*****NEWS NEWS*****


Festive Fiesta >>December<<

We picked up a special delivery from the airport for the Fiesta - you guessed it - a black fieldie!!! Kiwi (Dawnus Cheese All Black) is Alfie's half sister and came for a quick Show-cation to add to her points while her mum Steph is in a moon boot.  She fitted in here like she had always been here, just like her brother from another mother and we had the best time showing her - wiggling and all.  Stevie managed two RU Neuter In Groups (one open one champ) and Bubble got some points and a RU NIG (open). Harlow got a sore leg so sat out half of the shows unfortunately!  

Vale "Kitty" 04/09/2004~19/12/2019

Kitty came to us as a 5 week old kitten who fitted in the palm of one hand.  She was named for Sully, the blue monster from Monster's Inc - whom Boo (the little girl) called Kitty - as she was a right little monster as a baby.  She never answered to anything else anyway.  She was the first Menagarie member I introduced any new doggo member to, so she could stamp her mark on them. She was raised by Charlie and Abra so half thought she was a springer spaniel anyway.  I never intended to get another cat after the loss of my beloved 'Horse', but she wriggled her way into our lives and hearts.  She fought valiantly against kidney and spleen cancer but I let her slip over The Rainbow Bridge when it all got too much for her little body to bear.  15 years of pure love - she will be missed beyond words.

Northern Classic Kennel Club >>November<<

Another show for all three girls in the lead up to the end of the show year.  Success with all three getting their CC's but Bug was the star of the night with a 12 point Neuter In Group! Bubble was aptly run around by the other half of Team Friday, Karen now that her boys are basically retired.

DQ Bush Fire Charity Show >>November<<

Queensland and NSW have been rocked badly by multiple deadly bush fires in Sept & Oct so the dog community really pulled together to put on a show to raise much needed funds for local rural fire brigades and SES.  Almost $30 000 was raised, so to do our bit all three girls had a run around in support. The aim of the show for us was to do our bit for our fellows with entry and donation money - and the marmalade from the jam stall was just a bonus!!!

Best of Winners ~ Neuter

Several years ago a dedicated team revived the Open show end of year invitational, which we also sponsor the ribbons for, as Team Trenzalore are huge supporters of the Neuter Class. Stevie qualified multiple times this year, when Bubble qualified last year we were in Melbourne so couldn't attend. We went, not expecting to even make it through the first round but she got through the first unanimously, then went through to the Final 8!! So very proud of her

Combined Northern Rivers Kennel Club  >>November<<

Our favourite location!  But bloody windy! All three girls came for a spin, seeing as they were all still pretty from Cup Day. Stevie was the star - she was RU neuter to her mate Gabby, then went RUNIG to Gabby in a large line up of neuters, including our Bubble, then bugger me she went RU NEUTER IN SHOW to Gabby! What a day for Ricochez!!!! It was a day of seconds - but great seconds as we also piloted our yellow labrador girl Annie to RBCC in good company.

Maree Kennel Club Cup Day Show >>November<<

All three girls came for a spin around the rings - Retiree Bubble was a bit put out that she had to strut her stuff - but strut she did - 11 point Neuter In Group!!! Harlow was the only bitch so got her 6 points and Stevie the Scruff was RU to Gabby. Nice day to be frocked up but holy moly the wind! RIP several gazebos!!!

Tweed River Agricultural Show >>November<<

Only Harlow today as neuters aren't welcome at this ag show unfortunately! And although she may have not done any good, we did manage to get DCC/BOB with Chevvy and BCC/RuBOB with Annie - both lovely yellow labradors belonging to our dear friend Carole in really good company! Pretty chuffed with that win given I am certainly not an expert labrador handler!

OCTOBERFEST [Caboolture and Beenleigh Kennel Clubs] >>October<<

We entered 5 of the 6 shows and we did not do as well as we might have hoped but we knew that the judges would not be 'right' for Harlow and we took a gamble entering Stevie. She did manage a 9 point Neuter In Group in fine company and her points for the weekend bring us ever so close to the 200 mark! The real joy was showing our dear Marshmallow Doggo - Paddington the Clumber who is the best mate of our dear friend Lyn.  So pleased he decided I was a good enough substitute for his MarMar - he won't go with just anyone! Not many shows to enter in October...

Kyogle Kennel Club and Kyogle P&A Society   >>September<<

Hot little 4 day camping weekend where all of the girls took a turn! Thursday saw Bubble take 2nd in Veteran Sweeps, Stevie was RUNIG and Harlow RBCC. Friday saw Stevie take NIG and Harlow was RUBOB/RBCC to her mother. Saturday at the ag show saw Stevie take 2nd in Neuter sweeps and Harlow adding a BCC of 7 points to her total - she's half way now! And the final day saw Stevie take another NIG. The greater team also saw the corgi's take a few ribbons as well and our friend Kerry-Anne's Larona baby boy take two Baby of Breed ribbons in company. So our aim for the weekend was for everyone to get a ribbon - and they all got at least one ribbon each! Goals achieved! We also helped out a little marshmallow clumber called Sebastion take a minor puppy in group! Success all around!

Sporting Spaniel Club Of Queensland  Blue show Red Show >>September<<

Two champ shows for Harlow, one each for Bubble and Stevie. Stevie managed RUNIS and we won the raffle.  Better luck next year!

Allora Kennel Club  >>September<<

Our favourite camping weekend! Although it is VERY dry out at Allora the club put on a supurb weekend and have done a great job with the dog grounds -  a FAR cry from the year of mud hell in 2016! Stevie was the only one to pick up a frilly and points - she won 2 out of 3 neuter of breeds plus one RUNIG.  Harlow also managed a RUBCC over some fine competition - the points elluded us though!


It was nerve wracking waiting for news from Spring Fair to hear how our fieldie friends went with their CACIB show - we are proud to announce that Milo Fieldie gained his fourth CACIB to name him the first field in Australia to gain the Certificate of International Beauty! Not to be outdone, Bubble's son Ice gained his fouth as well! And the old girl of the team, Moo, got her third! Well done everyone!

Gold Coast Show Society  >>August<<

Harlow was the only ESS entered so she added another 6 points to her total - inching closer to the half way mark! Poor old Stevie's run of lousy luck continues....

Gundog and Heavy Breeds  >>August<<

Harlow was reserve challenge, Stevie was reserve challenge. At least they matched LOLZ

Royal Brisbane Agricultural Show  >>August<<

Harlow's first time at the Ekka and although she did not place, she took it all in her stride and had a great time.  She spent time on the Pat-A-Puppy stand and managed to eat her weight in BlackHawk dog bikkies from a generous public.  She didn't bat an eyelid with the noise, unfamiliar location or the crowds.  Better luck next year!

ADVANCE Pacific International + FCI Show   >>July<<   **NEW CHAMPION**

A little while ago our Friend with Fieldies Jo Reimer asked Team Trenzalore if we would host her gorgeous brown boy Milo (Ch Fieldspan Pursuit of Happiness) for the weekend with the aim of getting his third CACIB.  If a dog gets four CACIB in three different states with different judges they can add International Certificate of Beauty under the FCI rules to their titles.  So armed with a new frock and popcorn chicken Milo and I strutted our stuff to Best of Breed with him wagging his tail and being a perfect gentleman.  His lovely mate Moo (Grand Ch Wintergem Flyin Nuhrizn ET) also flew up for the day and got her 2nd one! We also showed the Trenzalore girls at all of the other shows and were delighted at how the weekend went. Stevie won 3 of the 4 Neuter in Groups + RU at the other and enough points with heaps to spare to gain her Neuter Championship!  Harlow also rocked two of the shows by coming RuBOB [over competition] to Bubble's son Ice (Supreme Champion Fraelighte Frozen To Touch (AI)) and adding 12 points to her growing total.  We all had a glorious weekend with supurb weather with great company!  Counting down to Ekka now.....

Beenleigh Kennel Club  >>July<<

WOOPS! Got very bamboozled and entered the wrong day and didn't go to work when we should have! Sorry Boss! But Stevie now has enough points for her neuter title IF we hadn't have lost her NSW CC which we need to submit - WOOPS again! So close but no cigar!

Rosewood A & H Association Inc   >>July<<

Rosewood's turn this year! Stevie gains another RuNIG and Harlow had fun just having a run around. Always a glorious day out in a paddock in the country!

Laidley A & I Show >>July<<

Very overcast day for a show but not nearly as soggy as when we debuted MacNeuter at this show 2 years ago! We were unlucky this time round but had a lovely day out nevertheless - there is always another show!

Woodford A P & I Association  >> June<<

We haven't been up to this show in a few years as it is usually on a Saturday and as we tend to only do Friday shows in Ag Show season we usually can't make this one. But this year the show society decided to have the dog section on the Friday so we thought we'd venture up north - and aren't we glad we did! Harlow was the only ESS so she got her points, and Stevie was RuNIG so another 6 points for her too.  So we stuck around on a gorgeous (albeit a freezing start) day as we were parked right near a lovely coffee van to wait for NIS, not expecting to need to go in. However the cocker got neuter in show so we went on in and blow us down Stevie-Bug was awarded RuNIS!!!! There was a lovely line-up of great neuters out there so we felt even more honoured! She is ever so close to her title now and has won some great ribbons along the way!

Lowood Show Society  >>June<<

No great luck out in the country at this show - Harlow and Stevie were both bridesmaids!

Toogoolawah Show Society  >>June<<

Another lovely day in the country (and good coffee!). Harlow was the only ESS entered so she automatically got her 6 points, and Stevie was RuNIG and another 6 points for her title too!

Boonah Show Society  >>May<<

The two girls trecked out to one of our most favourite locations for the Boonah show and we didn't come away empty handed. Admittedly Harlow was a wee bit naughty but Stevie made up for that by winning another 7 points towards her Neuter Title and the Neuter in Group ribbon!  Bubble won the same last year and we titled Marble here way back in 2015 so aside from this show always having the best weather, it holds fond memories of our little Team's successes.

Marburg & District A & I Association  >>May<<

We haven't been able to come out to this show in a couple of years but it was well we did as Harlow got her first 7 point bitch challenge and RuBoB! She only turned 6 months 4 days prior so that's pretty good going for a puppy who still looks like a baby! We helped our cocker friends and managed a BOB with a lovely little minor puppy bitch which was pretty exciting as we had not met before!  Stevie showed well but no points for her today!

Bon Voyage Alfie and Joy

It is with great sadness that we also said goodbye to Joy just days after Alfie went back to NSW - she unfortunately did not live up to the potential she showed as a baby and one wonky tooth would have seen her disqualified from the ring so we put out the call to see if we could find her that perfect home - which we have with Sally and her family in Victoria. Sally already has a long history of loving ESS - we may have turned her into a lover of the B/W/T!!!! Success!  Let's hope Joy (now Jedda) can go onto passing on those beautiful eyebrows to a new generation when she is old enough.

Western Suburbs Kennel Club  >>May<<  **NEW CHAMPION**

Out of three shows, only Stevie got a frillie for NIG in the open show - she was the only one who turned up for Neuter lolz.  But the surprise of the weekend was little Harlow firstly going reserve challenge bitch then Runner Up Best of Breed in her very first show as a minor (six months old on the day) over older competition! I can't believe our baby is up with the big kids now!  Last shows for Alfie as he is going home from his Queensland showcation but he was BOB at all three shows and looked fabulous - just a shame we couldn't grab one last frillie!

We are also beyond delighted to announce that Team Friday has another champion - Bandit can now be known (DQ pending) as Neuter Champion Larona Bandit Effect - he was RuNIG on the Sunday and won a 10 point NIG on the Monday! Woo Hoo Bandy - Bandy is Bubble's son from her first litter with Jack from Sweden and brother to Marble.

Sporting Spaniel Club of Queensland  >>May<<

Well we came, we showed and we went home empty handed in both shows! Ah well, never mind, there's another one in September!

Sunshine Coast Kennel Club 50th Anniversary Weekend  >>April<<

Four shows saw Stevie bring home the bacon with 3 Best Neuter In Groups (2 champ / 1 Open) plus a runner up on the Sunday when she was well over it by then!  She added 20 points to her total so is now over half way there!  Alfie was run for the Group on the Sunday and Harlow was baby of breed at three of the shows as well.  All of the kids showed their little butts off and I can't be more pleased with our weekend up on the Sunny Coast. Big weekend next weekend... hopefully more points and ribbons to come

ANZAC Day Show  >>April<<

Always a special day for so many reasons with family members serving in WW1 & 2 so we proudly wore our ribbon and poppy.  Stevie didn't disappoint either by beating two supreme champions to go runner up neuter in group! Go Stevie! Little Harlow still can't seem to beat terribly naughty dogs with her exemplary behaviour in the ring so might have to teach her to be naughty!

Amenities Committee Of Dogs Queensland  >>April<<

Nice cool evening for a show - Alfie showed well but knocked out for anything further by the BIG winner, but Stevie was RU Neuter in Group to the eventual NIS winner! Such a brave girl. We decided to give the Sunday show a miss in favour of a sleep in! 

Toowoomba Royal Agricultural Show  >>March<<

The last time we went to this show it was a major disaster and we had an awful time. This time we thought we'd give it another shot but it was terrible in a different way - it had been raining just enough 'up the hill' to make the upper carpark as slick as an ice skating rink and VanESSa almost slid off the top of the hill! Even those with 4wd couldn't get traction!!!  It would have been great fun in a quad bike - not so much in a high top Mercedes Sprinter! Lucky for us it dried out enough by leaving time that we avoided needing to be winched out by tractor! And it was a nice cool day for showing which was a bonus! We lucked out on the ribbon stakes - which was kinda lucky as general specials day was really wet and I wouldn't have fancied attempting the back track up to the car park in anything less than a tank!!!

Beaudesert Kennel Club >>March<<

Took the three musketeers to the evening show - Harlow just keeps getting better and better with her ring craft, Alfie is going through bratty teenage years and was being a bit stubborn but otherwise showed well and Stevie added another challenge to her small collection - no frillies but the kids all went really well under lights!

Tweed Valley Kennel Club  >>March<<

Only entered on the Friday but Stevie shone by winning Runner Up Neuter in Group at her first show in neuter!  Harlow gaited around the ring beautifully but was beaten by a very naughty puppy :( but we are very proud of her ring craft skills after only a handful of shows!

Maryborough Kennel Club  >>Feb<<

Having a planned weekend off for these shows saw Harlow attend her first shows!  The first day she did her best starfish impression and would only take a few steps at a time with cheese bribes, but overnight she must have thought about it and the second show she pranced out into the ring and took baby of breed!  She stacked up like an old hand and camped like she's been doing it all her life.  She and Joy [who just came for the ride] also took the 3 hour drive up and 3 back without a single drama.  Alfie was reserve challenge but nothing further - guess a shiny black fieldie was not to the judge's liking this week!

Allora Show Society >>Feb<<

Alfie and I took a quick jaunt out to Allora and came home with Intermediate in Group after being shortlisted for the group! Not bad for his second show back in Qld and we are excited for what his future holds during this 'showcation'

Canine Health Committee Of Dogs Queensland  >>Feb<<

First show back for Alfie in Queensland and he hasn't forgotten what to do - no frillie this time but there's plenty of other opportunities coming up!

Welcome back Alfie!! >>Jan<<

We got a welcome phone call from Alfie's owner wondering if we would like Alfie back at Trenzalore for another short  'showcation' and of course we said yes please! So very early on Australia Day Alfie returned to us courtesy of a big jet plane and we'll have him spiffed up and in the show ring again ASAP!

Welcome Harlow! >>Jan<<

We welcome to Trenzalore another little black/white/tan english springer from Larona!  Harlow is here on trial to see if she likes the show ring, so we'll get her out and about as soon as she's old enough.  She is the daughter of Bubble's brother Nixon, and our Angel.


* * * 2 0 1 8 * * *

End of year wrap up

As we approach the final shows of the year we can reflect on a pretty successful show year for Team Trenzalore.  We titled Ziggy the Welsh, Alfie and Jagger the black Fieldies and showed Bubble to the heights of the Neuter ring.  We welcomed Joy who has been having a blast playing 'showdogs'.  So where Bubble now leaves off - having been promised retirement, Joy can take up the reins and we will see where 2019 takes us.  We are also very proud of Team Friday with Bandy only 3 challenges off his Neuter title with quite a few frillies to his name!  It will be a real shame we won't have a neuter to show next year so we will have to cheer our friends on instead!

Caboolture Kennel Club  ..November..

We sacrificed our sleep ins by doing early shifts at work so we could go to the evening shows - sadly this year held at Durack instead of the horse grounds like last year (that we missed in favour of Equitana Auckland!).  But it was good practice for Joy having another puppy in the ring with her - running on the lead is still hit and miss but the stacking is a little better! Bubble clawed her way back to number 2 Neuter Gundog Qld with NIG and two RuNIG!  And her son Bandit cracked the halfway mark in his race to his title!

Maree Kennel Club Melbourne Cup Day  ..November..

We do like to sneak off a day from work for this show but this year was not our year for ribbons - dogs or humans! It was also very hot!  Joy certainly doesn't mind though - slowly getting the hang of this show dog lark!  And this show marked the last show for Jagger in Qld - he'll be going home soon and his loving nature will be missed by all who know him!

Maryborough Kennel Club  ..November..

An unexpected free weekend saw the whole crew + a Larona ring in head up further than VanESSa has ever gone before - all the way to Maryborough! Camping with the van is very easy!  Joy again had a great time playing 'show dogs' and Bubble came home with a Neuter In Group Ribbon!  Having Anka along for the ride (a daughter of our Angel) was lovely although she was not to the judge's preference either day - them both preferring the American style but she showed well.  We also caught up with our old Fieldie friend Storm who is a regular at these shows!  The improvements on the Bruce highway made our trip very easy so will definitley have to go again!

Tweed River Ag Show Society  ..November..

We really do love this show grounds and due to flooding of the dog ring area last year the Ag show was cancelled.  Lucky for us the weather was lovely this year and Joy made her debut in the ring at just 3 months and had a romping good time with the other baby puppies. Jagger was his usual frisky self! Unfortunately no Neuter class meant Bubble had to stay home!

DOTY Support Show   ..October..

Such a shame our baby isn't old enough for this show, but that's OK - Bubble was RU Neuter in Group to make up for it!

Comings and goings  .. Bon voyage MacNeuter and Welcome Joy  ..October..

We are delighted to say that MacNeuter has found her dream forever home at Sanja's .. she is already walking in exotic places and going to the beauty parlour and is loved very much by her new mum - we wish them nothing but the best for their future together.  Why did we rehome her? Well 7 dogs have been gifted to me since 2004 - if it was not for breeders/show people being willing to give up dogs they love so another person can receive the same love in return, we wouldn't be here now showing and being involved with our three chosen breeds.  So we permanently loaned MacNeuter to Sanja so she too can benefit from the love of a springer - which MacNeuter has in spades! We in turn welcome our new Anthony daughter 'Joy' (hopefully to be registered as Larona Touching From A Distance) who is a gorgeous black white and tan.. just like her father and reminds us of our gone but never forgotton gorgeous girl Sabrina - a girl who was gifted to us so many years ago now but is never far from our thoughts, and started us on this journey.

Kyogle & District Kennel Club and Kyogle PA & H Show  ..October..

It's rare that we are rostered off for two days in a row (normally for big show weekends we need to organise annual leave months in advance) so we took full advantage of this rare occurance and entered two out of the four shows over the border in Kyogle.  Jagger was the only fieldie entered so he was BOB both shows, Bubble was NIG at the first show and RuNIG at the second.  Nice drop of rain kept things nice and cool and having VanESSa to camp in makes these quick away trips so much easier!

Advance Pacific International Weekend ..September.. **New Champion**

Six championship shows over four days (not including the two SSCQ shows) made for a long and tiring weekend BUT it did allow Jagger to earn enough points for his Australian Championship!  Sadly he has not won a single frillie in this time but being in the open class it's usually either win it all or nothing!  Half of the API shows were done under the 1-4 grading so if you do not win a place in the group you do not get the chance to go back for your class in group.  The other three were the usual way but open is a strong class and we didn't get to go back in.  Bubble was accidently left out of half of the shows as an error was made doing entries but she did manage a Neuter In Group on the Friday morning.  We now have a weekend off to regroup before another short weekend away!

Sporting Spaniel Club of Queensland

The SSCQ ran two championship shows - The Blue and The Red.  Despite being our own club it wasn't a very successful one for us - only managed a RU Neuter in Show and no one got any points to add to the collection!  Bit sad as it will be the last SSCQ show for Bubble

Allora Show Weekend  ..September..

Every year we go camping in a gorgeous little spot about two hours from home.  Usually there is 5 shows over three days but due to a few changes within DQ there were only four but did that stop us? No way!  So we packed up VanESSa and headed out a day early so we could get set up and organised.  The relax must have done Bubble the world of good as she was Runner Up Neuter in Show at the Friday night Allora Kennel Club show, which she then backed up with RUNIS at the Saturday morning AKC show!  She was Neuter of Group at the second AKC Saturday show as well! The Darling Downs Kennel Club show on the Sunday wasn't as successful with only a RU NIG but taking a frillie for every show she entered is a pretty good achievement for the old girl!  Jagger got points at each show too which brings him closer and closer to his Australian Championship title!

Beaudesert Show Society and Pine Rivers Kennel Club  ..September..

What a day!!!! Pouring with rain but Bubble was in her element and won herself a 16 point Best Neuter In Show at the Beaudesert Show Society! She backed that up with a Runner Up Neuter in Show at The Pine Rivers Kennel Club!!  This sneaks her back to number two neuter gundog in Queensland!  Jagger was run for the group at Beaudesert and has another 12 points towards his title - the rain suits him too! So proud of the way the kids went today!

Gold Coast Show Society  ..August..

Lovely day for a show on the sunny Gold Coast! The show was in a new/old location this year - no more watching the horse races while waiting your turn! This show used to be held at Owen Park in days gone by and has returned there - lovely large flat rings and good parking makes the day much easier! Jagger won another best of breed and Bubble won a lovely Neuter In Group - MacNeuter won it last year! 

All Dogs Sports Spectacular  ..August..

After positively weeks of glorious weather the heavens decided the day of ADSS was appropriate to pour down! But both Jagger and Bubble enjoyed the wet weather and although we didn't take any frillies home they enjoyed themselves - rain has been a bit of a novelty lately!

Gundog and Heavy Breed ..August..

We almost got blown away at the show today - seems those Ekka winds this time of year is notorious for came out in full force! It put the wind up the feathers of most of the dogs but Jagger adapted so by group he stood like a rock. So no fringies today but we added a CC to his collection and are well on our way to his Australian Championship. Bubble enjoyed the wind blowing through her hair but also came away without a fringie. But that's ok - she does have plenty already! 

Brisbane Royal Agricultural Show "Ekka" ..August..  WELCOME Jagger & Goodbye Ziggy

Ekka was a mixed bag for the Team this year - we certainly never expect to emulate last year's spectacular win ever again! Last show for Ziggy as he heads home to NSW as planned after the show but he made sure it was a good one by winning a very fancy Best Of Breed Rosette. First shows for new field friend Jagger, where he managed to come runner up to the veteran boy Storm. But it's a start. And sadly as we were waiting, waiting waiting for the fields to start we missed showing Bubble at her last ever Ekka, but her son Bandit shone as he was Best Neuter Of Breed and Bubble runner up with a ring in handler.  So some frillies all round for Team Friday - just as we planned!  Sadly no joy on the final day for Sweepstakes but a fun time had by all! 

Pine Rivers Agricultural Society and Northern Classic Kennel Club ..August..

Two shows today in early spring - we hadn't been to Pine Rivers Ag show in over 5 years so we thought we'd give it another go - last time it was very squashy under the trees, but they have moved things around and the rings were large, lovely and flat! And the parking a whole lot easier! So we just might go back next year! Ziggy was the only Welshie so he was BOB but Bubble was RU Neuter in group in fine company.  Back out to Durack for the night show where Ziggy was RUBOB to the eventual Group Winner, and Bubble was again RU NIG. We chose not to stay back to contest RU in Show as an early start at work on the Sunday means we need an early night! Last shows before the Ekka....

Ladies Kennel Association of Queensland  ..July..

Another glorious day in SEQ for Ladies Kennel. Ziggy was the only welsh in the Open show and won himself another Junior In Group. At the Champ show Bubble only managed neuter of breed but Ziggy was DCC and RUBOB!. Given that we had to start work at 1430hrs, we made it in for Junior in show by a dog's whisker! That'll teach us for getting our days off mixed up!

Brunswick Valley Kennel Club  ..July..

Back down to the land of the Blues and Ziggy's home state and one of our top 5 locations - the showground at Murwillinbah for the Brunswick Valley Kennel Club shows.  It wasn't Ziggy's day on day one, but Bubble managed RU Neuter in Group in fine company!  Day two saw Bubble again go RU Neuter in Group in fine company and Ziggy went Best Of Breed and then Junior in Group! This puts him back on top of the Rising Star DOL pointscore for Welshies in Australia!  Team Friday also succeeded with winning all ESS dog challenges on offer over the three days - well done Karen and BB!!!!

Samford and District Show Society ..July..

What a cold cold start to another beautiful day in SEQ! We went out to the Samford Valley for their Ag show, last time we went was 2014 when Marble was a puppy and MacNeuter only a baby! Sadly the judge didn't appreciate Bubble, and Ziggy was RDCC and RUBOB to the eventual RUBIS winner! So no glory for us, but the next day saw VanESSa head out in the opposite direction to get fitted out!  Showing will be so much easier with a proper fitout of VanESSa!!! 

Beenleigh and District Kennel Club ..July..  ***NEW CHAMPION***

We are celebrating tonight at the Menagarie! Ziggy can now be called Australian Champion Goldmaid The Game Begins [DogsNSW pending]! He was also run for the top 7 in the group tonight under a very thorough and meticulous judge! So very proud of our doodle!!!! He is the 4th Welsh that I have titled! The girls stayed at home as the focus is on him and all his glory!  Sunday we went back for the last day of the BDKC and Ziggy again shortlisted in the Canadian judge's top 9 from a huge group line up of top quality dogs! No frillies for us today but only the best to come as he matures if he is already with the top of SEQ's group 3 dogs! The spare 6 points didn't hurt either, just in case!

Redcliffe A & H Society ..June..

Well as we went to Rosewood last year, it must mean it was Redcliffe's turn this year! Last time we were up this way it poured with rain so it was nice to say today the Redcliffe Penninsula turned on it's charms! Bubble took a 9 point Neuter In Group and Ziggy's CC took him only ONE point away from his Australian Championship!!!

Kalbar Show Society ..June..

SEQ winters are a sight to behold - a gorgeous blue sky that went on forever and so we ran around the ring out at Kalbar in lovely sunshine. Bubble went RU Neuter in Group in fine company but poor Ziggy was put in the catalogue incorrectly which we didn't know until too late so he couldn't go back for a class in group. He was runner up of breed though! Never mind - will have to ensure the catalogue, receipt and the dog match next time!

Lowood Show Society  ..June..

Another lovely winters day in SEQ - and another frillie for Ziggy! We had hoped for a few more points for the title as we are only 7 shy but came away with Junior In Group instead, while Bubble got the points! Around the wrong way but a win is a win!

ESSAQ ..June..

We had no intention of entering this show as the judge was from Brazil and therefore not likely to appreciate Bubble -, but Janna really wanted to take her so she was entered and we wern't wrong about the result, as we fully expected. It's only the third time she's been beaten in the breed as a Neuter so never mind, runner up is not so bad!. The Open show she took Best Neuter In Show and scored herself a trip to the pub with Team Friday! Somewhat bittersweet as it is the last time Team Trenzalore will enter this speciality and we were heavily involved in the club in years gone by - our introduction to conformation showing was way back in 2008 at this club's show with Sabrina taking Veteran in Show!

Ipswich Kennel Club ..June..

A quick drive from the country back to Durack... and another RU NIG for the Bubble and 6 points closer to the CH for Ziggy! Sadly we won't make it back for the last day of shows as it turns out it's not a public holiday on Monday after all! 

Toogoolawah Show Society ..June..

This ag show only reintroduced it's dog section three years ago so we do make the effort to support it, and it really is a lovely drive in the country! Despite the uncertain weather, Bubble was RU Neuter in Group and Ziggy inched that little bit closer to his title! Not long to go now!

Boonah Show Society  ..June..

We always love this show - out in the middle of the paddock under a blue sky that goes on forever! Team Friday ventured out on their own, without VanESSa as well, but redeemed themselves with Bubble winning Neuter In Group in fine company and Ziggy was RU BOB! By the time of Neuter In Show it was really hot - considering we got up at 5am that morning to a temperature of only 4 degrees! Winter in SEQ really is glorious!

Maryborough Kennel Club  ..May..

Maryborough is usually a bit too far for us to go, so the show came to us! We travelled cross country from Esk to Beerwah and from sunshine to pouring rain! Ziggy added another 7 points, Bubble added another 6 but neither were to the judge's liking for anything further.  We almost didn't make it home, as after a day of smooth travel, VanESSa lost her battery power & power steering going up the Gateway Bridge and finally gave up the ghost as we hit the driveway! Thank the heavens we made it home!

Esk Ag Show ..May..

A VERY early start for the Esk show - VanESSa travelled well (until she didn't!) and Bubble added another 7 points, while Ziggy only managed RU dog. Janna's Rory was Bitch Challenge and Bubble's brother Nixon was State Bred in Show!

Brookfield Show Society ..May..

A wonderful little show in lovely surroundings - one of our favourites. Team Friday was out in force so all four dogs came for a run around.  It was Ziggy's last ever chance to go in the puppy sweepstakes so we entered and he was FIRST! So excited for him! A great birthday present!. In the breed judging Bubble was Best Neuter, then Runner up Neuter In Group in fine company, while MacNeuter was runner up - so she buggered off to the pub after the show with Team Friday co-founder Karen. She spent the rest of the weekend bar hopping and smooching food of people in cafes!! Stevie was entered because we couldn't leave her home - little bugger was Best of Breed over Ziggy! 

Western Suburbs Kennel Club  ..May..

Another warm big day at WSKC for Bubble and Ziggy - Ziggy claimed another Puppy In Group and some points, while Bubble was a 7 point Neuter of Breed and Runner Up Neuter In Group! Back again tomorrow to do it all again before a couple of weeks off! Might be a bit cooler by then..... Cooler yes, and Ziggy won himself another Puppy In Group! He's well over half way to his title now! Bubble was totally over showing by this time and didn't win her class but it's only the second one she's lost so can't really complain!

Sporting Spaniel Club Of Queensland ..May..

Huge day at the first Sporting Spaniel Club of Queensland shows of the year! All four kids hopped in VanESSa and off we went - jolly hot for May! Open show saw Bubble outdo herself with Neuter in Show! To top it off her son and Team Friday co-founder Bandit and Karen came RU Neuter In Show! MacNeuter was 2nd neuter bitch behind Bubble, expertly handled by Janna! We all know Stevie is not fond of showing but gave it a red hot crack, while Ziggy goofed off but managed Puppy of Breed.The Championship show Bubble again shone and earned herself a 9 point Best Neuter of Breed and RU Neuter in Show! Stevie managed Australian Bred of Breed (amazing!!) and Ziggy was again Puppy of Breed. So delighted how the kids went on a really hot day with a zillion bindiis everywhere!

Junior Kennel Club .. April..   ***NEW CHAMPION***

Having three shows in a day saw Ziggy and Bubble get an early start. Ziggy warmed up with the open show where he was the only Welshie but showed well! Show One saw only Ziggy get some points and a runner up BOB, while Bubble was the bridesmaid neuter. Show Two saw Ziggy gain another 6 points and another Puppy In Group!! Bubble also won her class which means that she now has enough points to apply for her Neuter Champion Title!!!

ANZAC Day Show Committee ..April..

Having an enforced day off for ANZAC day we decided to go to a show and what a good idea that turned out to be! Even though it was a late start, it was still quite hot when Bubble went out for her turn, and given the preference shown by the judge for the 'other type' of ESS, we were not expecting to win neuter of breed but she did! The judge later said if she was entire she would have won the breed! Ziggy was the only welshie entered and by this time it was late and under lights but he took it in his stride. The judge shortlisted him in her top eight, then ran him against the lovely Kayla [the Supreme Champion record holding Brittney] for runner up in group - not a bad effort for a youngster! He was awarded Puppy In Group, then Bubble was awarded Neuter in Group! This win takes her just three points from her neuter title!

Tweed River Canine Club & Sunshine Coast Kennel Club ..April.. 

We decided to share the entries around the two clubs and with about 800km of driving over three days saw Bubble add a few extra points to the title + a Neuter in Group and two runner ups. Ziggy added a few points and was reserve dog challenge at the others. We are slowly getting to know each other and are forming a partnership!

Pine Rivers Kennel Club ..April..

Although not our favourite showgrounds (haven't been there since 2014 in fact!) new member Ziggy and veteran Bubble went for a show - and it was hot! Ziggy was a good boy and went reserve challenge over his brother who is up here showing as well, and Bubble was Neuter of Breed and RU Neuter in Group in really fine company! Bubble added another 7 points to the total - getting closer now!


The Easter Bunny has brought Team Trenzalore a wonderful red and white present - we welcome Goldmaid The Game Begins to our show team for the 2018 Ag show season! We hope for big things with this delightful young man who is a double great grandson of our Frodes!!! https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/profile.asp?dog=100689

Bundaberg Kennel Club ..Easter Show Cluster..

The Larona Team was heading up to Bundy for the 6 show cluster and asked Bubble if she would like to come along. She was the shining star of the weekend, winning Neuter in Group at the first show, and Runner Up to Neuter in Show at the third show and Runner up Neuter in Group at the last show! She added a whopping 42 points to her tally which brings her over half way to her title already! Go Bubble!!

Sydney Royal Easter Show ..March..

We got confirmation that our two boys, 'Presto' and 'Alfie' positively shone at this year's Sydney Royal!  Presto goes Dog Challenge and R/up Best of Breed and Alfie was Reserve Dog Challenge - both winning over some very good competition! Go Boys! Qld Momma is very proud!!!!

Beaudesert Kennel Club ..March..

Bubble really does prefer to show in the cool and she did not disapoint at the evening show! Zoomed around like there was no tomorrow and picked up a RU Neuter in Group! Go the Bubble!

Warwick Rodeo Show Society ..March..

Finally we get to another show! Bubble is now in good enough nick to start showing for her Neuter title so we fired up VanESSa for her maiden trip, borrowed our little Tri-coloured ESS girl from Angel's last litter and ventured out to the country. Bubble got her first points as a neuter and Klaudia ran around the ring like a pro - considering she'd never been on the lead before that's pretty good! 


Alfie and MacNeuter and Pinkie Campeasie trouped up the Big Hill for the DDKC weekend, and while MacNeuter failed miserably in her quest to add some points, Alfie shone brightly at his last shows in Queensland. He won three out of four of the Junior in Groups available as well as Runner Up to Best In Group at the Friday Open Show and the last points required for his Australian Championship title! He will go home to NSW a multi class in group winner and a Champion and we will be very sad to see him go home!  These shows also saw the debut of Bandit "Larona Bandit Effect (AI) [ - Bubble's son and Marble's twin from the first litter to Jack "Stardom Special Effect" ] in the Neuter class, where he was Neuter In Group at the Open show and Runner Up Neuter of Breed at his first champ show! Well done to Team Friday's newest recruit!

***** 2 0 1 7 *****


The final three: Dogs Qld Director's + DOTY Support Show + Zone 1 Grounds, December

Even though MacNeuter was entered, she undid hours of work in the bath and with the blowdryer by hurtling around the muddy yard at 1am so she stayed home from the three shows, so Alfie, who doesn't show the grubby, came out for the final shows of the year to add some more vital points to the total - not quite enough to title before the end of the year but very very close!

Maree Kennel Club, December

Alfie added a few more precious points to the total - on the homeward slide now!

Caboolture KC International Spring Spectacular, November

With great thaks to Janna, Alfie went to the big show up the other end of SEQ while this handler was at another kind of show: Equitana Auckland! He entertained the judges by being judged upside down on his back and generally playing up but managed to add another 12 points to the total!

Best of Winners

Both Alfie and MacKenzie qualified for the first Open Show best of winners, and although it was terrible weather, and both kids didn't make it past the first round, it was still an honour to qualify, especially as MacKenzie has only been in the neuter ring for a few months and Alfie even less! Huge thanks to Team Friday co-founder Karen for taking MacKenzie around the obstacle course while this handler wrestled with the rain in the outside rings

Maree Kennel Club; Melbourne Cup Day Show

A sneaky day off work to get glammed up - Alfie won himself another 6 points and this handler won her very first frilly: Best Cup Day Hat!! Bubble's brother Nixon also obtained his final points to qualify for his Grand Championship! Well done Nixon & Sharyn!

Ipswich Kennel Club; October

Two champ and one open show but no points for either dog! But Alfie was quite happy to let Storm the almost 10 year old Fieldie from the central coast walk away with the points as this gives him his Grand Championship! Always nice to see our fieldie friend down this way and to see him get a class in group as well was great! MacNeuter's favourite boy toy, Paddington the Clumber Spaniel also blew everyone away with how well he showed, earning himself and his mother, our dear friend Lyn, a Best In Group!!!!! Go the rarer spaniels!!!!!

Dog Of The Year Support Show; October

MacNeuter earns herself another RUNIG and Alfie continues to clock up those 6 pointers! Both showing well as it starts to warm up and the show year starts to wind down

Waterloo Bay Kennel Club; October  **NEW CHAMPION**

Two champ shows sees MacNeuter earn enough points to be titled Neuter Champion! She also came away with a NIG and a RUNIG!! Way to go MacNeuter!!!! Alfie was no slouch either, winning himself another 12 points and another Puppy In Group! Frillies all round!!!!!

Western Suburbs Kennel Club; October  **Vale Heather**

Another Open/Champ show where Alfie wins his third PIG at the open show and another 6 points. MacNeuter also wins some frillies, in the form of Runner Up Neuter in Show at the open show!!! and NIG at the champ! So very close to her title now! Sadly we also said goodbye to a long time friend, Heather Belcher, whom this handler had personally known since her very early teens from The Tapestry Cottage, and later as the owner of 'Cookie' - Crystal's sister and later 'Lulu', Sabrina's granddaughter from Hawaii. We will miss you dear Heather.

Beaudesert Kennel Club; September/October

Alfie's third show in Qld saw him get his first 6 points! Well it's a start!  MacNeuter grabs herself another NIG and 8 more points! So close now! The Sunday show sees Alfie win both Puppy in Group ribbons (open and champ) for his first frillies in Qld! Woo Hoo Alfie!

Dog of the Year Support Shows; September

We hung around for the evening show after SSCQ which saw Presto gain another 7 points for his last show in Qld!  The Sunday morning saw us waving a sad goodbye to our beautiful Presto (and the old dog trailer!!) but as he is only 8 1/2 hours away by car, it's not like he's gone forever! He will also feature in our WSS breeding program in the future! Thanks for a great 5 months showing Presto!!!  And a big thank you to Goldmaid for giving up their boy for me to show! So proud to send him home with 4 Junior in Groups (a hotly contested age class here in SEQ) and his title.

Sporting Spaniel Club of Queensland; September

Having missed our personal club shows earlier this year, Team Trenzalore decided to bring almost everyone out for these two champ shows! As it was going to be Presto's last show weekend here in Queensland and Alfie's first, we had a very busy Friday getting 4 dogs ready.  The first champ show under the lady judge saw MacNeuter go RUNOB and then RUNIS! Stevie was reserve challenge bitch to Gabby, over her mother and Intermediate of Breed. Presto only managed Junior of Breed as the fabulous brother duo of Herc and Caddy swept the WSS pool! and Alfie placed RDCC and RUBOB to the grand old man of the Qld Fieldies 'Storm', but not too bad for his first run around since he was a baby puppy! At the second show under the gentleman judge, MacNeuter cracked Neuter In Show!!! [Frodie won the Sept NIS in 2014!] Stevie was again Reserve challenge to Gabby over her mother (and showed like an old pro at both shows!! So Proud!), while the dynamic brother duo did it again with BOB & RUBOB so Presto was junior of breed only. Alfie again runner up to Storm but we can only get better from here on in as we get to know each other over the coming months!

***New show team member Alfie arrives!!***

It was always planned that Presto would go home either after the SSCQ shows in September or when he titled. As we titled him a few weeks prior to this, we were able to send him home but have been left us the cutest replacement in the form of 'Alfie' -  a glossy pitch black field spaniel!!!! Field spaniels are a very rare breed, not just in Qld but Australia wide so we are VERY blessed that he liked us and the girls liked him he is to stay for a show-cation! Alfie is 'Birdrise Dark Storm' and we hope he titles as easily as his kennel mate Presto did!

Allora/Darling Downs Kennel Clubs Show Weekend (Allora); September

Our favourite cluster shows! Such a great weekend away, win or lose, and a great excuse to take Pinkie Campeasie out and about. Presto managed to add a whopping 30 points and TWO junior in groups to his tally, while poor MacNeuter was brides-maid neuter ESS all 5 shows, but did manage one RUNIG. We took Bubble's pretty young liver tri coloured daughter Larona Love In Motion "Blush" out to her first shows where she managed to come away with 5 baby of breeds and a Baby in Group!!! Stevie came along for the camping trip and was immaculately behaved all weekend.  It was a costly weekend however with The Wee Beastie's battery finally giving up the ghost but the great chap from Warwick RACQ rescued us and got us on our way again!

Beaudesert Show Society; September  **Vale Kingo**

A hot one this year! MacNeuter won her first Baby in Group (All Breeds) at this show way back in 2014, and she won another frillie this time as well! Presto did not place at this show, but another great Welshie Ch Ricochez Dyfri Emyr was State Bred In Show. Little did we know that Kingo was terminally ill at this show and sadly passed away two days later. Vale Kingo - my favourite photo model when he was a baby puppy.

Gold Coast Show Society; September

Finally got a chance to go in the Neuter Sweepstakes where MacNeuter came First and won a neat blue rosette! She was also Neuter In Group, albeit the only Neuter in Group 3! Unfortunately she was spooked by the feedback from the speakers and blew her chance at anything in show. We introduced our new friend Janna to the ESS ring from previously showing in group 2 (where her boy Mitchie - another great Larona dog from Sharyn went Minor In Group for his first frillie), and our favourite Husband - Rumpole the Clumber Spaniel - went Best In Group!

Gundog and Heavy Breed; August  **NEW CHAMPION**

It was hard to come down from the events of Ekka the day before, but we went out to another lovely day at Durack where MacNeuter again went Neuter In Group for another 9 points and Presto's 7 point DCC got him his Australian Championship! What a little showman!! Such a fabulous weekend!

Royal Agricultural Show of Queensland "EKKA", August

THE premier event of the Ag show season! MacNeuter last went in 2015 where she was RBCC in a huge line up of bitches, and Presto won Puppy of Breed at NSW's premier Ag show event The Easter Show this year. So off we trouped on a lovely Friday to a great day out with our friends and eager public. Given the country of origin of the judges, it was not expected to come away with anything but how wrong we were! MacNeuter firstly won a 7 point Neuter Of Breed, then ran away with a 12 point Neuter In Group!!!! A completely unexpected win that brought tears to this handler's eyes as MacNeuter just shone in her favourite environment - she does love a crowd to show off to! Presto managed a respectable Reserve dog, where his more robust size went against him, but he too loved the atmosphere of Ekka! So MacNeuter and I went back on General Specials day, again for a nice day out with friends (Team Friday came along to support!!) and with an Irish Judge presiding over the finals, we just went in to have a good time. Little did we know at the time, but (as we were told later by everyone) the judge had his eye on her and MacNeuter won RUNNER UP BEST NEUTER IN SHOW!!!! We were later informed that there was a record 69 neuters entered this year so we were so very beyond delighted to represent Group 3 and the English Springer. It is believed that an ESS has not won at this level at Ekka for over 10 years, maybe more!!!

Northern Classic Kennel Club; August

More practice for the upcoming Ekka - 6 more points for Presto taking him only one challenge shy of his title, while MacNeuter adds another 7 points and NIG!

Ladies Kennel Club; July

More points for MacNeuter, none for Presto but we can't win them all!

Kennel Association of Queensland; July

And then we raced back up to Durack for the evening's show, missing the Neuter sweepstakes due to atrocious traffic through Calamvale! MacNeuter made up for it though with another Neuter In Group and Presto got another 6 points, ably handled by Shonaya as the judge was very slow and this main handler had to go to work!.  On the Sunday (after another lot of night duty) MacNeuter was RU NIG and Presto adds another 6 points: not long to go now!

Brunswick Valley Kennel Club (Murwillinbah); July

Our favourite show grounds! A quick trip over the border for another 6 points for MacNeuter and a reserve DCC for Presto in his home state!

Beenleigh & District Kennel Club; July

Well MacNeuter shone at her second show in Neuter class where this handler had no sleep after night duty with a 10 point Neuter In Group! This qualifies her for the newly revamped Best Of Winners show where for the first time a Neuter Best of Winners will be run in conjunction with BOW and Puppy BOW. This celebrates those who regularly support the Open Show judges and shows in Qld. Presto only managed reserve dog but no one is complaining!

Laidley A&I Society; July

The Weather!!! Only suitable for ducks! Poured down for this normally very pleasant show, but we couldn't miss MacNeuter's debut show in the Neuter class where she got her first 6 points - not too bad seeing as she only had her surgery two weeks ago, not that you would have known it as she was already well healed and fighting fit! Presto added a RUBOB and a 7 point DCC

Rosewood Show Society; June

Presto again the only WSS entered, so he adds another quick 6 points - on the downward stretch now!

**MacKenzie News**

MacNaughty got a new name on the 26th June - she became 'MacNeuter' when the team at Vets By The Bay Mt Cotton did a sterling job of taking out the bits she no longer needs. Her first show in Neuter Class is in two weeks so lets hope she is not too sore and ready to get her show back on after several months being a lady of leisure while Presto got out and about. Aside from getting her Neuter title, the goal for MacNeuter is to aim to win every Neuter in Group that our dear Frodie won when he was showing - only 3 years later the Neuter class is much more hotly contested so it might take us a while! We'd also like to win an All Breed Neuter in Show, which Frodie never managed to crack, and maybe on to her Neuter Grand!

Kalbah Show Society; June

Another favourite location, no points but Presto was RDCC and junior of breed

Queensland Kennel Club; June

Surprised we made this show as the handler finished night duty at 0730 and the show started at 0830! Well worth going though as Presto gains another 7 points with a BOB/DCC

Lowood Agricultural Show; June

No points this time but Presto did manage reserve dog and runner up BOB

Toogoolawah Agricultural Show; June

Another nice drive in the country with Presto, adding another quick 6 points

Boonah Show Society, June

This is a great show out in the Scenic Rim in the middle of the showgrounds and Presto didn't disappoint taking away an 8 point dog challenge - he's now half way to his title!!!

Brookfield Ag Show; May

Another glorious Saturday morning at Brookfield Ag show, with just Presto as we planned to drive up to Beerwah that evening - well worth the effort as he got another Junior In Group to add to his points!!!

Sunshine Coast Kennel Club (two shows); May

Due to the horrid Brisbane Friday afternoon traffic we feared that we would not make the Friday night show up at Beerwah but luckily we made it in time AND not only did he add another 6 points, he went Junior In Group for his first Qld frillie!! We trooped the scenic route on Saturday afternoon for another 6 points!

Brisbane Valley Kennel Club; May

A whirlwind week between these two shows with a quick trip to NZ to support the patriach of the family in his big heart bypass surgery. Presto shows on the Sunday at BVKC for another 6 points!

Junior Kennel Club of Queensland (x2 champ + 1 Open); May

Presto has added another 13 challenge points to his total and a Runner up BOB to the famous Gabby. Good start to his career! 

Western Suburbs Kennel Club; April 

Focusing on Presto for now, he hits the Queensland rings at the Western Suburbs KC show, where he takes his first 6 points. He shows well and it won't take us long to get into our stride together.

**New Show Team Member "Presto" arrives!**

April sees our new show team member arrive from Newcastle: Goldmaid Way Too Cool (AI) "Presto", a lovely young welsh springer dog, on loan from Debbie Meagher at 'Goldmaid'. He is a great grandson of our Frodie, a welcome addition for the upcoming ag show season who has settled in with the girls easily. We hope to start adding the points soon!


Bubble is the proud mum to a new batch of pretty multicoloured babies born 3rd April. We got three out of the four colours acceptable in the ESS standard, just missing out on the Holy Grail of Colours - the B/W/T! But the black boys are very robust and the petite little liver tri girls are just gorgeous!!!

Warwick Agricultural Show; March

Stevie and MacKenzie came out to one of our favourite shows where MacKenzie was BOB and Stevie was runner up bitch

**BUBBLE News**

Bubble has had her final pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound on 3rd March!  Puppies due in April. Anthony is the proud sire of her final litter!  Looks like she has a belly full! Congratulations Bubble and Anthony

CLIFTON Ag show & Redcliffe Kennel Club; February  ***NEW CHAMPION***

Another long drive out to Clifton where Stevie did us proud by obtaining the final points for her Australian Championship title!! She is up against many of the top Welsh in Australia so for her to title at the age of 16 months in Metro Brisbane is a pretty good achievement!!  Stevie also made sure she had an extra CC to make sure at the Redcliffe show!

Beenleigh & District Kennel Club; February

A few points added at these shows for the girls, which is good given the heat!

Gold Coast Kennel Club; January

Both MacKenzie and Stevie were reserve challenge bitch at the first show, with Bubble coming along on the Sunday taking a 7 point best of breed much to our shock! Stevie was also BOB on the Sunday, adding on the points!

Burnett Kennel Club (Wondai); January

Stevie and Devlin took a quick trip all the way to Wondai to add some much needed points to the tally while the others sulked at home because they couldn't come!

Darling Downs Kennel Club (Toowoomba); January 

We took the new camper trailer "Pinkie Campeasie" up the Big Hill for the first show weekend of the year with our little Yankie mate Devlin (Sunfire Dancing On The Darkside). No more sleeping on the floor in the mud for us! Nothing spectacular results wise but a fun time had by all!

***** 2 0 1 6 *****


Caboolture Kennel Club

As work keeps getting in the way of showing we only took Stevie to the Caboolture shows as being the end of the group we figured we would make it in the peak hour traffic just in time to go on. Which was a wise move as the ESS judging was over long before we arrived on the Thursday and Friday shows! Being the only Welsh entered she was BOB at all 4 shows which added 24 points to the total bringing us a little closer to the CH prize!

Vale Frodo    BIS RUBISS Australian Champion / Neuter Champion Smarty Frodo des Vauriennes 20 Sept 2004 - 10 Nov 2016

The grand old man of the house bravely and valiantly battled his osteo/chondrosarcoma for 19 months and it was really only in November that he started suffering from the cancer. The extraordinary difficult decision was made by the two of us to let him grow his wings so he could fly free to be with his beloved Sabrina, Casey and Crystal. His undeniably huge contrubution to the gene pool in Australia is reflected in the many supreme/grand and champion offspring and many more beloved family members around Australia. He leaves a hole in our lives that will not ever be filled.

Combined Northern Rivers Kennel Club

We love these shows in a lovely part of the world - Tweed Valley is a place we like to be! Stevie was the only Welsh on the last day so she was Best of Breed while MacNaughty managed two RUBCC and one BOB

Tweed River Agricutural Society Inc

Another of our favourite ag shows at our favourite grounds and MacNaughty was the only ESS so she was Best of Breed!

Ipswich Kennel Club

A bit of a mixed bag of results for the girls over three shows - ranging from Best Of Breed to reserve challenges! We sure do like to mix it up a bit!

Sporting Spaniel Club of Queensland

Our own club shows! The Open Show was very successful for the Welshies of Ricochez with them taking out 4 classes in Show - including our Stevie winning RUBOB to her mother and then Puppy In Show!!!! MacNaughty didn't fair so well!

Allora Kennel Club / Darling Downs Kennel Club

Our favourite cluster weekend but the weather was down right HORRIBLE! Mud, mud and more mud! The only green grass by the end of the weekend was in the centre of the show rings. Showing in gumboots was the only option! And after ending up sleeping on the floor of the tent by the end of the weekend feeling sick and Stevie actually being sick, we decided to never sleep in a tent again! And to make it worse MacNaughty only managed one BOB/BCC - she lost the next few shows, and Stevie didn't fair any better! These shows planted the seeds of an idea for a proper camping setup.

Gold Coast Show Society

A new location this year for this show - we are now by the horse racing track - just a tad squashy! MacNaughty earned herself a few more points with RUBOB and BCC while Stevie was RBCC but the weather was nice and the coffee hot and close!

Northern Classic Kennel Club

A swap around for this show with Stevie BOB and MacNaughty runner up!

Ladies Kennel Association of Queensland

And the frillie drought continues but MacNaughty was RUBOB & BCC while Stevie only managed Puppy of Breed

Mt Gravatt A H & I Society

Little did we know that when we came out to this show it would be the last! This was the only ag show left in greater Brisbane aside from the Ekka, and sadly this was the last time the dogs were welcome. Such a shame, but MacNaughty was reserve challenge to our Angel and BB was Dog Challenge over some nice mature boys! Stevie was also reserve challenge and beat her brother to Puppy of breed! No frillies though - going through a dry patch!

Ladies Kennel Association Of Queensland

After a few weeks of being the 'best', Stevie had to settle for being runner up while MacNaughty was BOB Can't win them all! But we sure try!

Rosewood Show Society

This year was Rosewood's turn - we alternate between Rosewood and Redcliffe and both girls were again Best of Breed! Karen's 'BB' was dog challenge and our good friend Lyn and her giant marshmallow 'Paddington' the Clumber Spaniel won Best In Group!!

Woodford A P & I Association Inc

Another show that pays to get there early due to how popular it is! Both girls were BOB and Team Friday member 'BB' earned himself a great Puppy In Group! The sour spot of the day was Bailey getting bitten by a carny's dog!

Kalbah Show Society

Another Friday and another nice win for the girls - both were Best Of Breed!

Toogoolawah D A & I Association Inc

For the first time in over 20 years this lovely little country show decided to bring back their dog show section so Team Friday thought we'd go check it out. MacNaughty was RUBOB/BCC and Stevie was Minor of breed. BB was a respectable RUDCC and a great granddaughter of Crystal's was Neuter in Group!

Boonah Show Society

Very windy day out at the lovely Boonah show - we took our sometimes team member Inge (Reibey A League of Her Own) for the ride. MacKenzie was BOB, Inge RUBOB, and little Stevie was Reserve Challenge Bitch (over her mother!!) and MINOR PUPPY IN GROUP! {Our Marble got her title at this show in 2015!}.

**BUBBLE's babies News**

SO the exciting news is that Bubble's 5 puppies to semen frozen 20+ years ago saw the lines of 'Max' Ch Fraelighte Flying InTime and 'Bob' Ch Clevehill Bob Sleigh (Imp UK) come back into the world. DNA testing has now confirmed that Max sired 3 of the puppies - two boys and a girl and Bob sired the other two - a boy and a girl. Both boys were very influential sires in their time and being able to bring their genetics back is a wonder of modern reporductive medicine. Welcome to the Fraelighte 'Frozen' litter - best of luck to the lucky few who get to show these wonder pups! Well done Bubble!

Esk P A & I Association Inc

It pays to be early for this show as the grounds fill very quicky - a most popular country show! The girls both managed to be bridesmaids, and MacNaughty was Intermediate of Breed - a tough class is intermediate!

Brookfield Ag Show

The team had never been to the Brookfield Ag show before so we went on an journey and found a lovely little show on a glorious Saturday morning. MacKenzie was again bridesmaid but Stevie beat her brother for Minor of Breed. They tend to take it in turns!  The newly established ""Team Friday"" consisting of our friend Karen showing her ESS 'BB' (she also has Marble's brother Bandit who was our favourite boy from Bubble's litter to Jack) aims to conquour as many Friday ag shows that we can!

Marburg and District A & I Association

Another delightful day in the country but alas no points for the girls - but it was nice to see Gabby the Welsh win another Best In Group! 


Bubble is the proud mum to a new batch of 5 babies born 10th of May. More details to come as they are announced by her temporary maternity home! As a dual sire mating, we will have to wait patiently for the DNA testing to see who belongs to who.

Vale Crystal     Australian Champion Fraelighte Frivolity 15 December 2003 ~ 30 April 2016

Our dear old lady had been on borrowed time for the last 6 months with mammary tumours, and in early April she started to rapidly lose condition and her tumours multiplied dramatically. She soldiered on for another 2 weeks, but on the afternoon of 30 April, said she had had enough. The vet and staff at the 24 hour emergency vet at Springwood kindly helped her cross The Bridge in warmth and safety. She was held close and loved until the very end.

Sporting Spaniel Club Qld 

Same result for both Open and Championship shows for the girls! Stevie beat her brother Quinn for Minor Of Breed, and MacKenzie was reserve challenge bitch and Intermediate of Breed!

Junior Kennel Club of Queensland (x2 champ + 1 Open)

Stevie got her first 7 challenge points at her very first champ show (as a Minor aged 6 months 3 days) at the first show and was reserve bitch at the others! Good start to her career! MacKenzie was Runner up of breed and reserve challenge at the first show too! Go team!

FRODIE news!! part two

At 3pm on the 15th of April exactly Frodo had his second dose of chemotherapy as part of the trial. The first round was not as successful as the scientists and vet team had hoped so they asked him if he would try again, and he said yes, as he loves car rides and the treats the girls at Gold Coast Vet Surgery give him! So more fingers and paws crossed.....

Kilcoy Ag Show

Another drive in the country - this time in the opposite direction! After weeks of MacNaughty being brides-maid she decided to glide around the ring to a nice 8 point BOB and got a good long look in the group line up too!

Bonalbo Ag Show

What a trek down to country NSW - one hell of a winding road but the new fit out of the Wee Beastie X-Trail seems to help with Stevie's car sick troubles - so much so that she took 2nd in Baby Puppy Sweepstakes! Stacked beautifully - so she can do it when she chooses!

FRODIE news!!!!

Frodes is 'celebrating' a year into his diagnosis of osteosarcoma / chrondrosarcoma - a milestone no one thought he would reach. He is also just been enrolled into a new exciting trial where blood tests will determine the best day and time for him to have a dose of chemotherapy so fingers crossed that it makes a difference and we have him for a long time to come :D

Gundog and Heavy Breed

Little Stevie was the only Baby Welshie at both shows but she is getting it together! Mackenzie was Reserve Bitch Challenge in a big line up of ladies at the Champ show - Go MacNaughty!

CLIFTON Ag show & Redcliffe Kennel Club

Another long drive out to Clifton for poor car sick Stevie - but she took Baby of Breed over her very charming brother Quinn :). She also turned on the charm at the Redcliffe shows later that night by taking Baby in Group at the open show!! Mackenzie was Reserve Bitch at the Clifton Show :)

ALLORA Ag and Show Society weekend

Mackenzie and Stevie trooped all the way to Allora for a little run around and to catch up with old friends and to meet Harmony - the daughter of our Anthony (what a cutie!) kept by Ozdezign. Nothing earth shattering results wise but it's all about learning ring craft for Stevie and she was Baby of Breed on the second day. Mackenzie also did well on the second day with Reserve Bitch Challenge and Runner up Best of Breed!

Beenleigh & District Kennel Club January 

Mackenzie had a great night showing and won a 10 point Best Of Breed!

New Years Shows 

Just Mackenzie entered for a little warm up for the show year ahead - Bitch challenge and RUBOB at both - she had a blast!

Plans are afoot for Marble - she is currently hanging out with Mummy Sharyn at Larona waiting to get that magical chance to have babies of her own - just waiting for the right time!


What's Been Happening in 2015......

**Frodie News :D **

It is with such great joy to have ended the year with our beloved old man still with us. Frodie...you are amazing!!!

****BABY NEWS****

To celebrate the end of 2015 we saw babies here there and everywhere!!!

November saw Ch Ozdezign Hells Bells (Nestle) give birth to Anthony's 2nd litter in Australia, and we welcomed the arrival of Angel's first "Larona" babies, born to Nixon (Ch Larona Wings Of An Eagle [Bubble's brother]) in early December 2015

We also welcomed a new bundle of joy to Trenzalore in early December: our little Welsh Witch - Ricochez Gerwyn Saffir (AI) "Stevie", a friend for Frodo with whom he can speak welshie to! We look forward to starting her show career in early 2016.

Bangalow Agricultural Show November 

Always a bit squeezy at this show - and hot this time round! Anthony and MacKenzie were Bob & RuBob, while their little corgi buddy Tegan was Baby in Group!  Baby BB, Karen's new show dog won a frillie in the sweeps!

Combined Northern Rivers Kennel Club November   ***NEW CHAMPION**

One 9 point Best of Breed + two 6 point Best of Breed = MacNaughty's Australian Championship title!

First champion of the 2014 Tahgaen litter to Beau and Molly

Tweed Agricutural Show November 

MacKenzie added another 6 points to the total - she's now on 83 points: almost there!

Kyogle Show Weekend

The girls all trooped down to Kyogle for 3 of the 4 shows: MacKenzie added a 8 point BCC to her collection - on the downward slope to her title! She kept getting knocked out for another chance by the RUBIG - she says Intermediate is a tough class!

DOTY Support Shows

The night show saw Angel go Best Of Breed with Anthony Runner Up under the Estonian judge - obviously an appreciator of the 'Eyebrows'. They were both knocked out for Group by the BIG & RBIG. MacKenzie was the only ESS at the Day show for another 6 points to her name and knocked out by the BIG and RBIG for further glory!

Sporting Spaniel Club Queensland

The SSCQ held two open shows on the 19th September and what a day! Piloted by me Our Angel went BEST IN SHOW at the first show and Marble the wild card was Australian Bred in Show! Bronte-Bubble was Reserve of Breed to Angel! And I piloted Sharyn's Nixon to Open In Show and Noni to State Bred In Show at the second show!

Gold Coast Show Society

Beautiful day for a show on the Gold Coast - MacKenzie : 8 point Best Of Breed and didn't put a foot wrong :)

Brisbane Royal Agricultural Show August

MacKenzie took her first turn at an Ekka, just for the fun of it, but came away with Reserve Bitch Challenge!!  Lovely line up of girls, including our Angel (who was Open Bitch).

Redcliffe Show Society June 

Bit wet for a show! Having not been up to Redcliffe in absolute decades, MacNaughty and I took a little day trip and took home RUBOB and another 6 points!

ESSAQ 2015

Angel and Anthony shine in the Intermediate class with Angel taking Intermediate In Show and Anthony Opposite Sex! Go the Eyebrow Kids!!

Kalbar Agricultural Show

MacKenzie decided to be a real show dog on a glorious day and took out a 9 point Best Of Breed and Junior of Breed against top class competition. Well done MacNaughty!

Boonah Show Society May   ***NEW CHAMPION***  ***AND ANOTHER NEW CHAMPION***

Congratulations to our Marble, Larona Twirl For Effect (AI) who [Dogs Qld pending] attained the final points towards her Australian Championship title! For the girl who prefers toys to showing, this is quite an achievement! First Champion for daddy Jack from Sweden, and Mum Bubble! 

We are also delighted to announce the day after this show, Anthony "All My Loving Three Ponds Valley (Imp Poland)" gained the last points for his Australian Championship title! First Champion for his breeders in Poland!

Sporting Spaniel Double Header April 

These shows said farewell to the showring for Frodo, retiring [again!] after a very successful 12 months as a Neuter. He acheived more than I could have hoped for and he thoroughly enjoyed his farewell tour of the rings. And given the fact that he has cancer, the big smile on his face as he went into the ring just shows that he loves being a Show Pony!!!

**Frodie News :( **

It was with a great deal of shock and copious tears to have confirmed that the lump I found on Frodie's ribs when I was bathing him for a show is bone cancer. We thought when he went lame just before the Toowoomba Royal was because of the girls crashing into him full bore, but sadly not to be.  Given that it has grown from nothing in February to huge in 6 weeks does not give us hope that he will be with us for long. Keep him in your thoughts 

Clifton Show Society & Redcliffe Kennel Club Feb 14th

Coming runner up is not that much fun says both Frodie and MacNaughty but a Frillie for Junior at the open show at Redcliffe makes it better! Going out to Clifton is always a nice drive, even if it was super windy!!!!

Allora Show Society & Kennel Club Weekend Feb 7&8

All 5 of the Trenzalore Kids came out to Allora to camp for the weekend. MacKenzie shone with BOB both days over her best buddy Marble (who rarely gets shown so it came as a bit of a surprise to her) and a Puppy In Group on the Saturday. Frodes was the only Welshie and took Neuter in Group Saturday but made a new neuter friend in the process.

Gold Coast Canine Club Shows Australia Day Long Weekend

Mackenzie is the bridesmaid all weekend with Reserve Challenge at all 3 shows but goes that extra mile in the second show on Sunday with Puppy In Group!

Toowoomba Show Weekend Mid January

The "Eyebrow" kids do very well for themselves, with Anthony (All My Loving Three Ponds Valley (Imp Poland)) now half way to his Australian Championship

Lockyer Valley New Years Day Show:

Frodo goes Best Neuter In Group at the first show of the year!

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