My name is Janis thomson. I live on 19 acres in country Victoria.

I have come here from Adelaide to find grass for my horses and space for my dogs.

I first showed a Labrador in 1968. I was about 14. I have restarted showing-and after an interesting start , am “getting into it”.

I just love having my dogs.

I have bred 7 litters and have the assistance of three very experienced breeders. If you add up their years of experience it’s about 100!! I only breed about 2 litters per year.

I myself have 40 years nursing experience - the last 15 in critical care. I never ended up being a midwife-which is what I got in to nursing to do -but I am a midwife to my furry girls and their pups. What a joy.

My dogs have hip and elbow X-rays at 12 months of age and full genetic testing.

They receive the best care I can provide which includes top quality food, vet attention as required, watching tv with me on the couch - lots of cuddles-taking turns to sleep on the bed  exercise on my acreage which includes swimming in the dam, stick, kong ball and frisbee retrieving.

Puppies are born in my house,- live in my office till they are able to climb out of the whelping box and then have access to a sheltered back verandah and the enclosed back yard.

I also do superdog training with them early on- recommended to me by a trainer who heads the organisation training dogs for assistance for PTSD.

Some of my dogs are helping in the areas of epilepsy, autism and physical disability.

I have a Facebook page full of pictures and videos.

“Bantaskin labradors and Arabians.”


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Janis Thomson
Near Casterton, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0400843936
Email : [email protected]

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