We are a small Kennel Located in Sanderston, SA.

We love several breeds and are dedicated to breeding superior quality dogs for pets, obedience or show.

We have had some success in the ring with all breeds. I love showing and training dogs.

You are welcome to visit us but by appointment.

My name is Gill and, with my husband Richard, we run our kennel.

Richard helps with showing as well.

A little bit about me.

When I was 10 I got my first labrador-she was a pedigree on blue papers. I entered her in the Gawler show, won first prize, and Second in Junior Handling.

No-one told me that you couldn't enter a neutered dog/bitch.

My mum owned racing greyhounds. As a youngster I learned about raising pups, dog nutrition and exercise from my mum who ran a large kennel. I had an Owner Trainer greyhound Racing Licence, and also had a few of my own.

All her grandchildren learned about dogs from my Mum as well. They loved to vistit her and help with the dogs and pups.

In the 1982 I started with Rottweilers . In 1985 I was assistance head Instructer  of the Rottweiler Obedience Club of SA and won Instructor of the Year.

 In 1986  I was the  Head  Instructor of the Rottweiler Obedience Club of SA. One of the first female head Instructors in those days .

In 1999 I started back with labradors and since then have been also interested in, showing and breeding Dobermans, Rottweilers, German Pinschers and of course labradors.

Temperament, trainability and adherence to breed standards are important to us. 

I feel that my work experience as a vet nurse and then a as a General Registered Nurse helps me to maintain  my dogs and puppies

Our dogs are all breed health screened prior to breeding. Please see our notes on each breed. ( To Come)

My problem is I just love all sorts of dogs!!



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