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Grausturm Weimaraners are situated in Hobart Tasmania

Our kennels were established in 1985 although we had owned weimaraners since 1972 with our first weimaraner NZ Ch Garmische Waldmeister and later Weiyelka Pangari. Our foundation breeding was from Ch Silberuss Blanche CD (Rushcka who lived to 17.5years) and Gunesh Silver Karn (Ben). Since then we have bred over 50  australian champions, 4 international champions, 6 tracking champions and 2 grand champions. We average only have one litter per year and also work with our puppy owners, mentoring them if they plan to have litters. All our dogs have great temperaments, are bred to the standard and love to hunt. I also have my gundog judging licence, obedience licence and hound licence.

We have developed many great friendships from our dog breeding including: Classic Dreams knls, owned Swed Ch Aust Ch NW 04 WW06 TCh Grausturm Dare To Dream, Katrina and Brendan Johnstone who own Ch Grausturm Silver Archer BIIS national 2010 and Ch Grausturm Love In A Mist BISS, Nimiq Kennels who own Ch Grausturm Prince O Grey, Johny Van Holstein who owns Ned Kamp Grausturm Extra Special, Sharlani Kennels who owns Ch Grausturm Xtra Edition, Grausturm Big Boy Rides Again, Ch Grausturm Silver shadow, Grausturm Bridget Bardot, Ch Grausturm Yasmin Royal, Greyflyte kennels who own NZ Ch Grausturm Southern Ocean, NZ Aust Ch Grausturm In the Mist, Greyfyte Southern Heights, Greyflyte Thnx Grausturm, Sandra and Michael Evans who own Grand Ch Grausturm Jack O hearts TDX, Petra and Matt Westbury who owns Ch Grausturm Silver Mist CD TD, Kellie Malone who owns Grausturm Qu Cuban TDX RE CD,  Annie Haverkamp and Kevin Hill who own Grand Ch Grausturm Clever Misty TDX and Ch Grausturm Kimba Surprise, Sue Pattinson who owns Grausturm Destinys Child and Grausturm All About Me, Irena in Latvia who owned Est, Russ, Latv, E, Ch Grausturm Love Is A Drug, Brian and Marita Holding who owned Ch Grausturm Calypso Mist and Ch Grausturm Dawning Glory, Sue and Jessie Cripps who owned Ch Grausturm Eye Othstorm and Ch Grausturm jewel othnile BISS, Tamara Street who owned Ch Grausturm Cloud N Rain BISS and Ch Grausturm Fire N Ice, Lisa Karrpa who owns Ch Grausturm Take The Lead and Ch Grausturm Sirius Grey, Michael and Stephanie Walton who owned Ch Grausturm Quit Smokin RUBIG Melb Royal, Grausturm Zilva Phantom Smokin, Grausturm All In Grey, Wendy Laigne Stuart Ch Grausturm Ima Tassie Devil and Ch Grausturm Egomaniac ET, Norman Speed and Ch Grausturm Smokin Cowboy, Geoff and Luke Mulder with Grausturm Wei Magic and Ch Graysville Avante Garde at Amarige Imp Nz, Lyn and Geoff Martin with Dual Ch Grausturm Quick Silver and Jo Ward Dual Ch Grausturm Silver lining and all the others we have met over the years who have become great friends and even greater puppy owners - too many to mention.


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Hobart, TAS, Australia
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