Championship show 2016

September 17th, 2016

JUDGE: Mrs. Donna Saltau

*** BEST IN SHOW ***

Bred by Robyn Carroll
Owned and Presented by Petrina Limkin

~ Supreme Champion Hartly Shine On Me ~

Bred, Owned and Presented by
Nicole Pearson

                                                                              BABY DOG

Plain sable and white male. Beautiful showy temperament. Balanced angulation. Sweet head with dark almond eye. Flat skull. Head balanced. Arched neck into level topline and correct slope to croup. Long tail. Moved well for one so young. Excellent out and back.
Golden sable and white male with full collar. Quite the eye catcher with super outline. His head was too strong for me but it was balanced, with a correct eye. Good neck and level topline. Could have better slope to croup. Balanced angulation with excellent shoulder placement. Strong bone so I do worry for his size, but today he was all together. Moved well with excellent temperament.
Very flashy attractive sable and white, very rich in colour. Balanced head with flat skull and rounded muzzle. Would like a darker eye, but it was a correct almond shape. His ears are large. Correct arch of neck. His topline dips rising too much at the hips. Has a good shoulder and rear angulation, which is balanced. Long in rear pasterns. Correct size for his age with excellent substance of bone. Moved with his tail up today. His out and back was good.

                                                                           JUNIOR DOG

A good sized sable with correct bone and substance. Dark eye. I would like more level planes, as he recedes slightly. He has good ears with a lovely earset. Nicely rounded muzzle and a lovely chin. I would like more length of upper arm. He stands quite nicely front on, with good strong pasterns and oval feet. Good length of body and well let down hocks. Correct slope to croup and good length of tail. For a junior dog his coat is in excellent condition. He drives well behind, but I would like more reach in front. His temperament was unsettled today. Overall a rather pleasing boy. JUNIOR IN SHOW

                                                                       INTERMEDIATE DOG

Well balanced blue merle. Good size with correct bone and substance. Symmetrical outline. Very sweet expression. Almond shaped eyes, which are well placed. Correctly placed ears and a well rounded muzzle. Arched neck flowing into level topline and correct slope of croup. Good length of tail. Strong pasterns and oval feet. Moves a little close behind going away, but overall a quality dog. Probably needed more coat today, but he is a wonderful colour, clear silvery blue.
2nd - Ch. HARTLY HOW ABOUT ME - Pearson
Golden sable. Masculine in outlook, with correct bone and substance for his size. Very good one piece head, with a dark almond eye. I would like better pigmentation around the eye. He has a correct depth of underjaw, well balanced head with excellent ear placement. Correct length of neck with good arch. Would like more length of upper arm. Oval feet and good pasterns. Good depth of ribcage. Level topline flowing into sloping croup. Good turn of stifle. Moves well going away. In excellent coat.
Flashy sable male. Very masculine with good bone and substance. Well balanced head with a flat skull. Dark, almond shaped well placed eye. Good underjaw and a well rounded muzzle. His ears are a bit heavy, which ruins his expression. He has a good neck when he uses it. He could have a better shoulder angle. Straight bones in front, oval feet and strong pasterns. He has a wonderful depth and spring of ribcage, good topline and slope to croup. Well turned stifle, the best rear end in the class. Well coated. Well behaved and good temperament.

                                                                         AUSTRALIAN BRED DOG

1st - Supreme Ch. SHATRIN SAINTS BECKON - Cant/Limkin
An overall well balanced dog who caught my eye the moment he entered the ring. Well balanced head with beautiful correct eye. Correct underjaw and ear placement. Good arch of neck. I would like a tighter elbow. Good depth of ribcage and correct length of body. Level topline flowing into correct slope of croup. Good turn of stifle. Moved well going, with a light, smooth side gait. In good coat, and has a beautiful temperament.       DCC AND AUST BRED IN SHOW
A rich shaded sable, of good size and substance. Very pretty expression with a dark almond eye. Well placed ears. Would like more underjaw. Short in upper arm, and I would like more neck. He has good pasterns and correct oval feet. Level topline and good croup. Well angulated behind and moved well behind. Overall, in very good coat, and showing quite well.
Masculine blue merle. Would like his colour more silvery blue, he is quite dark. But the dog himself is well coated. Good size, bone and substance. Very nice wedge shaped head, balanced with good ears. Arched neck. I would like more upper arm. Good turn of stifle. Close coming and going, and not as smooth on the side gait as the first two. Overall a showy, well behaved dog with a good attitude.

                                                                            OPEN DOG

1st - Supreme Ch. SHATRIN SAINTS B PRAISED - Limkin
Masculine golden sable with a flowing outline. Beautiful head and expression. Dark almond shaped eye, well placed ears. Well rounded muzzle. Good arch of neck, but I would like a little more neck. His upper arm could be better. Level topline, sloping croup. Excellent rear end. He moved smoothly and with ease. In excellent coat for his age. Lovely temperament.
2nd - Supreme Ch. LYNDREAM STRICTLY SPEAKING - Pearson
Masculine shaded sable in excellent condition and coat. Balanced head, dark almond eye. Excellent ear placement. His head is a bit strong for me, but overall well balanced. Correct arch of neck. Has a good front overall, strong pasterns and oval feet. Good depth of ribcage and length of body. Would like more turn of stifle and his tail could be longer. His tail set is correct. He moved out and back well single tracking. Shows beautifully for his owner due to his great temperament.
3rd - Ch. RAYORA STYLISH OAK - Gordon
Very rich mahogany shaded sable, rarely seen these days. In excellent coat condition and shine. Correct size, good bone and substance. Almond shaped eye. Ears are a little large, and I would like his lips to meet at front, although he does have a scissor bite. Balanced head with smooth cheeks. Would like a better upper arm. Standing straight front on with oval feet. Would like more neck. Level topline. His tail could be longer. Lovely turn of stifle with well let down hocks. Another one with a beautiful showy temperament, and showed well for his owner.

                                                                             VETERAN DOG
8 year old tri colour with a very sweet head. Dark almond shaped eye with a well balanced head and flat skull. Excellent ears and ear carriage. Correct underjaw and well rounded muzzle. Shows himself beautifully. Neck with correct arch but would like just a little more length. Short in upper arm. Good depth of ribcage with a lovely level topline. Tailset is high and the tail a little short. I would like him to have more angulation all round, although he is well balanced. He moves out and back and single tracks quite well, but his side gait could have a little more reach and drive. In good coat. Beautiful black and beautiful rich tan. Excellent temperament.

                                                                                BABY BITCH

Pretty golden sable. Beautiful neck, shoulder and turn of stifle. Well balanced symmetrical outline all round. Well let down hocks, good pasterns and oval feet. Very, very pretty expression. This puppy has a lot of promise. A little unsettled today, but just a quality baby and loved her type. BABY IN SHOW
Blue merle puppy. Blue colour is beautiful. Another baby with well balanced angles, length of body and neck. Level topline. Good length of rib and well balanced angulation. Really well let down hocks. Ears a little large, and I hope she grows into them. She has a well balanced head and a lovely eye shape. Moved out well. Excellent temperament.
Pale golden sable baby. Another one with a lovely well balanced outline. Good angulation fore and aft. Very sweet expression. Well let down hocks. Good spring of front pastern. Fine in foreface possibly due to her small size. Dark almond shaped eye. Moved well, with a level topline and slope to croup. Well handled. I do hope this little poppet finishes in size as she has a lot of promise.

                                                                             MINOR BITCH

Rich golden sable. Very sweet, with a dark almond shaped eye. Well balanced head planes. Flat skull. I would like her to have a little more strength in muzzle, but she still has a good underjaw. Wonderful arch of neck flowing into level topline and slope to croup. She has beautiful angulation all round, with lovely spring of pastern and oval feet. Good depth of ribcage for one so young. In good coat today. She is very promising. MINOR IN SHOW
Rich golden to red sable, with a super puppy coat. She is going to have a big coat this one. Very sweet dark, almond shaped eye. Again, would like a little more strength in muzzle, but possibly could come with age. Correct ears and ear placement. She has a good neck and a level topline. I would like her tail to be longer and her tailset is a fraction high as she can carry her tail too high at times . She lacks angulation behind. Lovely temperament.

                                                                               PUPPY BITCH

A very pretty golden to red sable. In good puppy coat and good condition. Dark eye. Would like it to be more almond shaped but she still has a very pleasing expression. Well balanced head. Correct ears and underjaw. Good arch of neck but I would like a little better upper arm. Level topline and good slope to croup. Good turn of stifle. She moved well out and back and had a smooth side gait. Beautiful happy temperament. PUPPY IN SHOW
Golden sable. Another one in excellent puppy coat. This bitch has the sweetest expression, beautiful ears, dark almond shaped eye. Well balanced skull to muzzle. Needs to flatten in backskull, but hopefully that will come with maturity. She has correct arch of neck, good shoulder and length of upper arm and depth of chest. Good turn of stifle but she toes out behind and moved closely behind going away. Side gait has a long reach with good drive. Beautiful long tail and good slope to croup. Unfortunately unsettled today but a quality bitch with correct type.
Rich gold to red sable. Out of coat today. Big white collar. Quite a sweet face with a lovely dark almond shaped eye. Skull slightly wide, and I would like a bit more strength of muzzle. She has a level topline and a good turn of stifle. I would like a bit more upper arm, and her feet are too long. Good temperament. Moved smoothly around the ring, and was good out and back.

                                                                             JUNIOR BITCH

Well marked tri colour, with a dark eye and well set ears. I would like more fill in the cheeks, and a bit more roundness to the muzzle. She is slightly rounded in the skull. Has a correct arched neck but needs more length to upper arm. I would like more depth of chest, but that could come with maturity. Good turn of stifle. Level topline and well let down hocks. Good slope to her croup. Out and back she was a little erratic on the move. Side gait was much more pleasing to the eye. She has a lovely temperament and shows well. Her coat at the moment is probably changing as it’s a bit red on the ends. I would like to see it a bit blacker. Well handled.

                                                                         INTERMEDIATE BITCH

Very feminine, symmetrical bitch with well balanced angulation. The sweetest of expressions coming from her dark almond shaped eye. Well placed, fairly close set ears. Well rounded muzzle and good underjaw. Beautiful arch of neck flowing into level topline and excellent slope to croup. Wonderful long tail. Beautiful smooth, reachy side gait with drive. Moves beautifully in front coming but going away is a little close. In beautiful coat today which fitted her outline perfectly. Overall she is just a beautiful, sweet bitch of correct type. I just adored her and couldn’t take my eyes off this one. A top class bitch with a big future. Happy to give her Best in Show today.  BIS AND JUNIOR IN SHOW
Down to size, very sweet little tri bitch. In good coat. Rich tan and shiny black. She has a balanced head although I would like more strength in muzzle. Slightly rounded in skull. Well set ears. Level topline. Good slope to croup. Her lay of shoulder could be better. Rear angulation good. Correct spring of pastern. Oval feet and well let down hocks. Super temperament and showed well. Moved well out and back but I would like more reach in front on the side gait.
A stronger bitch. Extremely plain, almost solid sable. Very, very rich in her tones, in actual fact she is quite a beautiful colour. She could be sweeter in expression. Her eyes are oblique and they are dark but she has rather large ears. I would like more fill under the eyes to give her a smoother foreface. She has an excellent neck, level topline and slope to croup. Probably the most beautiful balance of angulation today. She moves well out, back and all the way around. Her attitude could be a little bit better, but otherwise she is a rather well balanced bitch in good coat.

                                                                        AUSTRALIAN BRED BITCH

Plain golden sable, rich in tone. Feminine bitch with good bone and substance, and a beautiful symmetrical outline, right from the flow of her neck into her topline, into her croup. Correct balanced angulation. She has a sweet dark almond eye. Good underjaw. I would like her face smoother as she has a little too much cheek. Lovely ears and ear placement. Oval feet. Moved well out and back. She has a lovely, reachy, smooth side gait.
2nd - Ch. HARTLY WITCH CRAFT - Pearson
Another well shaped bitch, probably not in as good coat as the first placed girl, but still very rich in tone. Very plainly marked. Beautiful length of neck and lovely shoulder angulation. Level topline. Her tailset could be lower although she didn’t carry her tail high. She has good turn of stifle. A little close behind and toes out. Well balanced head with a dark almond shaped eye. Ear placement could be a little closer set on top. I would like a fraction more strength of muzzle but she is still a very pretty bitch. She has a very good front. She moved well in front but a little close behind. Covered the ground beautifully on side gait with a level topline on the move. Shows well.
Another pretty bitch. Extremely shapely in outline. Beautiful neck, topline and croup. Well balanced angulation. She has a dark eye but I would like it more almond shaped. Smooth well rounded muzzle. Her ear set is a little wide. Unfortunately she doesn’t really want to show herself today. She moved well on the side gait, very smooth and free. She is a little close behind and is another one that toes out. She has a good front, oval feet and in very good coat.

                                                                                OPEN BITCH

1st - Supreme Ch. HARTLY SHINE ON ME - Pearson
Very feminine, pretty bitch. I fell in love with her the moment I laid eyes on her. She has a symmetrical outline. Correct arch of neck, level topline into sloping croup. Balanced angulation. Good strength of bone for her size. Oval feet. Strong pasterns and well let down hocks. She has the sweetest of expressions with a perfect ear set. Dark almond shaped eyes and a well rounded muzzle. Balanced skull to muzzle. In excellent coat and condition today with her rich, golden sable coat in abundance. If anything she has a lot of coat which makes her look to lack length of leg (which she doesn’t) with not much air under her but that’s very minor. She moved out & back correctly with an easy, smooth side gait. Top class bitch who went so close for Best in Show today.  OPEN IN SHOW AND RUNNER UP IN SHOW
Very unlucky to come up against the first. This bitch is probably not as feminine as I would like but still very attractive. She has a dark almond shaped eye. I would like ear set closer on top of the head. Well balanced muzzle to skull. Flat skull and correct underjaw. This girl also has a super long arched neck, flowing into level topline and sloping croup. Wonderful shoulder angulation with well laid shoulder and correct length of upper arm as she stands right under the wither combined with well turned of stifle. She has good substance of bone. She moved smoothly with great reach and drive. Single track out and back. Could be in better coat today.
3rd - Ch. KELANMEE THE DIVINE MISS M - Baker/Tressider
Another attractive bitch. Great arch of neck, level topline and slope to croup. I would like a better shoulder angle. Beautiful turn of stifle and let down hock. This bitch is a show pony. She can be a bit fidgety at times but she still has a super, showy temperament. She has a balanced head but would like her skull slightly flatter. Dark eye and correct underjaw. She needed her coat today as she is in her bikinis. She moved smoothly around the ring on side gait but would have liked a bit more reach in front but she was very true out and back.

                                                                            VETERAN BITCH


Very feminine, good sized, golden to red sable bitch. Beautiful temperament and showmanship. She has a dark almond shaped eye, flat skull, well rounded muzzle, and excellent ears and ear placement. Very pretty. Good arch of neck, flowing into her topline and good slope of croup. Her topline is a bit soft and she could have a better upper arm but beautiful substance and straight bones. Oval feet. Good turn of stifle, and stands true behind. Not in her full coat today but what she has is in excellent condition and very rich in tones. She was true coming and going but I would like more reach and drive on the side gait. A quality bitch. VETERAN IN SHOW

                                                                              NEUTER DOG

1st - Neuter Ch. ELECTRO FORMAL ATTIRE - Ray
Shiny black coat with rich tan. Has a flat skull but his ears are a little heavy. He could have more strength of muzzle. Dark pigment. Level topline and correct slope to croup with a long tail. He has good bone and substance for his size and he is a good size. Good spring of pastern and oval feet. I would like more angulation all round although he did move quite well around the ring. He shows well and has a lovely temperament.  NEUTER IN SHOW





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