together, but sadly Sabrina thought it looked interesting over the Rainbow Bridge, and 3 weeks short of her 9th birthday, she decided that she was going to investigate and broke my heart forever when she left us without warning in September 2009.  At the same time Lora (another Fraelighte bitch) who resided in WA was also going over the Bridge and I like to think that the girls went together, and are frolicking in the sunshine in health and happiness until we meet again!

That is not to say that she is not still the Mother of the Menagarie, and the origin of my obsession with 'eyebrows' on ESS, with the story continuing....


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