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Australian Champion Larona Twirl For Effect (AI)

Bubble having babies was very exciting for us here at Trenzalore - even more exciting was that the sire lived all the way over the other side of the world in Sweden! It was even more special to personally help Bubble birth all but two of her babies, that she trusted me to be with her while she laboured.  Watching and helping her litter come into the world was wonderful but it was a special two that popped out who immediately drew the eye due to their unusual features - we called them 'The Twins' - the little girl would go on to be 'Marble' and the little boy became 'Bandit': Larona Bandit Effect (AI).

Marble had the cutest half white ear and Bandit was a very white puppy with an eyepatch! You couldn't but help be attracted to their unusual looks.  We never dreamed that we would be able to take a puppy from this litter home but Sharyn hadn't decided on which of the boys to keep and although the pick girl went to WA, she thought Marble might be good enough to run on.  So we took Marble home 'on trial'!

'On trial' lasted quite a while! Crystal immediately adopted Marble as her own - which Bubble was more than happy to agree too! This litter was nicknamed 'The 'Nado's' for a very good reason- the little horrors would swirl around your legs and then bite you to pieces so Bubble was well over them by 8 weeks and was happy to palm her off on a willing victim! 

Her first foray into the show ring saw her win Baby of Breed in a large line up of babies!  She was always the odd one out at the time she was showing, as most of the others in the ring at the time were the more 'American' style of ESS.  Needless to say her career in the show ring was not that successful - especially with a complete novice handler but we went out and had a good time.  It was long planned that she would eventually move to Darwin to be a companion to another Larona ESS, but we worked out that she actually had over 70 points towards her title so we decided to at least try to finish her title before she left.

And title she did! A glorious day out at Boonah in 2015 saw her gain the final points towards her title. She did have a few good wins along the way, including Reserve Challenge at the SSCQ show in a huge line-up of bitches and Australian Bred In Show at a SSCQ Open show.  She really did prefer her toys and games to showing but the little novice Nado team proved to those who doubted a bitch with a funny ear would ever title actually could.  It turns out that out of all of that litter Marble was the only one to earn her Australian Championship title - her brothers were only shown a couple of times and the pick girl was sent to a breeder in NSW after a short but successful show career in WA (but didn't show long enough to title) - the one least likely to title [and the third pick girl] was the little Girl who could - and did!

However Marble's short stay (of two years!) had a much more lasting impact: It is these two 'funny looking' dogs that started the seed of Team Friday - a wonderful friendship bonding over the 'Twins'.  Marble currently lives a very good life up in Darwin, and did eventually become a mum with her Larona mate Larona Paint It Black.



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