Who are we?

Welcome to Trenzalore Springer Spaniels

Better known as the Daisy Hill Menagarie, Trenzalore is a new prefix  fronting a lifetime association primarily associated with the English Springer Spaniel.

It all started in the very early 1980's with my father Colin wanting a versatile gundog to hunt and trial with.  He tells me that the breeder came up to our farm with the dog he was offering Dad plus a bitch that just came for the ride.  My brother and I decided that the bitch was ours and so she stayed. Joy, "Sharneyford Patches" was a working / field bred ESS and boy could she work! Many a duck dinner was had due to her prowess in the field.

She was mated to a friend's field bred ESS and from that litter a little girl called Pride was chosen by me to stay on at the farm and help keeping those pesky game birds in check. Pride was also pretty successful as a working gundog and it was really tragic the day her life was cut short in an accident.

Fast forward many many years, and after a slight side track into Rottweilers, when I purchaced my own place in 2004, the decision was made to add a new pet to my life. I contacted the ESSAQ looking for a older dog to join me.  I was advised that there were two elderly ESS looking for a new home, after their mum was no longer able to care for them in her new residential unit so along came Charlie and Abra: Charlie formerly being Aust Ch Fraelighte Fair Warning, and Abra formerly being Aust Ch Brynfield Blue Moon.  Charlie Muffin and Abra-Doodle were my first 'show' bred ESS, vastly different from the field bred I was used to!  When they passed away, I didn't feel ready for a new dog for quite a while but knowing there was something lacking, eventually the next chapter in the story started........

When I was ready, I again contacted the ESSAQ on the hope that I would be blessed with another great mate.  I got the best email from Kaye McGhie offering one of her girls, and the beginning of the Daisy Hill Menagarie began with Sabrina, Aust Ch Fraelighte From aDistnce coming home to stay.  Sabrina was unusual as she was a Black / White & tan - the last of that colour to be shown in Australia until 2014.  Her tan eyebrows, so reminiscent of my beloved 3 Rottweiler girls, are still legendary within the breed and she started my continuing obsession with 'eyebrows' on dogs!

My mum then wanted a dog of her own, and having been visited by a neighbouring Lhasa Apso, decided Sabrina could have a new playmate in a Lhasa. So we were very lucky to obtain a beautiful little charcoal grey girl Casey from Alison Scott's kennel "Myikyi". More on her antics on her page - she is sorely missed here at the Menagarie and was the undisputed Princess to Sabrina's Queen.

Frodes was next - please visit his page to discover more of his story. Needless to say, being the only boy amongst all of those girls had it's advantages, and with Sabrina and Casey by his side, The Three Musketeers ruled the neighbourhood, and we couldn't go for walkies without someone stopping us to moon over the kids! {even if they had no idea just WHAT breeds the kids were!!!}

After Sabrina passed away we were graced by 'Crystal', one of her daughters from her second litter - Frodo deeming her to be a more than acceptable subsitiute for her mother! We also decided in 2012 that there was not enough brown in the backyard so stole Bronte-Bubble from our friend Sharyn from Larona ESS.  These dogs were how we got into the mysterious world of conformation showing -  a vastly different competition world from the working gundog trials of my youth!  So much so that we were allowed to take one of Bubble's daughters home to show!

We fostered two puppies in early 2014 and decided the little fledgling Trenzalore show team needed a new member, so basically dognapped the Girl From Rocky to be our own - Tahgaen Mackenzie went on to become a real show pony - this girl loved to show!  And then we were lucky enough to add a little Welsh Witch in December 2015 to complete the team.

And we come to now..... fast forward a few more years and a few more changes: the Menagarie currently consists of Bubble, Stevie and Harlow, after the sad loss of Crystal and Frodo in 2016, with the Fat Kitty putting her own cat's paw into the mix! We regularly have visitors from other kennels that we take on our travels, which have included dogs from Larona like Blush and Inge (the ESS from Reiby), Little Yankee Man Devlin all the way from Sunfire American Cockers down south, Presto and Ziggy the Welshie boys from Goldmaid and Alfie and Jagger the Field Spaniels. Please be sure to stop by the Show Pony Girls' profiles to see their wins and read the blog to keep up with what we are doing around the circuit of SEQ!  You might just see us out and about in our show vehicle VanESSa - you can't miss her - she's a big red van!

I hope you enjoy our Family Story and follow our journey into the future :) 

Contact Details

Rachael Arnott
Daisy Hill, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0414 893 194
Email : [email protected]