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Larona Touching From ADistance


It is not uncommon knowledge to any one who knows us that we LOVE the black white and tan ESS - it's all Kaye McGhie's fault for introducing us to the colour with Sabrina all those years ago!  We have just been waiting [and waiting and waiting and waiting] for the right little person to come along who could possibly rival Sabrina and her colour!

And in early October 2018 the very little person arrived on a rainy day to much interest from the current Menagarie residents.  We have named her Joy... in memory of our very first ESS 'Joy - Sharneyford Patches'.  Her kennel name 'Larona Touching From A Distance' is a direct honouring of Sabrina's name (Fraelighte From ADistnce) and also happens to be a line from a favourite Joy Division song Transmission.. where Ian sings "touching from a distance, further all the time".  So you see it all ties together nicely!

Joy debuted at The Tweed River Ag Show Society in November 2018 and had a jolly good time - we hope to have her at as many shows as we can and hope she enjoys herself playing 'show dogs'!

MAY 2019 UPDATE - one wonky tooth has brought a screeching halt to any show career Joy may have enjoyed sadly BUT that doesn't mean she might not go onto great things with her new owner Sally in Victoria - with any luck Sally will turn her into an obedience dog which we think she will excel at.  Hopefully she will also go onto passing on those gorgeous eyebrows to a new generation in the future... watch this space



Pedigree for Larona Touching From ADistance
Sire : Aust Ch All My Loving Three Ponds Valley (Imp Poland) [B/W/T] S: Hun Ch Int Ch Nor Ch Pol Ch SE Ch SVK Ch Linmoor Zimply Zalient (SWE) S: Nor Ch Se Ch Linmoor Wave For Success (SWE)
D: SE Ch Linmoor Valuable Crystal (SWE)
D: Pol Ch Rowntree Sweet Harmony (SWE) S: Barecho Almost Perfect (SWE)
D: Rowntree Romantic Review (SWE)
Dam : Birchlands Royal Revenge (Imp NZ) [L/W] S: NZ Ch Ch Birchlands Crown Crusader (IMP NZL) S: NZ Ch Sailema Just D-Bomb (NZL)
D: NZ Ch Birchlands Crowning Glory (IMP NZL)
D: NZ Ch Birchlands Royal Romance (NZL) S: UK Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny (IMP UK)
D: NZ Ch Birchlands Stormy Plum (NZL)



Contact Details

Rachael Arnott
Daisy Hill, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0414 893 194
Email : [email protected]