Grooming the Shetland Sheepdog

~ Grooming your Shetland Sheepdog ~


Up until the thicker, longer coat starts to appear, you will only need to give your puppy a light brushing each week with any brush capable of getting through the coat adequately.

Once the adult coat starts to come through, I recommend purchasing a “Pin” brush from any pet shop or Vet. The longer pin is much better at getting right down through the adult coat, to the skin. Make sure the pins are not scratching to the coat, the best way to do this is to lightly brush your cheek , if it doesn’t scratch you, it wont damage your dogs coat.

Always dampen the coat with a spray of water, or water and light conditioner and pay particular attention to the areas behind the ears, under the tummy and the long “petticoats” at the back of the back legs. These areas tend to knot up more often than the body coat itself. Proceed to brush your dog. Line brushing gives the best effect as Shelties are a double-coated breed and you must get right down to the skin. This technique starts from the base of the tail doing a section at a time all the way to the top of the neck. Spraying with water and brushing the coat up away from the body.

- Line Brushing -


I advise to teach your puppy to lie quietly each time for the grooming, if you teach this early it will be much easier in the years ahead, and if you teach your dog to lie on it’s side you will find you are able to groom out one complete side and then simply turn them over and do the other.

Toenails will need clipping back with a toenail clipper (available from pet shops) at least once a month (see photo'sbelow) also the hair on the paw itself should be cut back level with the pad itself. Be careful not to cut too much toenail off at once as this can lead to cutting the quick itself, which leads to bleeding. The hair under and between the foot pads will also require trimming back level with the pads themself.

Bathing of your Sheltie is only required when absolutely necessary as the double coat keeps itself remarkably clean, bathing too often will strip the coat of the natural oils it needs to keep itself in top condition.

If you make time to carry out these regular grooming sessions, you will find the coat will always look healthy, there will be less hair drop and of course a happy dog !


~ What you will need in grooming tools ~




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