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Bloody Virus!!!!

Well the whole COVID 19 thing brought a screeching halt to everyone's show hobby! We were so looking forward to completing the 'Low's titles this year but it might not be achievable! Our own club show in May (Sporting Spaniel Club of Qld) had some really excellent prizes for Puppy class we were hoping to snag but alas! So the Girls are all on Job Keeper - being unemployed and all, and are currently loafing about looking like no one owns them.

Casino and District Kennel Club [February-March]

Sadly neuter exhibits are not welcome at Casino so Bubble and Stevie had to stay home therefore Team Friday trundled down to the Kyogle showgrounds to show the 'Lows (Harlow and Willow) without them (and boy were they not impressed when we got home and loudly let the entire neighbourhood know about it!).  Harlow only managed one challenge, aptly guided by Karen, but Willow got all three of hers + a third in sweeps - even though she did it via a gallop around the ring by herself first - and a minor in group. She was totally badly behaved for In Show but we can forgive a baby for a few misdemeanors!

Maryborough Kennel Club [February]

What a weekend! We quite like going up to Maryborough Kennel Club for a change and aside from the heat, we had an excellent time. Harlow showed well but couldn't snag a prize so Willow and Stevie made up for it by bring home the frillies. Willow was entered in the puppy sweeps for the practice and took a third and a second! She followed that up on Sunday with a Minor Puppy in Group!!! Not to be outdone, Stevie was the only neuter who showed up to represent the Group 3 neuters so she took both NIG and then RU Neuter in Show on Sunday! Bubble of course was her immaculate self and enjoyed her camping weekend - well she couldn't stay home alone!

Allora Kennel Club [February]

Willow hopped off the plane from Adelaide, met the girls then got chucked in VanESSa for a two hour van ride out to the best little show in the west - Allora! Having not really been shown before we were not sure what to expect but no worries - she just went out and owned the ring, despite the iffy lighting and stormy conditions.  So happily Harlow, Willow and Stevie got a CC each to add to the collection - Willow is on her way!

--> WELCOME Willow! <-- [February]

We got a fabulous offer from Alfie's breeder, offering Team Trenzalore a Fieldie On Loan so of course we said yes! Willow is Birdrise Thyme Is Right and is already a member of the family - she is Alfie's half sister (through their mother) and the daughter of our favourite Brown Boy Milo! She is not yet a show pony but we'll see how she goes strutting her stuff up here in SEQ! 

Gold Coast Kennel Club [January]

Not much luck for the girls at our first shows back - and we didn't even make it to the Sunday shows in time! But both Stevie and Harlow didn't put a paw wrong, they just were not to the judge's liking. Ah well, there's plenty more show opportunities to come!

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