The second black and white

Introducing Crystal, daughter of Sabrina

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Australian Champion Fraelighte Frivolity

15 December 2003 ~ 30 April 2016

After Sabrina passed, Frodes and Casey were at a bit of a loss, The Three Musketeers were missing a member.  But this was to change in May 2010.....

Debbie from Ozdezign ESS offered her foundation bitch, a daughter of Sabrina and Lately (his profile is still on DOL if you want to have a look - Grand Ch Willkommen Latest Edition ROMX Imp Canada)) as a new musketeer.  Needless to say there were some pretty extreme teething problems with integrating a new ESS that wasn't Sabrina, but we persevered and taught her some manners and she settled down into a calm and cheerful girl who was finally happy to be in an environment that turned out to be much to her liking. 

She was a born hunter who kept the bush turkeys on their toes and there was a rare bird who dared land anywhere near where she was.  The rat population that lived down in the creek have learnt to keep clear of the back yard, lest they loose a member or two! She would have made an excellent trial / hunting dog, as she brought me all of her captured game, even the cane toads she was so addicted to! If I had of known this at the start, I would have sent her to my Dad in NZ to be his next hunting/trialling star!

Crystal occasionally had dipped her toes into the show ring after joining us here, winning Veteran Bitch/Opposite Veteran in Show at ESSAQ in 2010 and 2014, much to her disgust as she was not much into the ring. Loved the grooming and getting pretty but would rather just be admired without having to do any work towards it!

Crystal saw in her 12th birthday in December 2015, yet to look at her you would have sworn she was 5 years younger.  She was the beloved foster mother of our Sharknado [Marble: Larona Twirl For Effect (AI)] - she took one look at Marble when we brought her home as an 8 week puppy and decided that she was HER puppy and that was all there was to it!

Crystal had been battling mammary tumours for a while, but on the 30th April 2016, she decided that the amount of time she had borrowed was up and she slipped peacefully over the Bridge, nibbling on a Dorito chip. Rest easy now my friend xox


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