We have been lucky enough, after much heartache to have our first litter of Bergamasco puppies in August 2016. We where gifted with 3 beautiful girls, who will all be retained by us to continue our breeding programme in the future.These girls will form the basis for ongoing breeding and the  development of the breed in Australia. We have great plans for them but will just have to wait a few years to see results.


In the future we hope to have puppies available to pet/show homes. ALL pet puppies will be desexed prior to sale and will only be sold to people who can devote the time and discipline needed to own this unique breed. Whilst the Bergamasco is a very different breed with its long flocks it is certainly not the breed for those just wishing to "show off" their strange dog. Bergamasco's develope very strong bonds with the family unit and must be socialised and trained. Certainly not your put in the back yard and forget breed.

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Leon Milthorpe
Grong Grong, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0269562345
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