Others On Loan To Trenzalore

Over the years, as my handling skills have improved and we (the dogs and I) have proven our trust worthyness plus making showing our full time hobby, we have had several dogs up to show 'on loan' as we call it.  This dog showing lark all started with being talked into showing Crystal at the ESSAQ show in 2010 to make up numbers, to now having our own 'VanESSa' to ferry us to shows on a weekly basis. So here is a short but growing list of doggos we have had a hand in showing to their championship titles and some happy snaps of their time here at The Menagarie (plus visit Presto, Ziggy, Alfie and Willow on their own pages):

**Milo** Champion Fieldspan Pursuit Of Happiness [Field Spaniel]

Milo came for a long weekend to show at Queensland's first CACIB show - this show allowed Milo to gain the third CC towards his International Certificate of Beauty and happily we aided Jo (his owner) in crowning him the first Field Spaniel in Australia to gain this title! Milo is Willow's sire.

**Jagger** American Champion, Champion Upland's Got The Moves (Imp USA) [Field Spaniel]

Jagger came to Trenzalore from Linda Blaser in the USA for the express purpose of gaining his Australian Championship - which he achieved in 2018. He has not been shown since he returned to his Australian owner but has sired at least two litters of puppies, a couple of which have dipped their paws into the show ring.

**Devlin** Champion Sunfire Dancing On The DarkSide [American Cocker Spaniel]

Devlin belongs to our friend Sharyn and he came out and about with the girls and I all over SEQ to help Sharyn gain his Australia Championship. He is a lot of fun to show as he just loves the show ring, and we hope to show him again in the future.

**Kiwi** Champion Dawnus Cheese All Black [Field Spaniel]

Kiwi came up to Queensland for a show weekend while her owner Steph from Dawnus was incapacitated and what a joy she was to have here. Kiwi is another black fieldie (just how we like them) and a half sister to our Alfie (through their father Onyx).  She easily adapted to the change in location and handler and romped her way across the five shows with a wagging tail and the weekend of showing took her just shy of her title.  Harlow was delighted to have a friend of her own age to frolic with and it was hard to put her back on the plane to go home!


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