The Coat

Probably the most defining feature of the Bergamasco Shepherd Dog is his unique coat. It is said to be not shedding though we do find "bits" about.

The puppies are born smooth and start to develope into fluff balls from about 3 weeks. Up intil the approximate age of 9 mths puppies can be brushed as a "normal" dog but then slowly "matts" will develope. Usually this begins over the hind section of the dog. the hair on the head is softer and wavy with flat flocks developing over the rest of the body. This process can take a number of years and patience is needed. The flocks are formed naturally but care must be taken to ensure they are not too heavy or thick. Seperation is relatively easy as they develope and the dogs appear to really enjoy the grooming process.

The Bergamasco does not need nor do we encourgae regular bathing. This will strip the natural oils from the coat. A soap free shampoo must be used. It must also be remembered that blow drying with HOT air is not recommended. This will damage the coat. best option whilst flocks are forming is a hot towel soaked in wool mix wiped over the body. Once the flocks are fully formed we have found the biggest issue is getting them dry so have purchased a carpet dryer..does the trick brilliantly

Only 2 colours are recognised within the Bergamasco breed. Merle and Black. Many puppies born black will lighten and become grey as the coat developes. Both Toggle and Prada have stayed black with little or no greying.

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