Championship show 2017


Open Bitch Open Bitch Shetland Sheepdog Club of Qld Inc  
Championship Show 

Judge: Mrs Leah Ryan (NSW) 
Saturday September 23, 2017 

Baby Puppy Dog 

  1. CHARMHILL CALLIN THE SHOTS: A youngster showing promise; a little apprehensive to this big wide world, demonstrated in his reluctance to move today! Well coated with a pleasing outline. Ears placed a little too wide – teething? – impeded all other correct head properties & expression.  BABY IN SHOW

Minor Puppy Dog 

  1. HARTLY HOW ABOUT THAT: Sable & White Dog with a profuse coat very well presented. 
    Very pleasing head of equal proportions, with lovely dark brown almond shaped eyes. Correct stop, with semi erect ears well set-on top of his head; all combining to give him that correct sweet expression! Would have preferred a little better angle fore & aft, with longer tail – and no kink, set a tad lower, which would have shown a lither, smoother mover, particularly coming & going. BABY PUPPY in SHOW 

Puppy Dog 

  1. GAVEND C MY ILLUSION: Sable & White dog with a pleasing head; would have preferred a more almond shaped, medium sized eye, & a higher set without such a heavy tip to his ears. Abundant coat of harsh texture - well presented. Would have preferred better lay of shoulder which would have completed his overall balance and presented a better outline. Tail carried a little high, contributing to impairment of a lithe and graceful action PUPPY in SHOW       

Junior Dog 

  1. HARTLY DEEP IMPACT  A very typey dog with gender easily defined, an abundant, pale gold coat, also groomed with flawlessness presentation. The response to his owner was evident in his showmanship, presenting a symmetrical outline denoting balance in all areas.  
    Similar in type to the Challenge Dog: correct well-laid shoulders, & distinct stifle angles, with short, well-bent hocks. Medium length of neck, side movement graceful and smooth, and parallel coming and going.  
    Head properties correct with dark brown, obliquely placed almond shaped eyes, correct semi-erect ears placed high on his head, exhibiting that sweet Sheltie expression.   
    With a little more ring experience, this dog shows promise. Reserve Challenge Dog


  1. LYNDREAM STICKING WITHTHE TIMES: Small dog, well balanced with a lovely outline, although I would have preferred more length of leg. Correct body length & well arched neck, level topline, and correctly angled fore & aft, this youngster still has time to grow. Head was balanced, & correct, with ears well placed, however he was not prepared to use them today. He moved with sufficient each & drive, but I would have preferred more parallel out and back movement. 
  2. GLOSINIA MIDAS TOUCH: Well up to size, this 12 month old shaded Sable & White dog was not up to his competition in type, balance, head properties or movement today. His abundant coat was correct with a harsh texture, but also lacked the lustre & presentation of his competitors

Intermediate Dog 

  1. RAWUCH I AM CAPTAIN AMERICA :2 year old Tri Colour Dog of good breed type, well balanced with a pleasing outline. Coat was in abundance, coal black with a lovely sheen, presented to perfection. Pleasing head properties with correct stop, equal planes, & very dark, almond shaped obliquely set eyes. Sadly, not happy to be here today, refusing to show or use his ears. Correct angles, level topline and hocks well let down. His movement consisted of good reach & drive, parallel fore & aft, with a lithe, smooth, & graceful action.  ​
  2. TESSKATEL LIAM JAMES : 2 year old red Sable & White dog with profuse coat, but I would have preferred the texture to be harsher. A small dog lacking in angulation, topline was not level, which impeded a correct medium length of neck, & a lithe, smooth action. Head properties were not enhanced due to the width between his ear set & reluctance to use them.

Australia Bred Dog

  1. CH HORTONPARK KINGS RANSOM  A dark shaded sable, heavily coated dog. Balanced with strong bone and well padded, oval feet. He moved with a minimum of effort covering ground. Head lacked refinedness, & although head and body were symmetrical, I would off preferred to see less of him overall; in keeping with correct Sheltie typea refined dog of great beauty! 

Open Dog 

  1. CH HARTLY HOW ABOUT ME: A small dog with gender easily defined, with a pale gold, abundant coat; presentation perfect.  Very similar in type to the BIS winner, but would have preferred a tad more body length and fore ¼ angles, which would have given him the extra length of neck to provide the receptacle to show off his correct head with that sweet Sheltie expression.   His side movement was graceful and smooth, with correct reach & drive; and his showmanship beyond reproach. He challenged the BIS winner for the revered award. Challenge Dog  R.U. BEST IN SHOW &Open in SHOW   
  2. CH ELENBAH TRI UMPHANT : 9 year old Tri colour in good coat and well presented. Good breed type with nice outline. Would have preferred a tad more fore & aft angulation; hence a better length of neck. Level topline: tail did not reach his well let down hocks. Good strong bone. Head balanced with ears well set & used, but I would have preferred less depth through backskull, and a darker brown, medium sized eye. His movement was balanced and parallel. 
  3. CH INNESLAKE OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE : 3 year old heavily shaded sable with profuse coat and well presented. Well up to size, balanced, but lacked angulation fore and aft, therefore lacked the correct length of neck, and graceful sweep over the loins, and tail did not reach the hock. In head properties I would have preferred more depth of stop, & less depth thru in backskull: a medium sized almond, obliquely set eye, &ears closer together on skull, hence he did not exhibit that sweet sheltie expression. His movement was parallel coming & going, but was not lithe or smooth 


CH RAYORA STYLISH OAK. Very dark shaded sable in lovely bloom and well presented. Would have like more angulation in fore & aft, which would have given him a better length of neck, & hence a better outline. He lacked that graceful sweep over the loin & his tail did not reach his hock. On the move he exhibited a limp

Good breed type with correct head characteristics and typical sheltie sweet expression. In lovely coat & well presented. Moved with purpose with a lithe & graceful action. Overall I would have preferred to have identified his gender as masculine at first glance!  

This sable & white bitch in profuse puppy coat of good breed type, but was not happy today, denying herself the opportunity to show herself off. Nice outline, & well balanced. Strong straight bone, but would have preferred more angulation fore & aft. Skull & muzzle equal with dark brown, almond eyes, but refused to show off position & carriage of ears! She moved parallel for & aft with good reach and purpose. 
A young dog who I believe has some big wins still to conquer! He not only has breed type, but also the sweetest expression to compliment his presence & style. An added bonus is his abundance of coat & trimmings that are revered in the show ring today.  A fun dog to judge. 

HARTLY DEEP IMPACT     Reserve Challenge Dog 
This typey youngster is on the right path to stardom, needing little other than extra exposure in the ring, and some additional time to mature. 

Minor Puppy Bitch 

  1. MALIDDIE ELECTRIC BLUE    This typey bitch was correctly balanced, with very good angulation, cutting a refined and elegant outline. Her head with the correct properties was very pleasing, with ears perfectly placed; & when she used them, she exhibited the sweetness of that typical Sheltie expression. Unfortunately her temperament let her down on the day; especially in regard her movement, however the more she presented in the ring, the more she settled, & by G.S., and for another handler, she showed her “true colours,” proving to have a very promising future. MINOR in SHOW
  2. JENCOL I KNOWIM BLUTIFUL Well up to size for a baby, and a beautiful clear silvery blue colour, well splashed & marbled, with flashy white markings. Would have preferred more angulation fore & aft, and more fill in her foreface, and length in muzzle to equal her length of backskull.

Puppy Bitch 

  1. HARTLY HOW DEVINE  This sable & white bitch in profuse puppy coat of good breed type, but was not happy today, denying herself the opportunity to show herself off. Nice outline, & well balanced. Strong straight bone, but would have preferred more angulation fore & aft. Skull & muzzle equal with dark brown, almond eyes, but refused to show off position & carriage of ears! She moved parallel for & aft with good reach and purpose. 
    Tri coloured bitch with a nice outline, correct angulation, good substance, deep chest, strong bone. Level topline with graceful sweep over loins. Thighs muscular & strong & well bent stifles. Good tail set, length & carriage. Lithe movement with good drive from hindquarters; would have preferred fore movement to be more parallel & precise.  
    Shaded Sable & White 12 month old bitch. Lacked the angles of her competition today, and her unsureness & the lack of response to her handler, did little or nothing to exhibit a sweet expression, or move in a lithe and purposeful manner. 
    I humbly apologise for my oversight to critique this bitch today.  \

Junior Bitch

  1. KILCOY ME MYSELF N I                  
    This typey correct sized bitch was feminine, yet strong and active. Well angled fore and aft, her balance of body showed in her movement which was lithe and very graceful. Her head balanced with all the correct characteristics and blended to give her that correct Sheltie expression. In lovely condition, and presented to perfection. A promising youngster with a bright future.Reserve Chall Bitch  JUNIOR in SHOW
    Blue Merle bitch with good substance and strong, straight bone. Balanced with good depth of chest, level topline, with graceful sweep over the loin, finishing with the correct tail set, carriage, and length well below the hock. Head of equal proportions, but would have preferred a smaller, more almond shaped eye, with a tad more fill on the foreface. Her forward movement could have been more parallel. Profuse coat awaiting her trimmings to return. Sadly her temperament let her down today.  
    18 month old Sable & White SMALL bitch, well balanced & well presented. Correct angulation fore & aft. Head characteristics were lacking in most areas. Would have preferred more of her overall. Not responding to her handler impeded her movement. 

Intermediate Bitch 

  1. HARTLY IMA SWEET TALKER.           
    Very typey feminine bitch, with a pale gold, abundant coat presented to perfection. Correctly balanced, well angled with correct body proportions & level topline, with the correct graceful sweep over the loins. Correct tail set & length, all combined to show a smooth and graceful movement.  
    Her symmetrical outline enhanced by the correct length of neck with that arch of nape provided the receptacle for her correct & pretty head. Refined & balanced with medium, dark brown almond shaped eyes, small semi-tipped ears placed on top of her skull, all combined to show that characteristic sweet Sheltie expression. Challenge Bitch BEST IN SHOW & Intermediate in Show 
    I humbly apologise for my failure to critique this bitch today, however she was gone before I got the chance to do so. 

Australia Bred Bitch

    Rich red Sable bitch of good breed type in full coat, well presented. Correct head properties, & sweet expression when/if she used her ears! A little more length of leg would have given her better balance overall, a more graceful outline, and a smoother lithe movement.
    2 year old Rich red Sable bitch, who lacked the elegance of her competitor today. Would have preferred better for & aft angulation, more length of neck & depth of chest. Her movement lacked the reqd reach & drive, & not parallel coming and going. Her coat lacked lustre & presentation. Ears were well placed and she made good use of them.

Open Bitch 


    This (8) year old was a quality bitch of correct type. Very flashy with a rich jet black, profuse coat that fitted the body, well balanced and coupled with correct angulation, she cut a very pleasing outline. Her lithe, smooth movement was graceful and her hindquarters moved with both drive and a purpose.  Her head embodied all the required sheltie characteristics, however had she a tad more refinement/length to her head and her body, she would have stolen the Reserve Challenge from the Junior bitch.  Beaten for Opposite by the RUIS

    A sable & white bitch with an abundant coat of a harsh texture. Her head was pleasing with medium dark brown eyes, obliquely placed, but I would have preferred a tad more fill to her foreface, and length to her muzzle. Her well positioned semi-erect ears were in constant response to her handler. Her movement was lithe & active, but a tad more length of body would have improved her reach and drive, to reveal a smoother movement.

    A typey shaded sable bitch of correct size, very sound in movement with excellent reach & drive. I would have preferred a tad more underjaw, otherwise she had a pleasing head with all the correct head characteristics. A lovely outline, which I feel sure would have placed her much higher on the winner pegs, had she of been in coat today.  


    A sable & white bitch with a richly coloured coat. Unfortunately today, she did not exhibit the same quality sheltie characteristics of her other competitors today.


    HARTLY IMA SWEET TALKER                    Challenge Bitch 
    A bitch with an abundant coat, symmetrical in outline showing great beauty, with the correct head and expression, all combined to present a very feminine and typey Sheltie. It was a pleasure to judge her.   

    KILCOY ME MYSELF N I               Reserve Challenge Bitch 
    A Tri Coloured bitch of correct size & just a tad over 12 months old. Profusely coated and very responsive to her handler, using her whole body, & ear set & carriage to show off her head qualities, portraying that characteristic, sweet sheltie expression.     


    Neuter Dog 

                                 RUNNER UP NEUTER in SHOW 
      Tri Coloured dog with a pleasing outline and well up to size. An abundance of coat harsh in texture, and in excellent condition… presented beautifully. I would have preferred his head to be more in balanced with his body, and head characteristics were not up to the same quality as the Neuter bitch.

    Neuter Bitch 


                                      BEST NEUTER in SHOW 

      A very typey rich red sable bitch with a coat in beautiful bloom. Presented to perfection the coat fitted her body enhancing her well angled, correctly balanced outline. Her well arched neck supported a very pleasing head with all the required head properties, presenting a bitch of great beauty. Her movement was smooth and graceful and her rear drive moved with purpose. 


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