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Myikyi Classic Capers

 30th January 2003 - 7th June 2012

Sabrina and I were quite happy enjoying just each other's company but my mother decided that what Sabrina really needed was a little friend!  After thinking on it for a while, I had my heart set on a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the same colours as Sabrina so she could have a "mini me", but alas, Mother had her heart set on a Lhasa Apso!

So we went for a little hunt on DOL for a breeder in the vicinity who may have an older girl for sale.  I contacted a kennel who had an ad up, but sadly it was a boy she had on offer. I explained that we were really after a girl, and if she knew of anyone who might have one suitable could she keep us in mind.  That lovely lady was Allison Scott, long time breeder of Lhasa Apso and Tibetian Spaniels [and turns out a long time friend of our friend Lyn Durrington!].

I didn't think much of it after that as life got busy, but I got another phone call about a week later - it was Allison! She had thought on our request and suggested she might have a suitable girl to join our home! I immediately said YES and my best friend Lisa and I drove out to Warwick a few weeks later and came home with a gorgeous charcoal ball of fluff called "Myikyi Classic Capers" - Casey!

She was not sure at all about her new location - I don't think she had lived just with one other dog before so that pack security was missing and she wasn't sure what to make of it all!  Casey did decide after about 6 weeks that our home was a suitable place for her to live after all, and loved us with gusto.  Having never had a small dog before, I had to be forever watching out under my feet - it was either the fluffy cat or the fluffy dog! She did LOVE Sabrina - so much so that after a while, everything that Sabrina did, Casey did too!  There is honestly nothing more hilarious than watching tiny little stumpy legs trying to keep up with a full grown ESS!

Casey settled into a charmed life with her new BFF Sabrina and loved to be doing whatever Sabrina was doing, even our hour long walks of an evening.  But keeping up with Sabrina on walks was rarely Casey's problem - going walkies was one of her favourite things to do! However, the most hilarious thing was HOW she went walkies - grass was her mortal enemy, and instead of galloping across the sports fields like Sabrina did, she would keep to the lines burned into the grass so she didn't have to walk on the longer stuff! 

And speaking of grass, she didn't like it on her bum either - if it was wet, she would reverse up to the edge of the lawn from the concrete, do her wee, and run away, lest the grass leap out and bite her sensitive bits!!! She was a clever little dog, always thinking of how NOT to let the dredded green stuff touch her Perfect Princess Paws!

One walk we went on she showed us her capacity for deception - she squatted for a wee and then shot up a meter in the air and refused to walk another step.  I saw some bull ants so figured she had been bitten.  Much smooching and cuddles later, she still would not walk, so I carried her a kilometer home thinking she was badly injured [the way she carried on you would have thought she was mortally wounded], but it was a big FRAUD!  Soon as we got home she jumped out of my arms and ran around like nothing had ever happened - she conned me into carrying her when she decided she didn't want to walk home!!! Ratbag!!!

Then along came Frodo - that just convinced Our Casey that she was definitely a Lhasa Springer Apso!  Everything the two gundogs did, she copied - from monitoring the birds in the yard, to 'springing' the birds on the sporting fields [from the safety of the burned in lines of course!]  You could see her watch the two big dogs, then copy what ever it was they were doing - even though she had no idea what she was doing it for!!! :D

Casey was always willing to be the big guard dog of the house - a job the Lhasa was actually bred to do back in Tibet.  Lhasas were the last line of defence for the monasteries, and Casey had not forgotten that!  She was ferocious - as long as the intruder was on the other side of the fence!!!

Sadly one week her enthusiasm for walkies wained, and she got all puffy and swollen.  Thinking she was just constipated, I gave her medicine but unfortunately that was not her problem.  It turned out she had a very large slow growing tumour on her aorta, so my mother sent her over the Rainbow Bridge to join her beloved Sabrina.  




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